Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kaspin back outside

and hopefully recovering for the mysterious aliment! Legs were not swollen today after I removed standing wraps. I hope the swelling stays away too!! Time will tell! Vet thinks maybe Kaspin had a little virus??? Who knows but blood work all came back normal and swelling is going away. So beside him being a bit wet from the rain today! Let's hope we are both back on the trails soon!! Thanks for the well wishes!! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sick again, sighhh

Kaspin has something wrong. I went out yesterday to check on him like always. Plus natural hoof trimmer was coming out also. Kaspin's back legs are super swollen!! I called the vet out immediately! Something is not right! She took blood and did a test right at the barn but silly me forgot the name of test!!! Anyway it came back super high!! She never seen a test so high. Her thoughts were it might be viral or bacterial??? We sent out a full blood panel but today(Friday) I still have no results! Not happy. In the meantime hand walks, standing wraps, and love. My vet had me put him in a stall so he could stay away from the other horses outside. In case he is contagious. I hope not and hope Kaspin can go back out soon!! Good thing Kaspin is great about stalls!! Love my boy and hope he gets better fast!! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Trail riding and trail riding!!!

I am just loving the weather in NC! I get lots of chances to ride all winter. Unlike MI where many times I couldn't even make the snowy or icy roads to get to the barn. Plus, Kaspin is now 15 mins from me! In MI I was an hour to an hour and a half away from Kaspin. Also with Kaspin so close! I get to see him everyday now! Before I couldn't afford the gas! This barn I board at doesn't have any arena's though. So I have pretty much no choice to only trail ride. They do have miles and hours worth of trails!!! So as soon as I got the ok from vet and hoof trimmer to ride. We did!! Kaspin was soooooo nervouse the first weeks. I never thought I would get Kaspin to relax! My hands were hurting from trying to hold him back. I worked hard on Kaspin listening to me and not the other horses. I practiced circles when he couldn't stand still at all. I practiced backing, stopping, trotting when other horses were walking, walking when other horses were trotting, side passing on trail, being end horse etc. I did all these things so Kaspin would pay attention to me only on the ride. Finally after a month Kaspin blew out 4 times on the trail yesterday!!!!! Meaning he got relaxed enough to blow out! Yes Kaspin has trail riden before! But he was off work for at least 8 months from his laminitis and insulin resistance and I took him trail riding cold with no arena work. Just a little bit of round pen work each day before the rides. Either way Kaspin has learned lots in the last month. We pretty much trail ride 4 miles each day. Kaspin still gets nervouse being end horse. He likes to lead. Kaspin gets really nervouse with things far behind him and noises he can't see. I am hoping over time he will get used to all these experiences and I keep working with him trusting my leadership! He needs to trust me. Here are some of my pics! Keep it natural!! Thanks Kaspin! I love you!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It's last year pic but still a great one! After my move from MI to NC. I just was sooo busy not enough time to get some new Christmas pics. Kaspin and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!! I hope for a lot more riding with Kaspin again for 2015! Xoxo

Monday, December 22, 2014

Finally in the saddle!!

Best 1st day of winter ever! Got to go on an 1 hour trail ride! Has been a long road to get here again. Got the ok to ride again from vet and natural hoof trimmer. Actually was incouraged to get Kaspin back to work to continue the healing in his hooves! And the work keeps sugar levels in his body down. Kaspin was nervous on his 1st ride out in about a year. But I was very proud of him and will try to get him out a few times a week from here on out. Hopefully Kaspin will get more and more comfortable with trails. This was us once we returned back. There was 4 of us that went out. 

All smiles!!

All happy j9 and Kaspin!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Kaspin and are soooooo enjoying these sunny skies here in NC!!! No more depressing clouds for 6 months basically! So weird to not walk out the door with gloves, hats, scarves, extra layers of all clothes and no hand warmers!! Today is 74 degrees and sunny on 12/1/14. Just love it!! Kaspin really is doing amazing after his long haul from MI. I am so happy for him. We only have a round pen and one pasture to play in at this new boarding barn, but it works!! Smiles!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

We moved!!!

Well Kaspin and I made it to NC!! Took us 21 hours to drive and basically 3 days!! The most stressful thing I am sure Kaspin and I have ever done! We had terrible rain to drive through for hours. Including terrible rain in the night for hours. If my steering wheel would have been thick glass I would have broken it!! Since I was gripping the wheel so hard!!! After all the rain and darkness we made it to lexington KY to stall Kaspin for the night. We drove 9 hours and 44 mins this day. Kaspin was pretty stressed and breathing hard. Gave some banamine for his bit higher temp 101.4 and for his muscle pain. Kaspin was so out of shape for this trip. Due to the laminitis he was recovering from the last 6 months. We were to travel to NC the next day but we decided to not travel. Kaspin needed more time to rest. We needed more time to rest! And the weather was still crazy! 30 to 45 miles per hour wind now!! Wasn't going to travel in this!! Took off the next day and what another tough day that was!! We drove 12 hours to NC! Longest day of my life through the mountains. Twisting and turning, up and down constantly. It was nuts!!! THEN  of course more rain and my running trailer lights went out in KY!! On both these days we traveled we would stop to give Kaspin muscle breaks and a break in general. I was also giving horse calmer paste. To keep Kaspin calm while traveling. The calmer helped a ton and so glad I used it. Kaspin isn't too fond of the trailer in general. All and all I am super proud of Kaspin!!!!!!!!! Here are pictures of our journey along the way. I moved my home, dog, 2 cats, Kaspin, AND my fish in my 12 gallon fish tank!! Just happy that we made it here all safe and sound! I never want to do a long distance trip like that again!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Safe Kaspin and J9 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kaspin making friends!

Kaspin has a new barn kitty friend! Kaspin is so gental with the cute kitty and they both match in color! 1 more week till the huge move to NC! I think Kaspin is better. He is perky again. But he is being super picky now about his supplements. And it's things I need Kaspin to eat! He got picky when he was sick. He basically stopped eating his grain. So I removed the supplements and only gave grain. Now I have been adding them back in! But Kaspin now has figured out that grain taste much better without any supplements. The little stinker!! So basically the not eating grain well is more from him being picky than not feeling well! Not many things I can top dress with when I have a insulin resistant horse! The right rear hoof seems to be doing well too. No more heat and walking fine. Smiles from kaspin!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

We reached the light??

Thanks for all the kind wishes. I hope I am not talking too soon? But today Kaspin was 99.3 and sassy and full of himself!! Even the possible abscess right rear leg was better today too. Heat basically gone and Kaspin walking better too!! Common good vibes!! We need to get to NC!!! Look at the happier eyes and ears!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

There has to be light at the end of the tunnel?

Well after its bad, it gets worse. Let's hope it will turn around soon? Otherwise I will never get to NC!! Kaspin didn't want to eat his grain tonight. This is new and so he is still feeling crappy. Then I always check heat in his hooves since the laminitis. Tonight right rear hoof was on fire and he was lame. So not only sick and feeling like crap but now probably another abscess in right rear hoof, aghhh. Hoping my boy will feel better soon! And yes Kaspin still hates his banamine. I feel sooooooooooo bad giving it to him! I never seen a horse drool!! Poor Kaspin and tired J9

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Awhhh common a virus! Yuck!

Well vet caled back today. Kaspin has a virus of some kind, boo! Kaspin has been off like all summer with the laminitis issues. I was just finally was trying to get Kaspin a bit in shape for the 2 days of travels to NC Nov 22nd. And now he is sick and off again! I just hope Kaspin can heal in time to move Nov 22nd. Oh how stressed I am! Love, Sick Kaspin & me

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kaspin feeling better again. I hope!

Vet was out at 10am. Took blood work just in case. Kaspin was still quiet but more alert than last night. Temp was 99.1 so that is good. Kaspin left a tiny bit of food behind in food bowl this am. So Kaspin is by no means dying lol. But he isn't 100% either. Vet gave some banamine too. Kaspin despises banamine or any bute! Here is his photo after banamine today. He will do this for an hour after, won't eat, and even drools. Vet is hoping just a little bug and Kaspin should be fine. Let's hope. I need a healthy horse moving to NC. Thus the fast call to vet!