Monday, February 24, 2014

Quiet winter:( 2014 plans.

Well you have not heard many Kaspin stories, because we basically have not been up to much this whole winter. Old man winter is just kicking everyone's butt across the USA and of course here in MI. I normally play and see Kaspin a lot during the winter. But this year with sooooo many negative days and temps always below 20 degrees. My fingers even with 2 hand warmers just are not happy. Plus I don't want to run Kaspin around when it's 20 and below. Kaspin has a very furry coat and sweats super easy. So I have been  at home just trying to plan my summer!!

I signed up for a Parelli John and Kathy Barr clinic Aug 14th to the 18th in holly MI! I missed this clinic last year, due to my shoulder surgery, booo hoo. So I wasn't going to miss the Barr's this year!!! Here is their site John and Kathy Barr (Parelli) if you want to go check them out? They're awesome and I am excited to go!! 

Next I signed up for a Rider Biomechanics clinic in Kentucky this year Sept 13 to the 17th. On the last day I will try to test out and see if I can be a certified coach for Rider Biomechanics!!! We will see??? After that I will stay for the Rider Biomechanics Symposium and that is 18th to the 20th, woo hoooo!! This too I was supposed to do in 2013 but missed out again, due to my shoulder surgery. So I am thrilled to get another chance at both of these this year!!! Here is the Rider biomechanics site if you wan to check it out Rider Biomechanics!!

I hope you are staying warm and dreaming of horse summer fun too!! 

Kaspin getting a fun treat bucket on one of my visits:)
Keep it natural, Janine and Kaspin