Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UPDATE on the grass escape artist...

So I have been playing with Enzo on not running away to just go eat grass when he feels like it. The other nights, I went into the INDOOR arena and shut the arena doors. I wanted to make sure that Enzo really was just doing this to get to the grass. Sure enough... I was correct. Enzo didn't try to run away once in the indoor! Then this Past Sunday, I got to the barn just as Enzo finished his lunch time hay, just by luck. Anyway, I decided to use this to my advantage and set up the play time with success. After I haltered Enzo from his Pasture I let him loose in this other area, that has nice grass. I let Enzo fill himself up on that as well! This way I figured Enzo wouldn't have such an urge to run away and go eat grass! I could already tell Enzo wasn't that hungry. Since, he was just picking at the grass. Then we took our walk to the outside arena filled with lush grass. I started to play all the Parelli 7 games in different fashion and moved around the large outdoor arena. Of course! Enzo didn't run away once to go eat grass at all, yahhhh!!! Ok, so I cheated a bit. Well I call it.... setting UP for success! Either way, my theory was correct on all this and it worked. Now, I just need to keep building on my success even when Enzo is not full to the gills of hay and grass, LOL!!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

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