Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer thoughts

Well a busy HOT summer! But Michigan winters here can be tough. So I am not going to complain about the heat we have had so far this year. I am not looking forward to the days of 10 layers of clothes. Hoping the roads are clear enough for me to make it to my boarding facility, hoping the arena doors are not snow drifted in, and the walk to the arena isn't an ice skating rink! So yes, winters are rough around here and I will stay with the bugs for now. Enzo and I have been having a super summer. I am really amazed at how much his body has grown and amazed at how much his play drive has made me learn with the Parelli 7 games! Thank god for Parelli! Otherwise I would definitely say this little horse would have gotten the best of me and won! He is sooooo fast and soo smart. His big brain is always thinking 1 step ahead of me. There were two times that Enzo was so fast he reared up on top on me two different times. I went home many times thinking maybe this dream horse of mine is too much and going to kill me? That is also how I found Meggie Allen, my 2 star junior instructor to help me! I am thrilled to have her and enjoy her savvy ways!! I also of course, own every Parelli DVD out there. I also contacted Parelli direct though email for advice on my Enzo. So I didn't end up hurt! Now Enzo has made such a super turn around in such a short time! I am sooo happy I didn't give up and I know I have a little super horse in my hands and cannot wait for the future. He now respects my space. Which he sooo didn't before, thus the rearing on top of me! I have not seen a rear out of Enzo for at least a whole month now. You might not think that is big. But this is a horse who thinks one of his main gaits should be walking on his back to legs at all times! He is super talented in this little stunt. So it's nice to see my Enzo with 4 feet on the ground. Enzo moves nice sideways away from me now, he leads much better, he doesn't spook over me or on top of me, he can jump barrels, cross tarps, figure 8, walk over poles and go sideways over poles, back through all gates and back to his stall, loads and rides on trailer, and the list goes on!! He is just like a super sponge. I worked 1 time with Enzo on coming sideways to me. So I can in the future mount him from a gate. At first he was soo confused. He didn't understand what the carrot stick meant on the other side of his body, when I was way up high like that. Then, finally I got step or two in the correct direction on both sides. I finished and we moved to some other fun. Anyway, I came out the second time to play with him again on the fence. I wanted Enzo to go sideways to me while I was up on a gate. I asked the first time and he went the wrong way. I tried again and this time you could see a bell go off in Enzo's head. Like ohhh, I remember this from last time, I get it and he came directly sideways to me! Then I tried the other way and again he came directly sideways to me. This was only our second time ever doing this. Enzo is such a fast learner for sure. On my 3rd day of playing this game a week later. I hardly had to ask and Enzo came flying sideways over to me. So fast, that now I have to teach him to stop. Since that day, I was only using a mounting block and he came so fast, that he knocked me and the block right over on the ground. Thanks to Parelli I just laughed and laughed!!!!!! But again, it just shows me how fast Enzo can pick up new things. My biggest goal for me now, it to continue to keep Enzo happy with our play times. His mind is so fast that I constantly need to keep it interested in me and our play. Otherwise, he can throw tantrums(like rearing), dig holes, chew on objects, or me, etc. This is all soooooooooooooooo different from my past horse who pretty much wanted to do NOTHING but eat, LOL. I think that is why I found Enzo so frustrating at first. I had NO idea of how to deal with him. So again, I really thank Parelli for the horsenality chart and helping me learn to deal with a WHOLE different personality. And at first I didn't like learning and having to change myself. Lets face it, it's easier to be lazy and do what I did before. Now, I have to say, Enzo has taught me to open up my brain and play right with him and keep my brain exercised as well. Now that understand it, I love it as well! And our Parelli journey continues with my lovely quick thinking Enzo!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trailer fun!

Here are my trailering pictures of our progress!! I am soo thrilled that Enzo and I are doing so well with the trailer now. These pictures show how Enzo can go on, have door closed, stand comfortable, and come off again. This is huge for us, since he couldn't do any of it, LOL. I have to get Enzo very confident and comfortable in a trailer. Someday I am moving to Pinehurst NC and Enzo will need to make that trek as well and it probably will take Enzo at least 15 hours or more to get there.
Create great moments~ Janine and EnzoGetting on

almost on

closing door

closed door

door back open

Enzo safely coming off!