Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The best of Equine Affaire OH video(Linda Parelli)! Part 5.

Well Linda Parelli is my celebrity! And pat Parelli is my 2nd Celebrity! I have seen Linda and pat a number of times now( I even got to go to Colorado once and visit their facility). But every time for me is like the first again and I always enjoy the moments! I mainly went to Equine Affaire, since I knew Linda Parelli was going and I really want to see her demonstration on Saturday(the only day I went). Linda did a simulation using people about the 7 games. Since Linda only had a small area to work with and bringing out a real horse was just too confined in this small area. Before Linda started with the simulation she needed 5 people to help her! Of course, I THREW my arm up!!! I was the first one picked from the crowd!! I was sooooo thrilled to say the least!!!!!!!! My celebrity picked ME!!! How fun!!! I got into the arena and since I have seen Linda's demos before. I kind of figured she was going to make a fake horse out of 5 people. So I stayed at the back, thinking I would be the end of the horse. I wanted to be the kicker (you will understand more when you watch the video). Anyway, she took the first 4 people to make her fake horse and told me to stand aside. I would be Linda Later! What? What was that meaning??? Now my heart rate was 420! What was I going to have to do? Could I do it?? Omg, I want to go sit back down, LOL. I stood there and freaked out! Yes, I was certainly right brain at the moment and couldn't think! This video I posted was only part of the video. I had to cut off 10 minutes, because my flip video wouldn't let me download more than 10 minutes!!!! So to catch you up. Linda went through the 7 games with her fake horse. Then she handed the fake horse over to me!!!! And Linda whispered into my ear....get your horse to touch the water bottle on the table! She of course, didn't want everyone to hear what my task was. So as the video starts I am just starting to head my horse to the bottle on the table. I was sooo nervous and dying in my clothes. It was pretty cold outside and a rainy day. So I had 3 layers of clothes on and long johns. So add nervousness and anxiety to it and it equals dying of heat stroke, LOL!!! There was even one point Linda came over and told me she would be my right arm. All I heard was the charlie brown teacher and stared at her??? I had to ask her....what did you say??? She probably thought I was an idiot. But I was soooo nervous! All and all I had a blast after I got to breath later. I also learned something about my own Parelli touch it game. I am not really waiting long enough for my horse to actually think of what I possibly am thinking about!!! So I am thrilled to learn that! I also cherish my gifts I got that day!! I was sooo thrilled and appreciative! I never expected it and again I was thrilled! I later had Linda Parelli sign my Blue Carrot Stick and I plan to keep it forever and never use it! Love it!!!! Who is your celebrity??? Even if it is not horse related! Many Smiles, Janine

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Double Dan Horsemanship Equine Affaire 2012 video, Part 4.

These guys also were from Australia and so much fun to watch!! They were the other half of the Australian team at Road to the Horse, which they won. It's soooo cool seeing people who really have great connections with their horses! One of these guys even rode his 2 horses bridelless, standing up on the back of his horses, and talking to the crowd like it was nothing at all, Really?? People amaze me. One of the horses in my video was named Amelia. She was sooo funny! Amelia at one point had her own plans, because Dan and Dan told her to lay down and please stay. But she didn't really want to stay. So later Dan and Dan went to get her back up and she just laid there and ignored them. These guys mentioned, how they love to leave the attitude and personality in the horse always! And let them be them, and you just have to work around what they offer you. I love it! That is what having a horse is about, enjoying them for who they are:) What do you love the most about your horse??? Janine

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friesians & Haflingers at Equine Affaire 2012 Part 3

It was sooo much fun to see all the different types of breeds at the Equine Affaire. But of course, I had to check out the Friesians and the Haflingers! They had soooo many Friesians there and they all were sooo pretty in their own ways! I only saw the Haflingers in the warm arena, but I was impressed and loved that the Amish had put together their own Amish Haflinger drill team. Very cool to see indeed. In the Haflinger video you will notice a black and white Friesian going by. Absolutely stunning and he was a stallion. I had seem him at a demo earlier and this horse was so polite and friendly for being a stallion. Hope you enjoy the videos I took that day! What is your favorite breed?? Janine

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Equine Affair Shopping is nuts!!!! Part 2.

Oh my! How you can shop and shop at Equine Affaire! If you have never been there I cannot even explain it all. But there was 1 building with rows and rows of horse venders! My limit was spending 150.00 dollars and I actually made it to the penny. But man!!! Did I have to bite my tongue and sometimes just keep walking! I could have spent soooooo much more money easily!!

Of course, my favorite booth was the Parelli booth. There site is! I did purchase one of their new BLING t-shirts. Sooooo much more pretty in person than listed on thier web page. So now I had to have one and they had one in purple!! My favorite color!!

Another clinician booth was Double Dan horsemanship and I will post a video on another post. But they truly were amazing! Maybe you saw them on Australia got talent in 2011? Here is the video if you missed it I purchased 1 DVD!

Another clinician I saw and loved is Guy Mclean. Also from Australia and also amazing! Here is his site I purchased 1 DVD!!

This lady had amazing work! So I really enjoyed walking around her booth. This lady I purchased a small metal Friesian horse also in purple colors for $16.00 dollars. I can try to get a photo later. But I had to have it! Friesian and purple, common! But man she also has some amazing work! I wish I had art talent!

Then at this booth I purchased this cool hat Her booth was Black Horse Creations started after her Friesian horse! She had the coolest clothes, hats, etc. I swear the pictures on her site don't give the clothes justice. It did look much better in person!! Loved it!!! Anyway, this was a list of some of my favorite this I saw while shopping at Equine Affaire!!

How much money did you spend at Equine Affaire or were you able to keep the pockets closed?? Janine

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guy Mclean at Equine Affaire 2012 video- part one more to come.

Man, did I have a BLAST at Equine Affaire this year!!!!! I am so glad last minute I decided to go! I never got tickets to the evening Fantasia show(I tried), but I still got to see some awesome acts! I just think no matter what! I will have to go again next year and this time plan early and get tickets to the evening show also. Either way, I went on Saturday day, all day, and had a super fun stuffed day!!! I would recommend this Affaire to anyone who can make it! Here is one of the amazing, talented, clinicians I got to see that day. His name is Guy Mclean. He also won with the Australian team this year at Road to the Horse! Here is a video I shot of Guy. I have so much to talk about Equine Affair that this is only part 1! What do you think of this awesome video??? Janine

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enzo's 3rd time riding in the outside arena 4/7/12.

Chris my boyfriend is in town, so I finally was able to get some video of me on Enzo in the outside arena with me riding Enzo!!!! This is Enzo's 3 time being ridden outside and about his 10th time having a bit in his mouth. I do need to get a leather hole punch. Enzo's bit is still too low in his mouth. Which makes Enzo play with his bit even more. This was my old horses bridle and he was a larger horse. Either way, the weather here is MI this past Saturday was AWESOME. Sunny, and 60 degrees!!! So I had to get on and get some video. I actually taped 12 minutes, but I wan't bore you with that much. Here is just a tiny clip of Enzo figuring everything out. Enzo sometimes offers his head right and left on his own and he also does it to play with my feet(or bite my feet) and stirrups. Again to figure what all this stuff is!! You can see him also take the reins into his mouth. After a few minutes he forgets about all the stuff and just walks along. It's all very slow, but hey, we have to start somewhere and I am sooo proud of Enzo. When Enzo was younger I could hardly work Enzo on the ground in the outside arena. His brain couldn't handle all the intake. Me trying to work/play with him, birds flying over head, wind blowing, scary things behind trees, etc, etc. So for me to be on Enzo this year outside, is just thrilling for me! Because now Enzo has to watch his environment around him, learn all this tack all over him, learn a human on his back, and now deal with a bit and bridle. It's a lot for an Enzo brain. I still only get on Enzo once and a while. I take it easy on him as he is still growing and as you see we just walk around. I practice turning, fore quarter turns, and hind quarter turns. Halting and going forward ques. Just easy stuff for him to do without straining himself.

Did you have a fun weekend??? Anyone heading to Equine Affaire this weekend in Columbus OH??? I am am!!! And I plan to see Linda Parelli also:)

Keep it natural!!! Janine~Enzo and Kaspin!!!