Monday, March 14, 2011

Just waiting for spring....sighhhh

Sorry, I have hardly posted. But to be honest, I have not been out to Enzo as of much lately. Where I board, there is an indoor arena but it is hard to get to sometimes. It's on a hill and when it's gets really icy. It isn't safe for a human nor a horse! So on those times, Enzo just gets lots of scratches in the lower barn and many hugs. I did make it out this past Sunday and I finally snaked my way up to the arena through some softer snow patches. I had Enzo go ever some wooden poles laying on the ground in the arena. Sounds super easy right? Well, Enzo has a horrible hard time with these! I have never seen a horse not really wanted to pick up his feet, trip over them, slip on them, and everything else that you can do to a poll on the ground. I could tell Enzo was having a major mental block over them! I only used 3 on the ground and I had him walk slowly over them. During this time Enzo pooped 4 times. Enzo always starts pooping a lot when he mentally cannot handle something. It was soooo interesting to me. It blew my mind that to me this was so small. Yet to Enzo it was so hard. I kept working with it going slowly, taking breaks, and even working on other things in between. Then, I would come back to the polls on the ground. By the end Enzo was more confident walking over them. But we still have a long way to go. Since, Enzo still has not figured out that he can make it over without tripping, touching, or dragging the poll. Every time Enzo would go over a poll perfect I would do "Parelli Game Over" and let Enzo come in for some mental relaxation and time to think about what he just did. So all and all I think our play time on Sunday went great! I also worked on Enzo accepting his bareback pad with no brace as well. This was after I had already played an hour with him. So Enzo accepted his bareback pad without a brace quite fast. Since, his brain was now more mentally engaged. As MI has started to thaw, I am hoping to be able to see Enzo a lot more now and hopefully I can get back to my posts. There is 50's and even a 60 degree day possibly coming this week!! Savvy up! Janine and Enzo