Sunday, May 20, 2012

Enzo nose update May 20th 2012

Enzo's nose is slowly healing more. I really hope over time the bump will go away. Right now it kind of looks like a large horse zit, LOL. What do you think???? And I hope all of you are doing great! Janine and Enzo!

 You can see the bump/knot on the left side of nose.
 Yawning, because of course a hard day!!!
 Enjoying a great roll after some Parelli play and a bath.

 Left side of face, you can see bump on nose.
 Cut on nose still healing as well.
Right side of face looks pretty normal. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sad news, but please pass the word.

Parelli trained Tall 15'2 7 yr old Haflinger G for Sale - $3400, price negotiable, (Highland MI)

I was to have my own property this year, and due to economy it now won't happen! I absolutely

hate to do this but, I have to sell one of my horses VERY sadly (since I
currently pay board on 2 horses). So I have chosen to sell "Kaspin" my TALL
registered Haflinger gelding, 15'2 hands, always barefoot. Kaspin is Parelli
Level 1/2 on line, and Level 1/2 with riding. I am looking for a patient, but
confident, preferably Level 2 Parelli student for Kaspin. As Kapsin is a
LBI(Left brain introvert) that can be sometimes  independent and is very smart/fast
learner! But Kaspin can sometimes go RBI(Right brain introvert) and needs
someone who is patient with him also. Once he will connect with his
human/partner he will do anything for you! He absolutely loves me and it will be
so hard for me to let him go. For Sale 3,400.00 price negotiable, only serious inquires please.
Here are You Tube videos of Kaspin and I am also on Parelli Connect. Sire is
Aircommander Sac. Dam is Carmen Tof. Enjoy.

Thanks, Janine   

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Looking better, I think?

These are new pictures from this past Friday night. The vet was out Thursday night and she still thinks this might have all been an abscess. We did not take x-rays since the vet felt really confident in her diagnosis and didn't want to wast my money. We can always do x-rays later if I still feel we need to? I am sure hoping it heals and if I am lucky there might not be a lump left behind??? Even with an abscess sometimes it can still leave a lump. Still seems like there was some sort of trauma to the nose? Tree branch, hoof, who knows? But there is a ton of inflammation and the bone can leave scar tissue. So time will tell and I will just have to see! I am also using my red light therapy and homeopathic meds on Enzo's nose. I figured it cannot hurt! Here are the pictures below.

 The cut left behind on Enzo's nose(left side of face)
 Right side of nose, you just see a lump.
 Full head shot with camera flash.
 Full head shot with no flash on camera.
 I have also been putting poultice on his nose every night to help with the swelling. Enzo looks like a lifeguard!!!
Enzo patiently starring for his cookie before he gets to go back outside! 

So do you think it looks any better? Janine and Enzo

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NO. It's not a MOOSE! But it might be new name!

Oh Enzo! What did you do now? As you can see my lovely horse Enzo has decided he wants to look like a Moose! We are not sure if Enzo got kicked, has an abscess, or something else?? Vet is coming Thursday night to take x-rays if things don't look any better. This started sometime late Saturday night. We are currently treating for a kick and for abscess currently. And the vet wanted to give the medications some time and see if the nose changes any? Then, like I mentioned, if nothing changes by Thursday eve? Then we will do x-rays and we will go from there.

Enzo getting a mud mask! No it's poultice, LOL. 
Wish us luck, Janine and Enzo!