Friday, September 27, 2013

I love my photographer!!

I think this photo shoot was about a month ago. It was at one of the local parks here in MI. Here are a few previews my photographer already gave to me. The 1st picture we were working on silhouette pictures with the lovely evening sky. Then a B52 flying horse bug came along!! Kaspin was not amused as you see, LOL. I still love and cherish this shot!! And I love that Holly actually caught the bug in the photo!! It was HUGE!! 

I also asked Holly if she could try to get a nice eye shot of Kaspin. Since I think Kaspin has some of the best equine eyes, and of course she did!  

This picture so far is my favorite! Just dreamy!! I love you Kaspin!!

This one is fun and different. Kaspin  and I were down in the river at this point! I cannot wait to see what other amazing shots she got of us in the river? Next time, I will have to ride Kaspin. I wasn't sure how Kaspin was going to handle this park with all the hikers, bikers, dogs, children, canoes, etc. So I decided to stay safe and just stay on the ground this time:) 

Want to see more of Holly's lovely work go to Thank you Holly for all the amazing pictures over the years!! 

Me smiling, lovely Kaspin, and the missed Enzo. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

We entered a cool contest!!

We entered a cool contest!! From Life of Riley. This was 1 of my reason of why I love my boy KASPIN that I sent in for my entry! How fun! Ends today at Midnight so hurry!!!!  

I love my Haflinger "KASPIN" sooo very much!!! Because he finally trusts me and has turned into super horse!! I got my Haflinger 2 years ago and he scared of his own shadow daily! He was herd bound terribly, scared all the time, claustrophobic, bolted a lot on line, and with riding. When I took him away from his herd in his pasture Kaspin would get so scarred you could see his jugulars pound! It would take me 1 hour to get him into the barn and 2 hours to get to the indoor arena! I am not joking! Ask my boyfriend who thought I was crazy! I even did this on 20 degree days! All my time and play with him has finally paid off. I just started to take Kaspin on some trail rides this fall( I added 1 photo). We just completed our 2nd ride of 4 hours. We accomplished, 2 road tunnels we rode through, rain, water crossings, jumped over large logs in the way, walked over road lines on road, saw cars, hikers, bikers, dogs, screaming children, Kaspin led part of the way, navigated large rocks/stones on the path, and passed many riders on the narrow paths!! I never ever would have thought that I would ever be trail riding this scared, nervous, scared of his own shadow horse on trails with confidence one day!!!! I am so proud of this boy and Kaspin makes me smile every time he now runs to me from his pasture with a smile on his face!! I am a winner already with this sweet horse! Thanks for the opportunity!! Janine and Kaspin

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well are you sick of me yet?? I just cannot say enough!! Where did my SUPER horse Kaspin come from, LOL. He is just doing soooooo super!! I rode Kaspin 4 straight hours through Pontiac Lake Trails this past Saturday for a POKER ride! Kaspin did a tunnel 2 times, water crossings, jumped large logs, lead part of the time, went at the back of the line part time, saw cars, walked over road lines, passed bikers, hikers, rain, and passed many horses on tight trails. Kaspin even went on the picket line 1st time ever and acted like a pro!!!!!! Kaspin you're awesome!!! Here are my pictures of our super day! 

Kaspin just getting on the picket line when I 1st got there to let him chill out before the ride. His friend Junior is next to him.

 And we are off this morning in the rain. 
 One of my favorite spots in the park. I haven't been on that spot in 6 years! 
 Off we go through the woods again.
 Coming to the tunnel under the road!! 
 Kaspin is in!! kaspin was a bit worried but didn't do anything silly. 
 And Kaspin is through, yeahhh!!!
 Back on the trails.
 Kaspin leading again and doing really well. 
 The horses behind Kaspin. We were 3 but at this point we picked up 2 others and were 5 horses. 
 Roxanne getting a ribbon from a tree. For every ribbon you turn in later you get a card to make a poker playing hand later and best hand wins!!! Roxanne won!!!!!!!!! 
 Kaspin just watching things. 
 LUNCH!!! Yum, hot dogs, chips, and pop!! 
 My turn to get a ribbon from the canP:) 
 Kaspin was hoping it was horse cookies in the can instead!!! Here he is saying... where is my cookie!!! He got one after:) I am bad!! LOL. 
 Off we go again and the sun now was out for the whole afternoon! The weather was perfect!! 

 Kaspin watching Nicki behind us. Nicki had to pee, LOL. 
 Nicki getting back on.

 Here is one of the water crossings and Kaspin could have cared less. Went through it like a pro again!! 
 Good boy Kaspin!!! 

 Back down the power lines!! 
 And back through the tunnel with me taking pictures this time!! 
 One of the rocky areas Kaspin had to navigate and he did so well! 
 Some more of the large rocks. 

 A trail horse who had to work, LOL. 
 Now Kaspin is a real trail horse when you come back with burrs all over!!! 
 Back on the picket line to rest for the rest of the afternoon in the warm sun. 
 Kaspin hated the hay bags but he eventually figured it out!! 
 Yum yum yum.
 I purchased a purple Pontiac Lake Trail Riders sweatshirt in purple and had to show it off. Can you tell I love purple, LOL! 
What a super day! Thank you Kaspin!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I might have a trail horse after all!! Good boy Kaspin!

My goal for Kaspin is to get him OUT more and more now to experience the world, LOL. Plus to keep working on Kaspin's non liking the trailer very much. And me always needing 2 people to load him, agghh. Anyway, after my 1st trail ride last weekend it was time to do another. Kristen and Laz invited us over to their boarding barn to go on some of the trails around their place. Unfortunately the weather wasn't being the best! 60% Rain and cloudy. So we were afraid to go out to far and just get poured on( I was anyway, lol)! We decided to stay at the barn and play with our horses and see what side of the pasture they woke up on? Kaspin was only nervous by the trailer for about the first 5 mins when we arrived and then all was good. Then of course, the rain cleared up!! So we decided to hop on our horses and at least get 1 short road ride in. So I could keep getting Kaspin used to new experiences! Like dogs, kids, mailboxes, cars, etc. Which by the way Kaspin all handled really well. Laz on the other hand for some reason that Sunday was not being a part of this road ride at all. Laz was more into the going back to the barn to his friend Pito. As Laz was arguing with Kristen. I noticed Kaspin walked of and started to lead. WAIT!!! My chickenlinger is leading again??? He did lead a bit on the trail ride last weekend also, too cool! I then turned around  and circled and tried to get Laz to follow us. But Laz would only come about 2 strides and then wanted to head back to the barn again.  You can read of all Kristen journey that day on her blog at Sweet Horse's Breath. Hey! We all know horses are challenging animals! They keep us on our toes and challenge our leadership all the time every minute!! Even though Kristen was so disappointing with Laz at the time:( I think Kristen did GREAT supporting Laz the whole way though and never gave up!!!! By the end Laz was a much better partner for them and realized he didn't win his game:) It is easy to get hard on ourselves, but we have to look at the whole picture, not just that 1 day. Laz has also come a long way with Kristen and they're great partners together!!! I explained to Kristen I felt bad that day, because on the other hand I was super happy with Kaspin( I didn't want to hurt Kristen's feelings)!!! Kristen of course, was happy that we were happy! Kaspin stayed calm as a cucumber as Laz was getting a bit frazzled on the road ride. Kaspin lead a lot of the way in a new strange scary place. Kaspin handled, the screaming kids, barking running dogs, mailboxes, cars, and picking apples of off a tree, LOL. Kaspin also got to practice some more trailer tying for the 3rd time in his life and did great with that too. Kaspin even loaded on the trailer fast when we left, which is unusual also! Still took 2 people, but he loaded fast. So all and all I got more experience for Kaspin!!! Thanks Kristen and Laz!! I am now planning to take Kaspin on a bigger/longer trail ride this Saturday to Pontiac Lake!! I also have a friend who will have a picket line for Kaspin and Kaspin will get to practice the picket line for the 2nd time in Kaspins life! I sooo cannot wait!!! Woo hoo, I never thought my chickenlinger would be able to be the trail horse I wanted!! I am sooo proud of you brave Kaspin. I think Kaspin will have to loose his nickname of chickenlinger, LOL!!!  Here are my pictures from our fun that day!! Thanks again Kristen and Laz and we will be back to do it again another day!!! 

I love this picture of us!! 

 Playing around having fun in the front pasture!!
 Good boy Kaspin!! 
 1 handed HELLO! 
 2 handed Hello of me goofing around, LOL. 
 Kaspin ready for his road ride:)
 Kaspin leading out.
 Kristen leading here:)

Keep it natural, smiling big J9, brave Kaspin, and the never forgotten Enzo! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kaspin very 1st trail ride!! Whooo hooo! I love you Kaspin!! Video and Pics!

 Only 6 years later, 2 hip arthroscopic surgeries, 1 shoulder surgery, and 2 passed away horses. I was back on the trail this past weekend with my super Kaspin for the 1st time ever, whoooo hoooo. What a stupendous day! Yes, I said, stupendous!! Cannot wait to go on more trail rides and continue our miles! Kaspin you have come so far and I am so proud of you! This was at Highland Metro Park in MI!! For a Horseshoe Hunt!! All our Parelli play time is finally paying off!!  Here is my little video! And no we didn't find the winning shoe that day, but we still had a blast!! I sooo cannot wait to do more trails rides this nice fall here in MI!! THANKS Chris for the cool video!! Without you, I surely wouldn't have this awesome moment to have forever!!! Thanks!! xoxoxo

Pictures from my fun day! Kaspin just getting there!

 I walked Kaspin a round a bit to settle in!
 Mounting up.
 And were on the trails!!
 Another Haffy we met. Kaspin didn't like him for some reason. That is why I am so far away, LOL. 
 A spot we took a break. Most of the horses peed and hung out a bit! 
 Part of the group. 
 Hanging out.
 Hello, with my big smile on my face!!! 
 Still smiling big!! 
 Kaspin lead just a tiny bit. I wanted to see if he would even go. He did but his feet were more sticky for sure!! 
 Fun leading!! 
 Back with our horsehoes in hand!! 
 Kaspin learning to tie to the trailer with Junior. 
 Junior was soooooo cool and Kaspin loved following him on the trails. 
 Junior's mom Nicki with Kaspin. We thank Nicki very much for taking care of us that day!!! 
 Hanging at the trailer together. 

                     Keep it natural, smiling J9, trail boy Kaspin, and the forever missed Enzo!!