Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well I moved Kaspin yet to another barn this past weekend! Kaspin already had his 2nd round of laminitis from grass. We tried to get him back out on some grass with a muzzle at the last barn. But laminitis was back again so soon from the 1st episode. Poor Kaspin had to head back to stall rest for 14 days, ace a few day, bute for 10 days, and soaked hay. I also did a hair analysis on Kaspin too at I am so glad that I did it! Yes, Kaspin is Insulin Resistant and can no longer have grass for the rest of his life(he is only 9 years old, sigh). And his whole inner body is stressed out to the max from the laminitis, etc. Uckele could also tell me what he was deficient in and what he was too high in. I ended up ordering 3 new supplements for Kaspin. I hope to get his body healthy again. It takes 6 months from today for Kaspin to grow out a new hoof too. For now Kaspin is off to recover till spring. I am hoping the hoof trims and new supplements can get him back to healthy! 

Here is Kaspin at his new barn and new pony friend named Puzzle. They get a long great and I am happy Kaspin has a friend.

Love, J9 and Kaspin