Thursday, October 7, 2010

scary crane

Ohhhh Enzo you are sooo silly. The other evening I had limited time to spend with Enzo. I figured, I would just hand graze him a little and just have cuddle time. We both were standing out front by the pond enjoying the nice breeze and soft sun just hanging out. Soo peaceful! Then a large crane came flying in to hunt bugs next to the pond. Enzo thought for sure there was a flying pterodactyl that comes down and eats horses whole!!!!!! Enzo jumped 10 feet, then did his famouse 360 turn in a split second, and ran off! When Enzo finally got to a safe distance, Enzo snorted so loud the whole neighborhood probably heard it, LOL! I also was super amazed that Enzo could also play arabian. He was prancing around like one and his tail was actually completely straight up in the air! Geee, that sure looked funny on him. When Enzo was done snorting and prancing around, I went and got him. I was hoping the bird was still there. But when Enzo freaked out the bird freaked out and flew away himself. I took Enzo back to the grass and Enzo continued to eat again. So I guess, Enzo lived though the scary pterodactyl attach!

Create great moments~ Janine and silly young Enzo

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