Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Enzo and all!

I am thankful for my friesian horse Enzo, because he cheers me up when I am sad and plays with me when I am happy. No matter how bad my day might be? All of it melts away when I hear his nicker, or smell that lovely equine smell. And then there is nothing better that a horsey slobber kiss on my face from him!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! I love you Enzo!! XXOOXOX!!

P.S Many hugs and kisses to our equine friends Denali and Remmer. XOOXX

Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Monday, November 22, 2010

Loved my help!

I am so happy my Parelli friend came out Friday night to give me her pointers. I was correct in my theory's and my friend did notice that I was basically yelling too loud at Enzo with my energy. That is what is causing Enzo to leave our circle game. Not literally was I yelling at Enzo, LOL! But with my body, carrot stick and inner energy. Enzo understands the rules of the game now. I just have to ask NICELY to play the game with me. Which is what I suspected and I would leave also! So I am going to try to totally start over on our circle game. I am going to go much slower and move my body with much LESS energy sent towards Enzo. I also found out my driving game needs some work as well. I need to go back to my phases and get Enzo to really back up with a lighter feel and energy. Sometimes I needed to always to go to phase 4 to get Enzo to really respect my space on backing. On Saturday and Sunday I just did really fun things with Enzo. Since I now had played the circle game the last 2 times that I had seen Enzo. I surely don't want to turn the circle game into the circle game torture. So I played with Enzo and his huge soccer ball for a while. We played touch it, sideways, squeeze game and tons of friendly game with some added treats! He loves food. Even on Sunday Enzo apparently thought my glove was worth eating! I had taken my gloves off while I was brushing Enzo's mane and had placed them on the ground off to the right. A little later I happened to look down on the barn isle way and had noticed 1 of my gloves disappeared??? Then I looked at Enzo and he was standing there looking like he was chewing on gum!!!! I freaked and tried to get the glove out many times, but it was way too far back into his mouth. Finally I gave up, since it was only a tiny cotton glove from the dollar store. I figured it would pass. As I did this and went back to brushing Enzo's mane. Enzo finally opened his mouth and spit his tongue out and threw the glove right on the ground. Needless to say, the glove didn't make it and ended up in the garbage, yuck! So from now on I guess, I'll have to watch where I lay my gloves, LOL. I am really looking forward to this Thursday! Another extra day to see my boy Enzo and getting to spend quality time with him with out stress of works hours or missing the day light! Here is another fall picture! Enjoy and create great moments~Janine and Enzo!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Parelli friends

Well, I investigated and did more reading on my horsey partner Enzo running away from me at the circle game. He mostly does this when I ask far a canter. Enzo is a LBI, but if he cannot emotionally handle something he goes LBE. First I am going back to the indoor arena only( I don't have a round pen, that would be best)! If I cannot handle Enzo in the inside arena, then I cannot handle Enzo in the outside arena as of yet. I am going to work on my energy levels, while asking for anything in the circle. I am going to be slower when Enzo is slower. And I am going to be faster when Enzo leaves me(faster). Meaning, when Enzo is doing well at the circle game I will stay calm and relaxed( I think I get nervous and reeve him up by accident). Then when he is calm I am going to ask him to come in and play more friendly game. I think I forget to do that at times? When Enzo feels the need to take off, even if I caused it(hopefully not)? Then, I will take my 45 foot line and toss it at Enzo's back end once and while, as he continues to move around the arena(turn it into the catching game instead). When Enzo starts to ask questions to come back in? Then I will let him come in and give him lots of time and more friendly game and probably a few treats! He loves cookies and will do anything for cookies!!! I also said that my headline was Parelli friends. It is sooo nice to have horse friends that also do Parelli and can help you, or give advice. My one Parelli friend is coming over to the barn tonight to also help us both and give us any extra pointers she might have? I am very excited about this! Since outside on lookers always see something different than I would all by myself!! Here is another fall shot!

Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Friday, November 12, 2010

Circle game help and random!

So my question this week is how do you keep your LBI interested in playing the circle game??? Enzo dislikes this game. He wants to pull to the outside of the circle some of the time and much worse at a canter. My 20 foot circle will eventually turn into 40 feet, then 100 feet, then gone! And I cannot hold Enzo. Enzo doesn't always do it. But still enough, that it is showing me I am missing something? Even when Enzo does stay with me for the circle game. Enzo doesn't put any effort into it. He might circle me once, then stop and turn in. Or, he might stop and come into me. I do my best to keep the circle game exciting and different also. I ask for different gaits. I do changes of direction. I put obstacles in the way. I also found out Enzo of course doesn't like anything that has to have more effort into it. I am also trying to get Enzo to canter on the circle. Well, Enzo really dislikes this. This is usually when Enzo will leave the circle for sure. He leaves the circle left brain, not right brain. Enzo is perfectly fine with traveling circles and does not leave me? So maybe the fun Parelli world out there can give me some fun circle pointers. Especially at the canter with a LBI.
LOVE this painting and wondering if I should spend 58.00 dollars to get one? It just seems soooo dreamy!!!
My thoughts and prayers go to Remmer and Linda Parelli and I am hoping for a great recovery for both! Love you Remmer! XXOOXXX
Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet REMI the super cairn terrier, LOL

Ok, I know this is a blog about Enzo! But I have to mention my lovely Remi!!! A 3 yr old, neutered male, cairn terrier. Plus at least Enzo is in the picture!!! I didn't post the other pictures. But I did get a few pictures where it looks like all Enzo would like to do is eat Remi, LOL. Enzo of course wouldn't. Enzo was just sniffing Remi all over his body and with Remi being soo small, it looked really funny! I thought this little family picture below came out great! What good furry kids I have and I love them all!

Remi surveying the yard!

Remi ohh sooo cute at the barn!

Create great monents~Janine, Enzo, and Remi

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time off

Read below....

Well I had some time off the past 10 days(went to NC) and with that, Enzo got some time off also. My first night to see Enzo was last night. I thought for sure Enzo would be a a little pistol for me. I thought he was going to be really mouthy and pushy. Since he was bored for 10 days. But actually Enzo was super awesome. He seemed to be even lighter than when I left him. Maybe the time off was good for him as well? Plus I have to admit. Maybe my mind set was just much calmer and relaxed from my time off and he just followed that soft feel as well! Either way, I was just thrilled with the way Enzo behaved last night. I took him up in the arena and decided to just play at liberty and just see what Enzo would offer? He did circles perfect and all the 7 games games with lots of play! It was so much fun to see. Those are the evenings I sooo wish I had taped. If I try to go out and repeat it with a Flip video. I then get all nervous and it all falls apart. I need a fly on the wall to record it for me and not tell me, LOL. Anyway, I hope everybody had a safe and fun Halloween! Here are a few more pictures from the fall photo shoot!
Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo