Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Approach and retreat

I was off to the barn after work yesterday. So I could get there early enough to still play in the daylight with Enzo outside. The sun sure is precious now during the work week and I try to take advantage of every second left. I then realized I might miss all the light after all! Tonight my farrier was to come out to give Enzo a trim and I had forgotten, agghh. After calling my farrier to see how far along he was? I found out my farrier was running late. Good for me, since I also was running late, but bad for daylight. Well, we got the trim done on Enzo and he was a good boy!!! I was very proud of Enzo and his new toes looked great again! It was about 6:45pm and pretty much dark. I could see a little! I decided to hurry with the splint boots and was determined to play outside and not in the indoor arena again. Plus there is this new scary giant tree stump out by the driveway. The barn owners had been cutting trees down this past weekend and this piece still hasn't been picked up as of yet. I figured it was a great time for Enzo to finally meet the tree stump! I went out there and both of us started to play the approach and retreat game. We played sideways, yo yo, and circled to and by the stump. A few times Enzo kind of pulled me over to the stump. Since Enzo was getting so curious in the large object. Then Enzo would stop half way there and decide the stump was too scary. I said, that's ok because we were going over here anyway(a different direction). Enzo would circle around again. And again Enzo would pull me to the stump. This time closer, but still not all the way to stump. We continued our games from further away and slowly back at the stump again. Finally Enzo just dragged me to the stump and sniffed it. Enzo is very oral and decided he wanted to chew on it and then Enzo tried to climb up on the stump. Enzo always makes me laugh and he ended up having a great time with that silly old tree stump! I was also so impressed that we were now in the dark and Enzo was far from the barn with me and the silly stump. Enzo hadn't tried to run back to the barn once. Ohh what a good feeling that was. We then playing point to point with eating grass all the way back to the barn. What a fun evening!
Create great moments~Janine and silly Enzo


  1. Aww sounds like fun!! I was reading back over your previous posts and you said you can be timid so wanted to mention with horses (most critters really) if you act like something isn't a big deal then usually they will too. So by you acting confident and unconcerned he was too. :) Luckily the youngsters' curiosity usually wins out over any fear lol. My colt seems so fearless sometimes. I think his spooks are more playing around a lot of the time. :)

  2. Oh good boy Enzo! He is such a curious boy!! I'm still SO impressed at his behavior. He really is going to grow up and make Palidor proud. :)