Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, I have been super lucky lately! I won a contest to name a race horse from WinStar Farms this week! Here is a picture of the horse in '09 above 1st picture. He is an '09 colt by Bluegrass Cat out of Unbridled Con. I named him BLUEDACIOUSE!!! How much fun was this!!!! They think he will turn gray, or blue roan later? Look how big he is already in '09 and those legs! I hope I get to see him race someday and get to follow his race career!

Then I also won a Magazine on Zenyatta! Picture also above 2nd picture. All of this happened on FaceBook last week. I love FB!!

I also won a beautiful hand made leather halter with all brass buckles and brass name plate! Worth 45 dollars for Enzo and in the same contest I won 100 dollars in horse vitamins for Enzo. How sweet is the Internet!!!!!!!!!! This also happened a few months ago on FB.

Now I am in the process of winning a salt block off of FB for Enzo this week! Wish me luck! Merry Christmas everybody and many horse slobbers from Enzo!!!! Yeah, Enzo won the salt block as well!
And Enzo just won a 10 dollar gift certificate to Still loving the Internet!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The power of neutral!

I am really starting to understand the Circle Game and so is Enzo(over the past few weeks)! Yeah! I found out I never really was neutral. There were many times that I thought I was helping Enzo by me moving, or me doing too much(trying to help Enzo). Now I send Enzo and LEAVE Enzo alone. What a concept! If Enzo stops out on the circle. I run backwards and draw Enzo to me and then send him out to a NEW direction and go straight back to neutral. Then Enzo will stop again after a few steps. Then I run backwards and change the direction again. I keep doing this as much as we need to. At first I figured, Enzo would never get it. But long and behold Enzo stayed on the circle longer and longer without me having to change direction. Soon I was able to get walk, trot and even canter! All so easily with just a suggestion. How fun and easy this was. We both figured out that all is good when I am in the middle being neutral. Enzo learned, how to keep his mom quiet in the center of the circle. What a cool feeling it has been and how fun that I don't need to do soo much any more(nagging on the circle). Instead of letting Enzo think his way around the circle. In the meantime though, we have broken our change of direction. But that is ok. Sometime you have to break something else before you fix another thing. Now when Enzo wants to stop out on the circle I will run back to change direction. But before I can get Enzo to change direction Enzo realizes that he needs to continue his circle game and takes off in the same direction he was going. So in his mind he is saying. Instead of me changing directions, I understand you want me to stay at the trot. So I will just continue at the trot without changing directions. So for now, I don't make it a big deal that Enzo is blowing off my change of direction, I am taking the fact that Enzo is at least offering to continue on the circle. So from here on out. I will work on getting Enzo calmer out on the circles also. I have noticed that Enzo is not calm while trotting nor cantering on the circle. When Enzo trots it can be a running trot sometimes and the canter is cross firing and kind of crazy. At this point, I have been soo excited that Enzo is staying out on the circle and that he is going multiple laps now. Before I could hardly get Enzo to move nor get him to even stay out! Enzo kept coming into me before. Once, I can get a calm walk, trot, and canter. Then I might experiment with getting the change of direction back. We will see what happens? I am not getting as much time these days to play with Enzo. The weather has turned bad, I live an hour from the barn, and the holidays are taking time as well. But Enzo just turned 17 months old. So time off here and there, while he is so young will be just fine. Keep it natural and create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love garbage picking, LOL

Soo this week I was soo thrilled. I garbage picked a twin mattress for Enzo! This way he can learn how to walk across it! This is my 3rd item I have garbage picked. The first was an old lady bug play sand box. I put a fake moving weasel inside it to roll around. It can really worry a horse and it's fun to work with. But Enzo only took 2 days to get used to it. I then got him a large wooden spool and reinforced it a ton and turned it into a pedestal! Now I got the mattress, yeah!! What creative fun! Here is a picture of the child's sandbox and my weasel. I don't have photo's of my spool or my mattress as of yet. What have you garbage picked? Create Great moments~ Janine and Enzo!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Updates for me, Enzo, Remmer and Denali! XXOXX

Enzo and I have just been taking it easy lately. Thus the not to often posts. I continue to play the Parelli 7 games with Enzo and I try to keep his mind busy, since Enzo is such a fast learner. Just last week I was working on Enzo coming sideways to me and it worked so fast. I was soo thrilled!!! I am still working on finding the correct balance for Enzo on our circle game. Just enough to keep Enzo engaged to play with me. Yet not too strong to push Enzo away from me and way out of the circle.

As for Linda Parelli's horse Remmer! He is doing much better and I am just thrilled to hear that! I pray and hope they both continue their wonderful work in their Parelli fun! 2nd picture is Remmer with back legs wrapped.

And I am so thrilled to find out that Denali is doing so much better as well. I really pray for Denali and her mom togetherness again very soon. Love all you guys!!!

Create great moments!! Janine and Enzo!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Enzo and all!

I am thankful for my friesian horse Enzo, because he cheers me up when I am sad and plays with me when I am happy. No matter how bad my day might be? All of it melts away when I hear his nicker, or smell that lovely equine smell. And then there is nothing better that a horsey slobber kiss on my face from him!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! I love you Enzo!! XXOOXOX!!

P.S Many hugs and kisses to our equine friends Denali and Remmer. XOOXX

Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Monday, November 22, 2010

Loved my help!

I am so happy my Parelli friend came out Friday night to give me her pointers. I was correct in my theory's and my friend did notice that I was basically yelling too loud at Enzo with my energy. That is what is causing Enzo to leave our circle game. Not literally was I yelling at Enzo, LOL! But with my body, carrot stick and inner energy. Enzo understands the rules of the game now. I just have to ask NICELY to play the game with me. Which is what I suspected and I would leave also! So I am going to try to totally start over on our circle game. I am going to go much slower and move my body with much LESS energy sent towards Enzo. I also found out my driving game needs some work as well. I need to go back to my phases and get Enzo to really back up with a lighter feel and energy. Sometimes I needed to always to go to phase 4 to get Enzo to really respect my space on backing. On Saturday and Sunday I just did really fun things with Enzo. Since I now had played the circle game the last 2 times that I had seen Enzo. I surely don't want to turn the circle game into the circle game torture. So I played with Enzo and his huge soccer ball for a while. We played touch it, sideways, squeeze game and tons of friendly game with some added treats! He loves food. Even on Sunday Enzo apparently thought my glove was worth eating! I had taken my gloves off while I was brushing Enzo's mane and had placed them on the ground off to the right. A little later I happened to look down on the barn isle way and had noticed 1 of my gloves disappeared??? Then I looked at Enzo and he was standing there looking like he was chewing on gum!!!! I freaked and tried to get the glove out many times, but it was way too far back into his mouth. Finally I gave up, since it was only a tiny cotton glove from the dollar store. I figured it would pass. As I did this and went back to brushing Enzo's mane. Enzo finally opened his mouth and spit his tongue out and threw the glove right on the ground. Needless to say, the glove didn't make it and ended up in the garbage, yuck! So from now on I guess, I'll have to watch where I lay my gloves, LOL. I am really looking forward to this Thursday! Another extra day to see my boy Enzo and getting to spend quality time with him with out stress of works hours or missing the day light! Here is another fall picture! Enjoy and create great moments~Janine and Enzo!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Parelli friends

Well, I investigated and did more reading on my horsey partner Enzo running away from me at the circle game. He mostly does this when I ask far a canter. Enzo is a LBI, but if he cannot emotionally handle something he goes LBE. First I am going back to the indoor arena only( I don't have a round pen, that would be best)! If I cannot handle Enzo in the inside arena, then I cannot handle Enzo in the outside arena as of yet. I am going to work on my energy levels, while asking for anything in the circle. I am going to be slower when Enzo is slower. And I am going to be faster when Enzo leaves me(faster). Meaning, when Enzo is doing well at the circle game I will stay calm and relaxed( I think I get nervous and reeve him up by accident). Then when he is calm I am going to ask him to come in and play more friendly game. I think I forget to do that at times? When Enzo feels the need to take off, even if I caused it(hopefully not)? Then, I will take my 45 foot line and toss it at Enzo's back end once and while, as he continues to move around the arena(turn it into the catching game instead). When Enzo starts to ask questions to come back in? Then I will let him come in and give him lots of time and more friendly game and probably a few treats! He loves cookies and will do anything for cookies!!! I also said that my headline was Parelli friends. It is sooo nice to have horse friends that also do Parelli and can help you, or give advice. My one Parelli friend is coming over to the barn tonight to also help us both and give us any extra pointers she might have? I am very excited about this! Since outside on lookers always see something different than I would all by myself!! Here is another fall shot!

Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Friday, November 12, 2010

Circle game help and random!

So my question this week is how do you keep your LBI interested in playing the circle game??? Enzo dislikes this game. He wants to pull to the outside of the circle some of the time and much worse at a canter. My 20 foot circle will eventually turn into 40 feet, then 100 feet, then gone! And I cannot hold Enzo. Enzo doesn't always do it. But still enough, that it is showing me I am missing something? Even when Enzo does stay with me for the circle game. Enzo doesn't put any effort into it. He might circle me once, then stop and turn in. Or, he might stop and come into me. I do my best to keep the circle game exciting and different also. I ask for different gaits. I do changes of direction. I put obstacles in the way. I also found out Enzo of course doesn't like anything that has to have more effort into it. I am also trying to get Enzo to canter on the circle. Well, Enzo really dislikes this. This is usually when Enzo will leave the circle for sure. He leaves the circle left brain, not right brain. Enzo is perfectly fine with traveling circles and does not leave me? So maybe the fun Parelli world out there can give me some fun circle pointers. Especially at the canter with a LBI.
LOVE this painting and wondering if I should spend 58.00 dollars to get one? It just seems soooo dreamy!!!
My thoughts and prayers go to Remmer and Linda Parelli and I am hoping for a great recovery for both! Love you Remmer! XXOOXXX
Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet REMI the super cairn terrier, LOL

Ok, I know this is a blog about Enzo! But I have to mention my lovely Remi!!! A 3 yr old, neutered male, cairn terrier. Plus at least Enzo is in the picture!!! I didn't post the other pictures. But I did get a few pictures where it looks like all Enzo would like to do is eat Remi, LOL. Enzo of course wouldn't. Enzo was just sniffing Remi all over his body and with Remi being soo small, it looked really funny! I thought this little family picture below came out great! What good furry kids I have and I love them all!

Remi surveying the yard!

Remi ohh sooo cute at the barn!

Create great monents~Janine, Enzo, and Remi

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time off

Read below....

Well I had some time off the past 10 days(went to NC) and with that, Enzo got some time off also. My first night to see Enzo was last night. I thought for sure Enzo would be a a little pistol for me. I thought he was going to be really mouthy and pushy. Since he was bored for 10 days. But actually Enzo was super awesome. He seemed to be even lighter than when I left him. Maybe the time off was good for him as well? Plus I have to admit. Maybe my mind set was just much calmer and relaxed from my time off and he just followed that soft feel as well! Either way, I was just thrilled with the way Enzo behaved last night. I took him up in the arena and decided to just play at liberty and just see what Enzo would offer? He did circles perfect and all the 7 games games with lots of play! It was so much fun to see. Those are the evenings I sooo wish I had taped. If I try to go out and repeat it with a Flip video. I then get all nervous and it all falls apart. I need a fly on the wall to record it for me and not tell me, LOL. Anyway, I hope everybody had a safe and fun Halloween! Here are a few more pictures from the fall photo shoot!
Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday Fall photo shoot!

Pictures say it all and I sooo love photography! These pictures were taken this past Sunday on a beautiful MI fall day! I wish fall could be a little longer than normal. It just goes by too fast and I cannot get enough of the pretty colors of all the fall leaves! Enzo is starting to look a little more grown up now. And his winter coat is coming in so nice and dark. Not all sun bleached out, LOL. I just love it! I got so many great shots, that I will just post them here and there. I hope all of you all across the world are also having wonderful fall days with your horses!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo
Enzo getting taller!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Approach and retreat

I was off to the barn after work yesterday. So I could get there early enough to still play in the daylight with Enzo outside. The sun sure is precious now during the work week and I try to take advantage of every second left. I then realized I might miss all the light after all! Tonight my farrier was to come out to give Enzo a trim and I had forgotten, agghh. After calling my farrier to see how far along he was? I found out my farrier was running late. Good for me, since I also was running late, but bad for daylight. Well, we got the trim done on Enzo and he was a good boy!!! I was very proud of Enzo and his new toes looked great again! It was about 6:45pm and pretty much dark. I could see a little! I decided to hurry with the splint boots and was determined to play outside and not in the indoor arena again. Plus there is this new scary giant tree stump out by the driveway. The barn owners had been cutting trees down this past weekend and this piece still hasn't been picked up as of yet. I figured it was a great time for Enzo to finally meet the tree stump! I went out there and both of us started to play the approach and retreat game. We played sideways, yo yo, and circled to and by the stump. A few times Enzo kind of pulled me over to the stump. Since Enzo was getting so curious in the large object. Then Enzo would stop half way there and decide the stump was too scary. I said, that's ok because we were going over here anyway(a different direction). Enzo would circle around again. And again Enzo would pull me to the stump. This time closer, but still not all the way to stump. We continued our games from further away and slowly back at the stump again. Finally Enzo just dragged me to the stump and sniffed it. Enzo is very oral and decided he wanted to chew on it and then Enzo tried to climb up on the stump. Enzo always makes me laugh and he ended up having a great time with that silly old tree stump! I was also so impressed that we were now in the dark and Enzo was far from the barn with me and the silly stump. Enzo hadn't tried to run back to the barn once. Ohh what a good feeling that was. We then playing point to point with eating grass all the way back to the barn. What a fun evening!
Create great moments~Janine and silly Enzo

Thursday, October 7, 2010

scary crane

Ohhhh Enzo you are sooo silly. The other evening I had limited time to spend with Enzo. I figured, I would just hand graze him a little and just have cuddle time. We both were standing out front by the pond enjoying the nice breeze and soft sun just hanging out. Soo peaceful! Then a large crane came flying in to hunt bugs next to the pond. Enzo thought for sure there was a flying pterodactyl that comes down and eats horses whole!!!!!! Enzo jumped 10 feet, then did his famouse 360 turn in a split second, and ran off! When Enzo finally got to a safe distance, Enzo snorted so loud the whole neighborhood probably heard it, LOL! I also was super amazed that Enzo could also play arabian. He was prancing around like one and his tail was actually completely straight up in the air! Geee, that sure looked funny on him. When Enzo was done snorting and prancing around, I went and got him. I was hoping the bird was still there. But when Enzo freaked out the bird freaked out and flew away himself. I took Enzo back to the grass and Enzo continued to eat again. So I guess, Enzo lived though the scary pterodactyl attach!

Create great moments~ Janine and silly young Enzo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello all, I had sooo much fun yesterday! I got to go to Ionia MI for the 2010 Friesian keuring!!! If your not sure what is is? It's basically a breed confirmation show only on Friesians. They all get ribbons and marks on their confirmation. I got to go with my friend, who owns 2 of these beautiful mares below! Their names are Isabella and Belle. Belle is Enzo's mother!! And my friend is the one who sold me Enzo.


Isabella above




Belle above

Belle being judged at walk.

Belle, sooo pretty!
Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

Friday, September 24, 2010

Love truth

Well I had a great night last night with Enzo and I was soooo super proud of him! I took him to the indoor arena. Now that it gets dark early, I will be spending a lot more time in the indoor arena. Anyway, I was playing around with the Parelli seven games on a 22 foot line. After a while, I was getting bored. So, I decide to try Enzo at LIBERTY! I have only tried it 2 other times for less then a minute when Enzo was 10 months old. And let me tell you it was pretty darn ugly! Enzo constantly came into me with ears flat back, and at the last second would rear straight up in front of me. If he ran by me? Enzo made sure he got kind of close and then would try to kick out. Other times he might come in and then try to bite me and herd me! Needless to say, you can see why I put the lead line right back on only after a minute!!!! Enzo was being super dominant and I could obviously not handle him at liberty. So yesterday, I decided to take my life in my own hands and see what the TRUTH had to say??? Enzo is now 13 months old and I have been playing with him a lot. I let Enzo go and stared at any thoughts he had? I softly asked him to back up. Then, to come back to me. That went fine and his face was happy. I then asked him to back up again and circle to my right. I thought for sure he would take off and go crazy. Enzo just started to circle and we turned it into a moving circle game. I only chose that because this way I could keep my eyes on Enzo the whole time. I really didn't want Enzo to sneak up behind me and try something. I even dared and asked Enzo to change directions. OMG! It was sooo pretty and I did it again. Finally one time Enzo ran off a bit, but came back very fast and very easy! How cool, I was soo thrilled. Then I realized it felt sooo good and I better not pass either one of our thresholds and end on a great note!! I asked him to come back in again and we played lots of friendly game. OMG, did that ever feel like a friendly connection between us. It actually felt even better than when the line is on him. I think it's because he was able to move more free on his own with no rope and me probably not telling him what to do sometimes. I try not to do that, but I bet I do sometimes and Enzo is sooooo sensitive that it is amazing what he can feel from so far away. So I would say my TRUTH test went pretty well after 3 months more of playing together!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UPDATE on the grass escape artist...

So I have been playing with Enzo on not running away to just go eat grass when he feels like it. The other nights, I went into the INDOOR arena and shut the arena doors. I wanted to make sure that Enzo really was just doing this to get to the grass. Sure enough... I was correct. Enzo didn't try to run away once in the indoor! Then this Past Sunday, I got to the barn just as Enzo finished his lunch time hay, just by luck. Anyway, I decided to use this to my advantage and set up the play time with success. After I haltered Enzo from his Pasture I let him loose in this other area, that has nice grass. I let Enzo fill himself up on that as well! This way I figured Enzo wouldn't have such an urge to run away and go eat grass! I could already tell Enzo wasn't that hungry. Since, he was just picking at the grass. Then we took our walk to the outside arena filled with lush grass. I started to play all the Parelli 7 games in different fashion and moved around the large outdoor arena. Of course! Enzo didn't run away once to go eat grass at all, yahhhh!!! Ok, so I cheated a bit. Well I call it.... setting UP for success! Either way, my theory was correct on all this and it worked. Now, I just need to keep building on my success even when Enzo is not full to the gills of hay and grass, LOL!!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learns too quick....grass escape artist!

Enzo my smarty pants is learning too fast sometimes. Not only can he learn the "GOOD" things fast. Which of course, I just LOVE! But Enzo can learn the "BAD" things just as fast! Let me give you 2 examples. First example is that, I decided to teach Enzo how to shake his head from side to side. Which in turn, is him learning how to say "NO". Enzo of course, picked it up SUPER fast on the first lesson!! Enzo also tried to shake his head at other times of the day, just to see if he could teach me to hand out treats when he wanted? Well that wasn't going to happen, LOL. But it was pretty darn cute! I even had to warn the barn owner of what I had taught Enzo that day! Otherwise, she probably would have thought Enzo had an ear problem, or something, LOL. I did ask the barn owner the next day if Enzo tried to say "NO" and get treats out of her? But to my amazement she told me Enzo did not try! Yeah! Anyway, after I taught Enzo how to say "NO". I went out to the outside arena to work on all of our Parelli 7 games. As mentioned before, I have been sooo happy with Enzo's progress. But today would go different and this is example number 2, LOL. Enzo's pasture grass is finally getting all eaten down. The outdoor arena I work in is ALL grass. Plus nice longer grass! Enzo would prefer to only eat, when we go out to the outdoor arena instead of play with me. I on the other hand have other plans and have not been letting Enzo get into the habit of grazing. While in the outdoor arena. I started to play with Enzo. After a while, Enzo took off like a bat out of hell, on the 22 foot line!! And he ran to other end of the very large arena and began to eat grass. Of course, I just laughed and new what I was in store for. I went and got Enzo, with moving his hind end away and had him turn towards me. I then played friendly game and moved on. In a spilt second, Enzo again took his 800 hundred plus pounds in the opposite direction, like a bat out of hell!!!! Back to the other side of the arena and continued to eat grass. I thought ohhh boy. How do I fix this??? I went and got him the same way and Enzo walked straight up to me this time on his own. What a good boy and I played more friendly game and decided I better call it a night. I came again the next night. I didn't really have the night before on my mind. I went out to the outdoor arena and started to play with Enzo. He was soft and fun and then all of a sudden gone! Enzo again used all his weight and power against me. This happened about 4 more times, agghhh. Yes, I am to use the power stance, and yes, I am too help Enzo, before what happens, happens. But, Enzo is soo fast, turns in opposite direction and runs straight. I have NO leverage and Enzo knows it! Plus I am only 5'1 and 120 pounds. Enzo is not doing this out of fear either. He is doing it to just eat grass. Enzo is SUPER food motivated! Grass was just enough for him to start this game on me! Plus, when he leaves, he is not scared. He runs fine. Meaning, no bucking, no trying to jump fence to leave, not continuing to run around arena in fear, and he wouldn't throw his head down so fast to eat! I know Enzo and any other horse. When they are really scared they don't eat. Enzo definitely is using this against me to go eat. Hmmmmm, something new to work on. That is why sometimes Enzo learning sooo fast is sometimes not good, LOL. Have your horses learned something bad so fast??? I'll keep you posted on the great grass escape artists!!!

Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a good weekend....

I got to spend sooo much more time with Enzo and enjoyed every minute of it! I posted some pictures below. They're not in perfect order, but I am sure you can get the idea. But I worked on all the Parelli games. I tried to be more conscience of how I ask Enzo for things and how long I ask. I am trying not to be annoying to him, I don't want that. I also brought my flip video and taped most of my evening. This is the second time I have done this and I love this idea. It's really nice to see the progress again at home and it's also nice to see what I need to do different!!!! I realized I need my Yo Yo game better. I am letting it not be effective and Enzo is started to learn to kind of ignore it, oppps. That's ok. Without my video, I would have not noticed this and I appreciate the learning! Friday night was the second time that Enzo has seen my weasel ball that moves! Enzo was not thrilled with it the first time he saw it!! I made sure I made the game, NOT about the weasel. As mentioned before, Enzo is a super fast learner. By Friday night, when we passed by the weasel Enzo wanted to check it out. As you can see in the photo Enzo handled the weasel ball just great! And it flopped around in the old child's sandbox I garbage picked, so the ball doesn't roll away. I also have been practicing with Enzo to come sideways to a fence, or sideways to a mounting block. Once, Enzo comes to the mounting block. I practiced my arms over him, my body over him, then my legs over him. He loves to smell my shoes. He is only 13 months old. So, no I do not put all my weight on him and this is all for practice only for later in life. As you can see Enzo is doing great! I hope everbody is having a great Labor Day with their horsey partners as well!

Practicing On and off, On and Off!

Enzo smelling my right foot, he he.

Enzo coming sideways!

Enzo starting to come sideways.

Enzo learning to tie to a wall with tie ring.

Enzo jumping barrels.

Enzo standing on only small pedestal I could get him. Better than nothing.

Enzo walking over a jump.

Working around the street cones.

And Enzo checking on the moving weasel ball!!!!

I love you Enzo! Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer thoughts

Well a busy HOT summer! But Michigan winters here can be tough. So I am not going to complain about the heat we have had so far this year. I am not looking forward to the days of 10 layers of clothes. Hoping the roads are clear enough for me to make it to my boarding facility, hoping the arena doors are not snow drifted in, and the walk to the arena isn't an ice skating rink! So yes, winters are rough around here and I will stay with the bugs for now. Enzo and I have been having a super summer. I am really amazed at how much his body has grown and amazed at how much his play drive has made me learn with the Parelli 7 games! Thank god for Parelli! Otherwise I would definitely say this little horse would have gotten the best of me and won! He is sooooo fast and soo smart. His big brain is always thinking 1 step ahead of me. There were two times that Enzo was so fast he reared up on top on me two different times. I went home many times thinking maybe this dream horse of mine is too much and going to kill me? That is also how I found Meggie Allen, my 2 star junior instructor to help me! I am thrilled to have her and enjoy her savvy ways!! I also of course, own every Parelli DVD out there. I also contacted Parelli direct though email for advice on my Enzo. So I didn't end up hurt! Now Enzo has made such a super turn around in such a short time! I am sooo happy I didn't give up and I know I have a little super horse in my hands and cannot wait for the future. He now respects my space. Which he sooo didn't before, thus the rearing on top of me! I have not seen a rear out of Enzo for at least a whole month now. You might not think that is big. But this is a horse who thinks one of his main gaits should be walking on his back to legs at all times! He is super talented in this little stunt. So it's nice to see my Enzo with 4 feet on the ground. Enzo moves nice sideways away from me now, he leads much better, he doesn't spook over me or on top of me, he can jump barrels, cross tarps, figure 8, walk over poles and go sideways over poles, back through all gates and back to his stall, loads and rides on trailer, and the list goes on!! He is just like a super sponge. I worked 1 time with Enzo on coming sideways to me. So I can in the future mount him from a gate. At first he was soo confused. He didn't understand what the carrot stick meant on the other side of his body, when I was way up high like that. Then, finally I got step or two in the correct direction on both sides. I finished and we moved to some other fun. Anyway, I came out the second time to play with him again on the fence. I wanted Enzo to go sideways to me while I was up on a gate. I asked the first time and he went the wrong way. I tried again and this time you could see a bell go off in Enzo's head. Like ohhh, I remember this from last time, I get it and he came directly sideways to me! Then I tried the other way and again he came directly sideways to me. This was only our second time ever doing this. Enzo is such a fast learner for sure. On my 3rd day of playing this game a week later. I hardly had to ask and Enzo came flying sideways over to me. So fast, that now I have to teach him to stop. Since that day, I was only using a mounting block and he came so fast, that he knocked me and the block right over on the ground. Thanks to Parelli I just laughed and laughed!!!!!! But again, it just shows me how fast Enzo can pick up new things. My biggest goal for me now, it to continue to keep Enzo happy with our play times. His mind is so fast that I constantly need to keep it interested in me and our play. Otherwise, he can throw tantrums(like rearing), dig holes, chew on objects, or me, etc. This is all soooooooooooooooo different from my past horse who pretty much wanted to do NOTHING but eat, LOL. I think that is why I found Enzo so frustrating at first. I had NO idea of how to deal with him. So again, I really thank Parelli for the horsenality chart and helping me learn to deal with a WHOLE different personality. And at first I didn't like learning and having to change myself. Lets face it, it's easier to be lazy and do what I did before. Now, I have to say, Enzo has taught me to open up my brain and play right with him and keep my brain exercised as well. Now that understand it, I love it as well! And our Parelli journey continues with my lovely quick thinking Enzo!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trailer fun!

Here are my trailering pictures of our progress!! I am soo thrilled that Enzo and I are doing so well with the trailer now. These pictures show how Enzo can go on, have door closed, stand comfortable, and come off again. This is huge for us, since he couldn't do any of it, LOL. I have to get Enzo very confident and comfortable in a trailer. Someday I am moving to Pinehurst NC and Enzo will need to make that trek as well and it probably will take Enzo at least 15 hours or more to get there.
Create great moments~ Janine and EnzoGetting on

almost on

closing door

closed door

door back open

Enzo safely coming off!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Parelli Lesson!!! Yeah!!

This past Sunday I had a 2 hour lesson with my Parelli trainer Meggie Allen again!!! Yeah!!!!

Last time we pretty much only worked on my horses Extreme Left Brain antics. My main issue at the time was that I really couldn't lead Enzo anywhere without him blowing a nut and scaring me to death. We worked on my confidence and worked on only taking Enzo to his thresholds! Enzo hates the scary driveway and leading him down it was like taking a monster to his death! At least, that's how it felt to me and Enzo. Our progress is going great now. I myself can now walk Enzo down the driveway with more confidence and Enzo trusts me more as a leader. We can make it all the way to the front outdoor arena before Enzo decides he is at one of his thresholds(which is far away from the safe barn). But now when he does freak out. It is sooooo much easier for me to help Enzo through it and doesn't seem to be so hard for either one of us. Also before, it would take much longer for Enzo to come back to earth. Now after I play with him during his scary time. Enzo connects to me much faster and can move on.

With this lesson on Sunday we finally got to work more on progressing the 7 games!! First thing I had told Meggie was that Enzo does seem to be more and more Left Brain Introvert when he is calm and trusting of me! Which is such a surprise to me and I am soooo pleased!!! Since, I was really hoping to have a LBI anyway(Enzo's mother is an LBI also)!!! So just lucky me! But if anybody knows a LBI. They are super smart and can be better at mental games with the human!!!! Sooo now I needed more savvy arrows to figure out, how do I keep Enzo moving when he doesn't want to move anymore???? When both of us as first were started to learn the 7 games. Enzo was very reactive and moving his feet all the time. Now that he and I both have built confidence and have more trust for each other. Enzo uses his brain more and not his feet. Enzo has realized that not moving is less work and easier to do. Again I love it, because now Enzo isn't running around like a chicken with his head cut off anymore. But now the 7 games look really boring to anybody that would watch us, LOL. If I ask Enzo to do a circle in the circle game. Enzo might stand there and look at me, then he finally will leave and of course will not continue a circle, stop and turn in, and look at me, like now what! Sooo Meggie helped me realize I need to play with Enzo's mind some more. Not just play with the physical body of Enzo. We worked on having me go through my phases much faster. Since Enzo already knew them too well! Then once Enzo is on the circle, having me stop Enzo somewhere on the circle before Enzo thought of stopping himself on the circle!!!! Also, if Enzo turned in, I should use that to make it a change of direction!!!! Ahhh haaaa, now that is different!!!! Let me tell you!! The next time I went out that week to go play with Enzo I used all the things I learned on Sunday and my circle game was sooooo much more fun for both of us!!!! I was sooo pleased!! I wanted to do more sooo bad. But I knew I would ruin it and I knew Enzo wouldn't see it fun anymore. So I had to let it rest. But how exciting to use Enzo's mind!!! Meggie and I continued on all the 7 games and basically it was all the same of me learning how to use Enzo's mind and getting Enzo more engaged!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update on Fran from Parelli OH tour!

I found this on Linda Parelli's blog and thought a lot of you might enjoy! I know I enjoyed it, especially after seeing Fran in OH at the Parelli tour and seeing the great relationship they had and Fran is only 19 years old! Here it is below.

Just wanted to shoot you a Crest update that I think you’ll really, really, REALLY like
I got inspired to ride for real today (first time I’ve ridden him for over 15 minutes since the lesson). Main reason I haven’t been is because I haven’t had a rail to follow, but right now we’ve got a section of pasture about the size of Arena Grande fenced off because it’s been grazed down, so I can use that.
Anyway, I warmed him up pretty strong On Line–he’s always got few hops and bucks in him–usually these days it’s playful, but I always get them out anyway–better playful On Line than with me on him! I went ahead and got on, and pretty much went through the same things as in the lesson–walked him until he was in a good learning frame of mind, then started playing with walk-trot transitions with partial disengagement. It took him a while to settle into transitioning downward–the first few minutes it was taking at least a side of the “arena”. This went on for about 45 minutes, getting gradually better.
Then, just like in my lesson, he started to lose impulsion, but unlike the lesson (hindsight is a handy concept!) I didn’t ask him to keep going when he slowed down. I actually asked him to stop in the corner where he started to slow down, and I let him sit. He took a deep breath and licked his lips. We went through a couple minutes of one. step. at. a. time, but it didn’t seem full out right-brain so much as just hesitant, and then he seemed to snap himself out of it, he let out a big sigh and turned and looked at me like “…why were we doing this, again?” and walked off down the rail on his own. This repeated a couple of times at the same spot on the rail (nearest the gate), but it got gradually less dramatic, to the point where I felt like I could resume asking him to do things.
His movement took on a really different feel after that–much more through in his back, he started to actually stretch into the trot (By far the NICEST trot I’ve ever ridden out of him). As I came around a corner enjoying this awesome trot, I thought to myself “I wonder what would happen if I asked him to…” and without hesitation (or being asked!), he jumped into the most balanced, calm, centered canter I have EVER ridden on him in my life. I think I let him go for 8-10 strides before realizing I’d better stop him while it was going well
After that, I of course, got off and ended the ride. And yes, I did burst into tears The best part was that he was totally calm afterward. He had a leg cocked, and his breathing was normal as I untacked him, and he followed me like a puppy to put my saddle up.
Needless to say, I’m elated. After last week being so on-and-off with him, it was wonderful to have such a great ride, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually can’t wait to ride him again! Woohoo!
Just had to share!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for everything you’ve shared with me to help us get here!!
Hope you’re doing well! Fran

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun with water!

Nothing better to do these days, but play with water! Stay cool and be Savvy!
~Janine and Enzo

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ok, I am 2 hours early, but I won't have time to post this tomorrow. My baby Enzo is now a YEARLING and getting big! I have had a few request for new pictures! Soooo, here they are and Enzo was enjoying himself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ENZO! I LOVE YOU!!!

Pictures were taken by my amazing photographer friend Holly!!!

Thanks Holly!
Enzo enjoying his extroverted self!!!
Enzo getting a bath before all these pictures. He LOVES the water and loves it more when the water is sprayed in his mouth! He is making a face after being sprayed!

Create great moments~Janine