Sunday, August 21, 2011

Super fun yesterday and trailer loading Kaspin!

I got a chance to go see the boys yesterday(Saturday). I sure have to say my hour drive to the barn seems even longer lately, that I have not made it out there as much. Due, to my hip surgery in July. Either way, when I first get to the barn I usually call the boys from across the field. Enzo always comes with no problem and even offers a trot, or a canter. It always makes me smile so big. Kaspin doesn't know me well enough as of yet. So usually when I call them, Enzo will come and Kaspin just keeps eating grass as if I don't exist. Well yesterday for the first time. When I called them both, Kaspin popped his head up also!! I thought in my head, WOW. Well, now lets see what happens? Well, Enzo started on his way and Kaspin came as well!! I couldn't believe it! This has not happened to me as of yet. I eventually left the pasture with Enzo and went to the indoor arena to play Parelli games with him(which he did great by the way) . Then I came back to get Kaspin from the pasture. Kaspin was back with the herd in the back pasture. So I called him again. Of course, thinking there is no way he will come again. Well I couldn't believe my eyes! Kaspin came a 2nd time that day!! How sooo cool is this! I was thrilled he offered it once, but to do it twice in 1 day was soooo cool! Then, I went and worked on trailer loading Kaspin. The past owners had taught Kaspin to get onto a trailer only if the person leads him in(with some persuasion as well). I prefer that my horses are confident enough to get on a trailer all by themselves as I just point to the trailers back door entrance. Plus, kaspin's old trailer had a ramp and my trailer is a step up. So Kaspin also had to learn a step up trailer now. Kaspin of course, has a harder time figuring out how to step out of the trailer backwards without seeing anything behind him. So yesterday I loaded him 2 times on, with me walking ahead of Kaspin, just to build his confidence again, that yes, he can get on and off and won't fall of off the back of the trailer, lol. Kaspin loaded 2 times without a hesitation! And backed off of the trailer just as super! When I first bought Kaspin. He of course, didn't know me and didn't trust me. Plus, Kaspin was worried of my trailer and step up. So when I first would go load him he wouldn't even go into my trailer until some time was put into it(at least half and hour or so). So I realized then, we need to get the trailer loading 100% confident with everything. Then yesterday, after I walked Kaspin into the trailer 2 times. I went back to practicing with Kaspin on the outside of the trailer at the back door with me just pointing to the trailer door for Kaspin to load himself into the trailer, as I throw his 12 foot lead over his back. I had worked on this many times already, since I cannot ride, due to my hip surgery. And Kaspin has been doing great! But it still takes us up to 20 mins before Kaspin might offer the nose, neck and maybe the front 2 feet in the trailer(patients is the key and I reward the slightest try always). This all shows me that Kaspin is still not confident about the trailer by himself. Because as soon as I lead him into the trailer, Kaspin jumps right on. But yesterday I got Kaspin to load himself onto the trailer under 2 mins no problem at all!!!! Kaspin over the last month has loaded himself on the trailer about 4 times so far. But usually, not this fast! So this was the first time Kaspin loaded himself that fast, Yeahhh!!! I was soooo thrilled. I gave my introvert Kaspin a bunch a cookies and ended that session on a super note!! If it doesn't rain today? Maybe I will try to get a video of the either Enzo or Enzo and Kaspin coming to me! I am not sure if I can video the trailer loading by myself though?

Ok, keep it natural and always have fun! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Walgreens - FREE 8X10 Collage!

I just used this for KASPIN and it came out super! Maybe you want to try with your horse, or horses??

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Enzo my bleached out Friesian, booo hooooo

Yes, Enzo supposed to be a black Friesian, LOL. Just like the rest of the country. We too have had the horrible heat and more sun than ever in MI. They're claims that some frisians stay black all year and there are variations of many bay colors as most friesians do fade from sun exposure. I have read an article in Horsemans Journal that black horses usually are deficient in copper and zinc. Zinc and copper help grow a healthy and strong hair shaft that won't bleach out as easy when it is healthy. These are also responsible for healthy hooves as well. So I have added zinc and cooper to Enzo's diet. But I started off with a small amount and maybe too late this spring?? But either way, I thought I would try it. I just increased the dose yesterday and of course, I will wait to see in anything changes in Enzo's coat color this fall. I also added some oil, but the sun rays just seem to be stronger, LOL. Also some Friesian people leave their horses in during the sunny day to keep their horses from bleaching. But I could never do that to my horse, just to keep him black. These pictures were taken today to give you an idea of how bleached Enzo is as of Aug 2011. Anybody else have remedies to keep their horses dark???

Keep it natural, Janine and Enzo!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday ENZO, my bad!


I had my left hip surgery on July8th and I was soooo busy, that I totally forgot Enzo's Birthday! WOW!!! What a boob I am and I feel so bad! I cannot wait until I heal 100% from this surgery and can go back out and play with my boys all the time again. I miss them very much!!! I still go and visit and feed them carrots over the fence once and a while. But of course, it's just not the same. Plus, I am thinking the carrot idea will be short lived real soon. There are 4 horses in that pasture. Enzo and Kaspin are the 2 low horses in the herd. When I would go and feed them carrots, I never feed carrots to the other top 2 horses in the herd. Since, I didn't want the top 2 horses to get the idea to fight for the carrots. But, slowly the top 2 horses are getting the idea there might be something worth fighting for. Since they hear and see all the crunching, LOL. Plus, Kaspin is even starting to bite Enzo, to also get more carrots than Enzo. Bad Kaspin, LOL, but you cannot blame him. In this summer heat I am sure the carrots are refreshing! I cannot even give an update on how tall or what Enzo's weight is currently? It will be interesting to check though someday, when I can run around again. Well keep it natural out there and Happy Birthday Enzo, Love mom!!!