Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ohhh, so pretty barefoot hooves & more pics!

Enzo's beautiful barefoot hooves. Ohhh, soo pretty! My boys were super this weekend and it must have been in the air! Because the weather was just as super! I rode Kaspin Saturday and Sunday in the indoor and then we rode outside for our first time ever. I rode down to the outdoor arena and played some more. I also asked kaspin for his first CANTER in the outdoor arena. Kaspin did great, it was sooo much fun!! After I was done, I took Kaspins bridle off and just let him graze in the outdoor arena and enjoy the sun. Enzo was in another grass pasture stuffing his gut already, while I was riding Kaspin. Afterwards on both days, I went and played with Enzo out in his grass pasture. We worked on sideways, sideways to me, circle game, yo yo game, and lots of fun Parelli stuff. Of course, Enzo was very exuberant as well. Since there was lots of nice grass around for an extra incentive. Then of course, I had to bring my camera again. Enzo is now pretty much the darkest he will be and I had to get some new coat color change pictures. Look how funny Enzo's nose/muzzle looks! It stayed light with this fall/winter coat change??? Horses coats do some funny different things every year. I also got some of Kaspin. His coat is so long and thick already, it's just nuts. You can see both boys were really enjoying their grass pastures. Since a lot of pictures are with head down, doing their favorite thing!!!

I could look at these feet pictures all day!!!

That muzzle looks sooo funny!
Whatcha doing mom???
Ohh, looking so handsome!
The sun came back out for a while!
Here I come again!
Enjoying the great green stuff!!
Also enjoying the great green stuff!
I never know how Kaspin can even see??? LOL
I love his look!!
Love us, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kaspin doing great at a trot video and more!!!

I cannot believe I got this to finally work!! Whoo hooo!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parelli Circle Game no rope, I love this stuff!

Do I need to say more! I so love Parelli. I have only tried this a handful of times with Enzo. But only sometimes does Enzo give me nice circles. Sometimes Enzo wouldn't even play and just run around the arena and goof off. No big deal!! They say... taking off the rope, is the real TRUTH! So it didn't hurt my feeling at all. Yesterday(Saturday), I just wanted to tape some things just for fun. And just for fun, I asked for a Parelli Circle Game while Enzo was off of the 22 foot rope and long a be hold you will see the beauty!! I was sooo thrilled and still am. It couldn't have looked any better. I then went into Parelli Extreme Friendly Game. Plus, I had added a bunch more, but my video camera ran out of batteries and turned off! I was sooooo bummed. Enzo was doing so super that I couldn't even believe my eyes! Oh well, at least I got a tiny bit, LOL. I also added a few other fun videos from last weekend as well. Now that I had time to download them. I hope you guys has a super fun weekend as well!! Love us!! P.S. I still cannot figure out how to load multiple videos on the bog, aggg. I tried different ways and never got it yet???

Monday, October 10, 2011

Parelli Play Day, Durand MI, Oct 9th,Enzo's 1st trip!

Wow, what a super day Enzo and I had!!! Started with beautiful fall color leaves, soft morning sun, and a soft morning fog! Of course, I took a million pictures again! I condensed them in a kodak link below. Hopefully it works! My pictures start with my friends trailer pulling in to pick us up. Then we took the 1 hour drive over to Durand MI. Where we meet 10 other horses for the Parelli Play Day with Meggie Allen Parelli trainer! Wow, 12 horses that is a super turnout! This was the first time Enzo has left my farm! And his first 1 hour trailer ride! We opened the trailer once we got to Durand MI, and man it looked like a poop-pee fest!!!! Poor Enzo! He was really, really nervous, but he came off of the trailer just fine and we checked his hay bag and he did eat!!! Which is really good that he ate, because it showed that he wasn't sooooo freaked out that he couldn't even eat hay. Then, we both just stood aside and watched as other trailers pulled in to un-load. Enzo was sniffing the air and just staring at people and their horses. But he never cried out or started to run around, he just watched with great intent! Then, we went into the arena and Enzo explored it all!! He even sniffed all the sand in the arena along the way, lol. I could tell Enzo's brain was on over load!!!!!!!! He was shaking his head constantly! In Parelli language we call that getting rid of the cob webs in their brain and them saying to themselves....common brain work!!!! I have never seen Enzo do that soo much. But that was ok, we were both there to experience the day and take it all in! I knew to not even try to push Enzo at all. With all the stimulation to his brain. He wouldn't be able to handle 10 other horse doing their thing, bikes going by on the road, dogs running around, and me asking too much of Enzo! So we worked on our Parelli Games slowly and methodically, just to keep it all really cool! Later we had lunch and Enzo enjoyed hanging out by the trailer with his buddie Shadow, my friends horse that she brought. Enzo ate 2 flakes of hay and drank 1 bucket of water. What a good boy! Through the whole day Enzo never freaked out once, I was soooooooooooo proud of him!! Just in the last hour there was one time where we were hanging out in the arena with the other 10 horses and all of a sudden Enzo took off! Why?? I have not idea? So we caught him and brought him back and about 1 minute later Enzo tried to run away again. And again, I was not asking anything of Enzo. So I knew it wasn't me. But this time I caught Enzo before he got away and got him to turn and face me. But it was a good indication to me that mentally Ezno was all done for the day. Because the first time he got away, he ran back to the trailer. I am guessing that was the happy place... hay, shadow, water, and shade. So I made a note in my brain of his mental status. When the play day was done about 3pm. My friend and her horse had a half an hour lesson with Meggie Allen. Enzo and I relaxed by the trailer. Enzo and I were to have a lesson next. Once Meggie was done she came over to Enzo and I to see if we were ready for our lesson? I told her, I think we have to pass. I explained, that I felt Enzo was mentally done for the day and I wanted to end the day on a great note! She agreed, and we were both happy with my decision!!! Enzo loaded like a champ again and off we went to home! Once we got to the home barn. There was a bunch of wet poop again in the trailer. But not as much as the trip there thank god, LOL. And Enzo ate from his hay bag again, yeah!!! Enzo used to not eat hay on a trailer when we practiced, so now seeing him eat is progress, yeah again!!! I hope you enjoy the photo montage! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


What a super day to wash your horse, grab your camera, and take a million photos of your Equine Partner of this awesome fall day!!! I needed help with action shots from a friend. So I called my friend down the road and she rode her mare over! Her mares name is Misty! We decided to put them together! And I was sooo amazed, but Enzo could hardly care less!!! What a good boy! My friend ran both horses around for me and I got all kinds of pictures!! What fun it was!! Kaspin got to meet Misty later after the photo shoot and that too was totally uneventful. Both horses pretty much could care lass again. Not that I am complaining! I was just so surprised that my boys met a new mare and both were soo great about it. The mare never said a word either. Misty and kaspin met at the barn area and then we all went up to the arena to ride. I was proud of Kaspin and we all had fun!! Tomorrow is another big day for us!!!! Enzo is going on his first outing EVER!!! I am going to a Parelli Play Day tomorrow, 1 hour away from our barn! Then, I am having a half hour lesson after the play session with my Parelli trainer with Enzo. I am having a friend pick us up in the AM with her horse as well. I surely cannot wait to see what Enzo will say to all of this??????? Wish us luck!!!

I hope you're enjoying your fall as much as we are! Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!