Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Updates for me, Enzo, Remmer and Denali! XXOXX

Enzo and I have just been taking it easy lately. Thus the not to often posts. I continue to play the Parelli 7 games with Enzo and I try to keep his mind busy, since Enzo is such a fast learner. Just last week I was working on Enzo coming sideways to me and it worked so fast. I was soo thrilled!!! I am still working on finding the correct balance for Enzo on our circle game. Just enough to keep Enzo engaged to play with me. Yet not too strong to push Enzo away from me and way out of the circle.

As for Linda Parelli's horse Remmer! He is doing much better and I am just thrilled to hear that! I pray and hope they both continue their wonderful work in their Parelli fun! 2nd picture is Remmer with back legs wrapped.

And I am so thrilled to find out that Denali is doing so much better as well. I really pray for Denali and her mom togetherness again very soon. Love all you guys!!!

Create great moments!! Janine and Enzo!!!


  1. I'm glad to hear Remmer is doing better. I've been checking Denali's blog several times a day. I am so happy that she is recovering!

    Gorgeous picture of you and Enzo. :D

  2. Go Enzo! :)
    Great news about Remmer..poor guy..what happened to his legs?! Looks all too familiar to me..yuck.

    How awesome that Denali is still w/ her loving parents :)

  3. Kristen you have not been keping up. Ohh, I am just playing with you!!! Unfortunately, Remmer severed his superficial flexor tendon and about 80% of his deep digital flexor tendon on a ride where he tripped, but didn't fall down. They have no idea what cut him? Since nothing was around? I wonder if it was his own front hoof? It was just a freak accident. But they know that or claim that the leg will never be 100%. So Remmer might be limited in what riding he can do later? I am still hoping he has a 100% recovery!!!! He is AWESOME!

  4. We are all happy to hear Remmer is doing so well, and I just read the entire Denali history - wow, truly amazing! (doesn't look like you can leave comments on her site?)

    Sharon - Parelli Central

  5. Awww!! Thank you so much! I just today started getting around other blogs today. I too am so glad that I still have my girl!! Once I know she's a little more solid we are going to do some of the Parelli games.

    Sharon, you can leave comments, I just check them first. Some people are mean. :)

  6. Lots of love to Denalli and I hope you all have a SUPER New Year!! Love Enzo!