Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why do horse have to get Laminitis!!

Sorry, I have not posted much! Summer is the time to be outside and not on computers. Sometimes I wonder how much I should keep this blog up?? With all the social media these days. I am a firm believer in spending less time on computers and phones. I have facebook and it's easier to update than this blog(especially for pictures). Plus, most of you already follow me on facebook!! So I feel I just post things 2 times. Give me your thoughts! Kaspin is currently healing after a laminitis episode from too much spring grass here in MI. Another reason I have not posted much. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer with their Equine friends!! 

Kaspin on stall rest enjoying his nibble net hay bag!

Kaspin making faces after the bute!! Kaspin hates bute!

Finally after 2 weeks stall rest! Outside!
Savvy on, Healing Kaspin!