Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mattress fun video with Enzo!!!

Here is Enzo and I working with a mattress. I am sure people think that is odd? But it helps horses with step up issues like trailers! Helps with trail riding and other feet related issues. Enzo is not confident with his rear legs. Enzo usually bucks when objects touch his back legs. This day I was planning to have Enzo put all 4 feet on the mattress as I was working with Enzo. I notice how Enzo was really having problems with his rear legs on the mattress. So I changed my plan. I decided to just get the back feet on the mattress and work on all 4 feet on the mattress another day. You can see how Enzo is still bothered by his back feet, even though Enzo does get up there. I had taped a lot from that day, but of course way too long to show it all. But remember to use your objects in many ways than one way! Meaning earlier, I was working on Parelli yo yo with this mattress. I did Parelli Circle with this mattress. Parelli Sideways with this mattress and many other fun games! So it's amazing what you can do with 1 item!!! It's not just about walking over the mattress. Tell me what fun things you do, or what you think?? Keep it natural~Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Enzo fun 6/23/11 video

Here is a small version of things Enzo and I Parelli played with last night! You will notice Parelli sideways, Parelli yo yo, Parelli circle, Parelli 24 foor feather lines, etc!!!! I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!! Kaspin got to play Parelli trailer loading last night, but I had no place to set my camera up for that! Keep it natural!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mintse 384 Friesian connection Open House video

I finally found time to load up my video. I also made a video of Doaitsen 420, but I couldn't get both videos to load up on this one post, aghh. Sometimes I hate technology, LOL. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This is Enzo's father!!!

Keep it natural~Janine,Enzo and Kaspin!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The boys are great!

Sorry, I have not posted much again lately. It's just so hard to find enough hours in a day! I work till 5pm then I head to the barn. Which is over an hour away in traffic!! And if anybody knows MI it is barrel/construction zone in the warmer months! Which also makes the commute even longer, agggh. I sooo cannot wait for the day that my boys will be in my own backyard and I can see them everyday!!! So usually I make it to the barn by 7pm then I have been playing with both boys which takes a lot of time. Then, I usually don't get back on the road till 10pm or so and that puts me home 11pm or later, Then, I still need to shower and get ready for bed. Just to do it all over the next day. So you can see where I have problems finding time to blog(unless I sneak it in a t work, which I am doing now, LOL). Either way, the boys are doing great! Kaspin is finally in with the heard of three other horses and Enzo of course is one of them. The other day Enzo started to get Kaspin into a sparing match, but Kaspin wanted nothing to do with it. Poor Enzo nobody wants to rough house with him. I have usually been playing with Enzo first when I get to the barn. Since he is always fist at the gate and jumping up and down saying "PICK ME, PICK ME" He is so silly. I have been working on Parelli sideways from zone 3 with Enzo. Change of direction in the Parelli circle game and driving Enzo from zone 5 with my 22 foot line. Enzo of course, is making me proud and doing great! Kaspin has been still learning the 7 Parelli games and is learning them fast!!! But Kaspin is still nervous of who I am am and where he is, so go slow and let him explore lots of things as well. Kaspin did get on the trailer for us to come to my barn. But I could tell he need some Parelli help with trailer loading. I could see Kaspin was not really confident about the trailer and Kaspin will not get on a trailer by himself. A person always needs to lead him up. I want Kaspin to be able to load himself. This again will prove Kaspin to be confident about the trailer. I started to touch on this a little the other day. I just played around the trailer getting Kaspin used to it. Then, I would offer the Kaspin the trailer door opening. Kaspin would walk up to the door and slam on the breaks with all 4 feet. Which is fine. Then I would Kaspin just to look into the trailer and if Kaspin did I gave him a cookie and let him take a break. I did this a few times that day and then ended that session on a good note. I will keep working on this slowly, but steady. Well that catches everybody up for now. I won't make it to the barn again till this Wednesday and I cannot wait to give my boys a HUG!!!

Keep it natural~Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worried Kaspin and jealous Enzo, LOL.

Kaspins double mane, too cool!

Kaspin just looking cute!

Kaspin still wondering what I am doing? Notice the Enzo head starring at us in the background!

Kaspin when he ran up to me.

Kaspin still running up to me.

Kaspin when he basically first saw me and came running. The pics are just out of sequence.

Kaspin has now realized that he is not in Kansas anymore, LOL! Actually, he is still calm and doing great, but he is now acting herd bound to one gelding named Fuego on the farm. When I got to the farm last night. I went to say HI to Kaspin(Fuego was being riden at the time) Kaspin was in the back pasture eating. I took my camera this time. I tried to be really quiet with the gate latch, but Kaspin heard me. Kaspin popped his head up and came running. I thought ohhh how cool! I thought he was running for me. But come to find out, Kaspin was wanting anybody, since his friend Fuego was out being ridden. But at least Kaspin came to me. I got a few pictures, but after that I couldn't get much more. Kaspin was in my pocket and stayed there. During this time, Enzo was in the pasture next door. Enzo saw me also and came running to the gate. I am sure Enzo was really confused of why I didn't come to say HI to him and why was I touching the new blond horse? I felt really bad as Enzo just starred at us! Then, I left Kaspin in the pasture and I went and got his halter and lead line. While I did this Kapsin whinnied! Kaspin has such a cute whinny! And how funny. Then all of a sudden I heard another few whinnies! It now was Enzo! Enzo does not whinny! How funny! I think Enzo was jealous, or just trying to copy Kaspin. Or I also guess, maybe talking back to Kaspin? But either way, it was cute. I started to walk Kaspin to the upper indoor arena and we had to walk through the barn isle first. Kaspin went slow and cautiously. We met up outside with Fuego, and barn owner. She informed me that Fuego is totally in love with Kaspin!!! This am the barn owner had put all 5 horses together out to graze. Fuego kept all the other horse constantly away! And Kaspin munched hay in the nice summer sun, like nothing was going on! Fuego is a boy mind you! So I am not sure why these 2 boys have started a love affair??? You should see them, they groom each other, they touch noses, and they eat about 3 feet apart from each other! Apparently, Enzo wanted every chance today to run Kaspin down. But Fuego didn't let him and Enzo was getting upset. I am sure this will go on for a while. But I sure hope they all figure it out. We are only letting all the horses be together for about 1 to 2 hours in the nice grassy pasture in the AM. This way, they do not rustle around too long. Most of the time is spent eating, since the grass is sooo enticing these days. Afterwards, the horses are all put back in their own pastures. Fuego and Kaspin in 1 pastures, so they can continue their love affair, LOL. Enzo and a female in one pasture and 1 gelding in another pasture by himself. Eventually, we would like Enzo, Kaspin, Bally(mare) and Fuego(geld) to all be together. I sure hope so! kaspin was to be Enzo's friend!!! LOL!! After Kaspin and I made it to the indoor arena Kaspin was not a happy camper. He kept yelling for Fuego and Fuego kept answering back. I wanted to asses Kaspin to get an idea of what he might know and what he does not know? Here is what I found out so far. Kaspin is going to be a super horse! Even as worried as he was last night. Kaspin was never too crazy for me to handle. If that is the most upset Kaspin will get?? Then Kaspin is a marshmallow compared to Enzo, LOL. But, nobody has taught Kaspin to be light. Kaspin is like moving a freight train and I am small, so that isn't going to happen. Kaspin has NO idea of Parelli porcupine game. Kaspin knows nothing about Parelli driving game. Kaspin apparently has been lounged to death. Because, when he got nervous he just started to lounge himself and I never asked. I would just ask Kaspin to come back in. Kaspin has never had anybody work with his right side. If I lead Kapsin from his left side he does great. If I try from right side, it takes me a few minutes for Kaspin to let me stand on that side! Then if I walk Kaspin wants to jump back to the other side. It's so funny. Kaspin has no idea how to back up with a human on the ground. Kaspin has no respect about his back end. He will turn and face his butt to a human with no problem. Kaspin never kicked, but I teach all my horses to never put their butt to me! So, I found out a pretty good list in the tiny bit of time of things to work on, LOL. But, Kaspin is a super fast learner!! I even after only about 10 times I got kaspin to back up one step with me in front of him. I got kaspin to yield his hind quarters very easily also! So this was very exciting for me to see. It just amazes me what people let their horses get away with. You can tell this horse had been asked to nothing in his life and has been spoiled by the breeders. But that is ok, we will work it together and slowly. I am also amazed the breeder was riding this horse before( I now know why the breeder got bucked off and would never ride him again, that is why he was for sale). I would not ride him the way he is now. Kaspin was soo heavy on his halter and everywhere! The breeder had mentioned Kaspin is heavy on the bit, etc. Well I know why nobody, has taught Kaspin to release to pressure? So I will set up a relationship and ground manners long before I ride Kaspin. I then went and put Kaspin away and went and got Enzo! Kaspin of course, was happy to return to his love Fuego! Enzo was a great and it was sooo cool to really feel the difference in a horse who is light and does move out of your way. And how floaty Enzo can be! So all and all I had a great evening with my 2 boys! Tonight they will have off, since I have other plans. I do plan to go back Wednesday night and play with both of them again!

Keep it natural~me and the boys!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kaspin is kool!

I'll keep this short and hopefully sweet! I went and picked up Kaspin today. I am guessing his name is going to be this! Since, my boyfriend and I already keep using it, LOL. I wanted something unusual. I don't know, if it is that unusual of a name, but it was better than Joe Joe. That is what the breeder was calling him. And he just didn't seem like a Joe Joe to me. Either way, I went and picked up Kaspin today. Everything went so smooth it was almost scary, LOL. I am soooooo used to Enzo making everything dramatic and me dealing with Enzo telling me the sky is falling all the time! Kaspin is a true LEFT BRAIN INTROVERT and pretty much doesn't go anywhere and loves his food entirely. Even after I got him to his new home for now. My boarding barn where Enzo is at. Kaspin was nervous at things, but didn't react by running around, snorting, or anything silly. Kaspin at first was nervous of the rock driveway we had to cross to get to barn area. Kaspin just looked at the rocks really hard and ever so cautiously at them! Then he started to walk on them and actually tip toed across. It was so cute!!!! Once he got to the barn isle way. Kaspin was now not so sure of the black stall mats lining the cement floor. After Kaspin looked at that for a while. Kaspin took a step like he was going to step into a trailer. Again, I smiled at that one! Then we eventually got to Kaspin's pasture for now and Kaspin walked out, barely put effort into a trot to go see the other 4 horses in the other paddocks next door. Enzo of course, was one of them!! Then they all sniffed and that was about all Kaspin would offer for now. Kaspin walked away from the other horses found some grass and started to eat. I never saw Kaspin's head up again. The boy loves food and simple as that, Kaspin was home!! Kaspin is going to have to go on a diet. He has to be like 100 pounds easily over weight. I'll do my best! Soo other than that, pretty boring story, but that is just fine with me!!! That is what I was looking for, a nice hopefully super quiet horse again to ride on trails. Not that I don't love Enzo silly ways! But sometime it's nice to just chill out and it will be a long time before Enzo will see trails, LOL. By the way, Enzo was super funny today! After Kaspin was all settled in, I went and got Enzo to play with. Enzo at one point had an itch in his right ear. I helped Enzo get his itch and while I was scratching Enzo's ear. Enzo turned himself into a pretzel and tried to help scratch with his right rear foot. It was like finding a super scratchy spot on a dog and then they kick their back leg while we humans scratch. I never laughed sooo hard and I have never seen a large horse do this. Enzo you are sooo silly and make me smile!! Well that is it for now and my blog today got longer than I thought. But I will keep you posted on my 2 lovely equines that will always make me smile! Of course, I forgot my camera today. But really, I didn't miss anything exciting, LOL. But I will try to get new pics of both boys soon!!!

Keep it natural!! Janine~Enzo~ and Kaspin!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new equine to the herd!

Yes, I am nuts, LOL! I purchased another horse! A 15'2 hand, Haflinger, Gelding, that is 6 yrs old! I only say I am nuts, because I have to board for now and I live too close to the city. Sooo unfortunately board is super expensive around here. Especailly, for now 2 horses! BUT, I am planning to move to NC this Oct/Nov and I needed a hoof holder in the trailer for the ride down to NC for Enzo! Plus, I purchased 17 acres in NC and Enzo will be super unhappy to get there and have NO equine friends to hold his hoof, or to play with him. And it will be super for me to have another equine partner I can ride for now!!!!!!! While Enzo still takes him time growing up mentally and physically!!! I have been always partial to haflingers. I was trying to find a larger one. I really didn't need 15'2 hands, but that is what this Haffy was. I also love the white blaze most of the Haflingers come with. Unfortunately, this boy does not have any white in his face. But he still was just soooo darn cute and such a nice quiet horse for me! I am super looking forward to my next Parelli journey with this guy. I still have not named him. The breeders call him Joe Joe, but I am really not in love with that name, LOL. I am thinking of naming him "Kaspin"? So does anyone know how to add 2 pictures of horses on the top of my blog???? I get to pick up my new boy this SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! Pictures below are from the breeder.

Love, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin?

Friday, June 3, 2011

My orange saddlebred, LOL and Enzo updates!

Well, I have been super busy lately! So I have had hardly any good posts lately. But some friends wanted to see some new pics of Enzo! Unfortunately, I don't think he will be having that super spring coat this year! Enzo will turn 23 months old on June 12th and this spring, and Enzo had strongyles that I had to treat. I am thinking that is why it is taking him soo long to shed out this year! Why he has the dull coat and the early orange coat. But that's ok! Baby's sometimes have a hard time building their own immunity to the worms and can get into trouble. All the other horses on the farm(a total of 3 other horses) were all negative and we rotate worm them every 8 to 12 weeks, and it's a closed farm. Meaning, horse don't come and go. So the vet definitely said, it was an Enzo thing and happens to young horses a lot and it won't be a problem. Enzo is already all clean(no worms) and I can tell his coat was starting to finally shed out better. I also had the yearly dentist visit. I love my dentist and I HAD to work that day. I really wish I could have been there and gotten you pictures!!! Enzo is perfect to me! But again unfortunately Enzo does not have good teeth at all. But if that is Enzo's only bad problem, I will take it with NO problem. Enzo has an under bite. Which can cause all kind of problems in a horse(you can google equine underbite on line to learn more). I probably will now have to have Enzo's teeth done every 6 months, instead of once a year to keep things aligned and make sure no teeth are poking his pallate by getting too long. Other that that, Enzo has his vaccines, coggins, sheath cleaned, teeth done and all wormed. I guess, Ezno is all good for now!!! Yeahh!! So again, friends have wanted to see pictures of Enzo. This was by far not my great photo shoot at all! It was high noon!! Horrible lighting! Too hot(90+), and the horses didn't do anything for the camera, and I braided Enzo's mane to let some air get into his neck, since it was soo hot. So Enzo looks a bit silly in braids, but ohh well. I hope everybody is so far enjoying their summer start!! Enzo is!!!!

Enzo and Fuego rough housing around!!

Enzo looking like a saddlebred, LOL

Enzo wondering why I keep following him around and what all the clicking is??

More of Enzo strolling around. He looks darker here because he had a bath and was still wet!

Enzo still wondering what I am doing??

I took this picture just to show Enzo is getting to be more horse size about 15'2 withers and 15'1 at the butt.

Enzo still wondering what I am doing?

Here Enzo was making me seizure as he used a tree as a scratching post!!! I was wondering why his mane had gotten shorter, aggh, LOL!!!!

The end! Keep it natural...Janine and Enzo!!