Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yeah, left lead! Good boy Kaspin!!!

I am not sure how much I talk about it on my blog? But Kaspin has not been able to get his left lead at a canter for the 2 years that I have had him now(Kaspin cow canters instead, on his left lead). At first I thought, it was all mental, but after 2 years something should start to come through but still nothing. I had vets look at him and he is fine:) No medical problems. Kaspin cow canters on the left so well, that it really amazes me! Since Kaspin is so fluent at it and makes it look natural! As you know, I am healing from my shoulder surgery. During this time, I have my Parelli Professional out every week, once a week playing with Kaspin for me. I mentioned this canter problem to Steve and told him to try to work on Kaspin's left lead when Steve could find time in the hour. Steve feels that kaspin is not bending in his ribs when he travels to his left. So Steve worked on lots of rib bending exercises, sideways, and also softening his neck. Kaspin can brace in the neck also when he wants to. In the first few lessons, Steve would get Kaspin to canter once and while correctly on his left lead. More than I ever got!!!! The last 2 times Steve was out he would ask Kaspin to pick up the left canter 3 separate times and every time Kaspin picked it up correctly! Steve would bring Kaspin into him immediately and reward with taking a break. A few times I played with Kaspin in the past few weeks and I would notice Kaspin on his own sometimes would offer a canter to the left and pick up the correct lead!! I would be amazed. So now Kaspin would do it about 50% of the time correct, and 50% of the time wrong even when I was asking for nothing. I was just moving Kaspin around the field for some exercise and I really didn't care what Kaspin did. I just watched and it was interesting to see Kaspin offer canter on his own and then correctly pick up the left lead correctly half of the time!  Last week when Steve was here, he asked Kaspin 4 different times to canter to the left. Also using the fence to help bend kaspin, and all 4 times Kaspin picked it up correctly!! Steve then moved onto another Parelli game. This past Sunday, I went out with Kaspin and asked him to go into a traveling circle. Kaspin left to his left and picked up a canter again on his own and AGAIN picked up the left lead correctly!!!! Kaspin cantered on his left lead for 5 minutes! Around and around he went. WOW, maybe Kaspin is finally figuring out it is much more comfortable to canter on the left correctly, yeahhh!! Next time, I will ask Steve to ride Kaspin for me too. Either way, I am soooo thrilled to know Kaspin might eventually have a correct left lead!! GO KASPIN!!! 

Steve and Kaspin playing together:)

Keep it fun, still healing J9, left lead Kaspin, and the late Enzo! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Parelli lesson with Steve and Kaspin!

Steve Andrews my Parlli Professional was out again last night to play with Kaspin again and I was able to be there and watch. So I got a few pictures of course! They played with circle, canter on the circle, figure 8, and no pulling on the halter from Kaspin. Kaspin has a bad habit of pulling on the halter at times. I will play with all of this once my shoulder is able to again. I am just happy I have Steve to help me with Kaspin while I heal for now.  

Steve and Kaspin hanging out.
 Figure 8.
 Figure 8.
 Backing with a soft feel.
 Playing with "no pulling Kaspin":)
Keep it fun, Kaspin, J9, and the late Enzo.

Monday, May 20, 2013


We were blessed here in MI with the BEST weekend weather this past weekend! I sooo wish it could be like this everyday! So of course, bath time for Kaspin! Yes, his 1st bath of the year. For me with my bad shoulder it was like washing a huge truck, but I made it though and iced my shoulder when I got home. 

Kaspin looking amused, lol.

 Love my ez-all sprayer.
 Sooo many suds!! I also pulled out the BLUE shampoo to clean out all his stains in mane and tail. I have never done this before, but I soon learned it was worth it. I also used conditioner afterwards in his mane and tail as well and that too was totally worth the extra time it all took. 
Afterwards, I went to front arena to work Kaspin a bit. 1, to get him drier and 2, just for some exercise.  We worked on traveling circles, falling leaf, yo yo, sideways, and canter. Afterwards, I also gave Kaspin some grass of course and more time to dry in the sun. I was trying to get Kaspin all dry so he wouldn't roll in the dirt in his pasture later. 
 Then I noticed how white his mane was getting as it dried in the sun. Sad to say, but I never took the extra step in 2 years to wash Kaspin's mane with blue shampoo and really get his mane so clean. In all the time that I have owned Kaspin, I have never seen his mane this white! How cool!! 
 And look how awesome his tail came out. Still drying picture in outdoor arena.
 Wet mane still drying.
 Then we went for a walk down the driveway and road to dry some more. A stop and a look at the front gates..
 More looking, LOL. 

 My halter must have slipped down, oh well. 
 Heading the way back to the barn so I can brush out that mane and tail. Glad I put in the conditioner! It really helped!! 
 Wow, I really couldn't believe how pretty the results were!! Too bad we were not going to a show or anything! 
 The left side of neck after I brushed it. 
 For the mane envy people. Anytime you want to come out and bathe and brush Kaspin  for 2 hours, let me know! Plus, you can cry every time I clean out a brush full of hair (like this photo). This is not me ripping it out. It's already broken hairs from Kaspin rubbing on trees and such outside scratching himself, LOL. Nothing I can do to stop it. I think I got about 3 brushes like this that day.
 Wow, tail so fluffy!
 Back with the herd and Kaspin never rolled, since he was all dry. Good boy Kaspin!!! 
 One more picture of how clean he was. 
 Kaspin new fly mask. 
 Mane so clean!!
 Kaspin name is engraved in purple, but hard to see in this photo. 
 Sorry I took so many pictures, but I knew it wouldn't last long of how clean Kaspin was! 
 So I had to get proof. 
The very clean Kaspin, healing J9, and the late Enzo. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My sling is off!! And video update range of motion.

Well today is one month since my left shoulder surgery for capsular tightening. That means I finally get to take the stupid sling off!!!! Yeahhh and Wooo hoooo! It's so good to have my arm back and to feel the nice summer air on my arm!! May 21st I get to start physical therapy. The video below is my range of motion that I have in my left arm currently.

I saw and played with Kaspin a bit last night. I actually worked on traveling circles, canter, sideways at a trot on the fence, and falling leaf. Not too bad for 1 arm! I plan to maybe bathe Kaspin this weekend, I hope:) Depends how my arm is doing and feeling? Other than that, we both are taking it pretty easy while I still heal and of course Kaspin doesn't mind all the extra down time!!

Have a great weekend!! Janine, Kaspin, and the missed Enzo.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just hanging out and healing my shoulder:)

Nothing too excited going on over here. I myself have only played with Kaspin 1 more time, since my last video post below. My shoulder is slowly healing and is starting to feel a bit better. So the last time I played with Kaspin I caught myself using my left arm a bit more than I probably should! Since my  shoulder isn't hurting so much. I figured I just better back off. If kaspin decides to bolt or do something silly?? And I have that rope in my left arm and happen to close my hand trying to keep Kaspin with me? It might really hurt my shoulder and my doctor would just kill me for playing with my horse. So for now, I just go out and hang, brush, and graze Kaspin. Of course, Kaspin doesn't mind one bit, LOL. 

Steve Andrews my Parelli Professional continues to come out once a week for 1 hour. He works on Kaspin being soft in Zone 1, and Zone 2, Canter, Canter left lead(Kaspin always cow canters on the left), and some riding. Steve put his western saddle on this week and apparently Kaspin has never had a western saddle on! Steve said, Kaspin was the wild bucking bunco and he couldn't believe Kaspin's moves!! Steve was of course, on the ground playing on line with Kaspin at this point. I would have loved to see this! Of course, after a bit Kaspin gave up and relaxed with the western saddle. The hour was up so Steve will try to maybe ride Kaspin next week. I hope to be there for that lesson and I will try to get some pictures for you all:) 

Enjoy the sun, 1 armed J9, Kaspin, and the best Enzo.