Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Parelli video fun from last weekend!

I am so proud of my boys, but here is my Parelli fun of Enzo last weekend. Enzo is coming along so nicely and every day my boys make me smile! What do you think? Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kristi Smith 4-Star Parelli Instructor Summit Spotlight 2012 video!

Here is the whole presentation on Kristi Smith, it's awesome! I also have it taped from when I was there, but the Parelli tape I am sure is better quality and light. Plus, I haven't even downloaded my stuff yet. Here it is and enjoy!!! What do you think of Kristi's horses??? Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

And I wonder why my boys get hurt, LOL.

This is the scene I pull into! I am glad my boys love each other, but must they play rough all the time! The literally do this all the time. They rear multiple times in these game! I just couldn't get a photo, because I had my cheap camera and the shutter was just too slow to capture the rearing pics. Some pics are really fuzzy, since I took these from so far away. As you see, they then saw me and stopped, LOL.

 What ya doing mom???
 Kaspin's latest lower eye injury. Bute for a week. I should just invest stock in this drug! With Enoz's and Kaspin's injuries I have spent 80 dollars this year in bute paste and powder. No, luckily it is not all used, but they are doing a good job on it!

 Noticed the swelling below the lower eye lid and how the eye lashes are pointing up? Otherwise of course Kaspin's eye doesn't look too bad unless you see a close up like this picture. 
Do your horses play this hard also? And get into trouble? Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!

Performance Summit 2012 Atwood Ranch spotlight video.

I am so glad I got to be there in person!! Still wish I was there!! What do you think of these cute yearlings started the Parelli way??? Keep it natural! Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, for Enzo and another video!

This past weekend in MI was just amazing, fall is definitely in the air! I am feeling like I have gotten nothing accomplished with my horses this summer. BUT, I have been super busy! One of my projects was tearing down my old 1 car garage and purchasing a 1 car garage kit 22 by 16 and putting a new garage up with dad. Then adding new grass and planting beds after all the tear up. Needless to say when you do it yourself it takes all summer! So that is where most of time went. I really wanted to get both boys out more this summer, but the gas money is soooo high and boarding out 2 horses, paying for hoof trimmer, and horse supplements. 2 horses gets really expensive fast. Either way, I finally decided this was it. I am getting Enzo into the trailer and taking him out!!! I asked my friend Kim if I could come over to her place about 15 mins away and play with her and her horses for the day. Kim of course, said yes! This would be big for Enzo. This was Enzo's 2nd outing in his life. Enzo is now 3 yrs old. The first outing Kim  picked us up with her trailer and her horse Shadow came. Enzo of course bonded with Shadow the minute they met. We went to a Parelli play day on that trip and Shadow held Enzo's hoof the whole way and Enzo did great! This time it was Enzo's trailer and there was no other horse on the trailer to hold Enzo's hoof. I checked on Enzo's loading on Saturday and Enzo was a pro! We hadn't loaded on a trailer in a year!!! Sunday was the day we were going to Kim's!!! That morning I loaded Enzo a few more times and then I went to play with Enzo in the outdoor arena for a bit to let a little spunk out. Came back to the trailer and Enzo loaded like a pro again and off we went to Kim's home. Enzo pawed the trailer hard at first, but once on the main road that all stopped. Got to Kim's home and unloaded. Enzo came off slow and fine and then flung his head around.... LIKE WHOLLY CRAP WE ARE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE!!!! Enzo has never been on his trailer and unloaded somewhere else!!! Enzo jumped around a bit and snorted some. I walked with a purpose to the sandy paddock. Once in the paddock Enzo already was calmer. Out by the driveway there was tons to look at!! A newly planted tree with stakes, a pond, plants, a garage and ohh my! Once in the paddock there wasn't too much to look at so Enzo's brain could focus more. But Enzo still was interested in everything! Enzo would even sniff the smallest rock he would see on the ground, LOL. Later me and Kim played with our horses. I posted a video below. It's a bit slow and nothing too exciting, but it gives you an idea of some of the things we Parelli played with!! Plus, I love Kim for getting me the video! I forgot a camera or a video that day! So I am glad Kim was able to catch some memories for me of this special day of Enzo 2nd outing in his life, and all by himself on the trailer!!! Once we were done I went to load Enzo. Again Enzo eyeballed the tree, plants, pond, driveway really hard and had nose flaring!! But Enzo loaded on the trailer again like a super PRO! I was so proud of Enzo!!!! I got back to our home barn and Enzo didn't even want off of the trailer. At fist I wasn't sure why? I mean I was happy he never rushes or fly's off the trailer! Then I realized Enzo was waiting for more cookies at the window!! Enzo loves cookies and I always give cookies to Enzo for loading and waiting and then I give cookies when we get to our destination just to see how nervous Enzo is. If Enzo doesn't eat, I know he is freaked out! But so far Enzo always eats! So I went and got Enzo some more cookies! Later I went back to the back door and mind you, the back door was open all this time! But I went back and finally asked Enzo to come out by gently tugging on his tail. Finally Enzo stepped out slowly and then turned around and just ate grass. What a super fun and uneventful day, yeah!!!!! I am so proud of Enzo and I!! Yeahhh!!! Also  what was even more cool was Enzo had 22 blows that day!!! It just shows you how much all of this got to his brain!!! How cool is that!!! What do you think??

 Keep it natural Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!!! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Youth Freestyle Finals video.

And I thought I was doing good??? These kids blow me away!! Love the horse with the blow up boat!!! What do you think about these youths?? Keep it natural! Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Growth spurt for Enzo and Parelli Summit video:)

I went and saw the boys last night! First time in 8 days and I missed them! Both came running to the gate as usual. When I was out to see them before I left to CO, I thought Enzo seemed taller. But I was wearing flat shoes and figured it was because I had no heal on my shoe to make me taller. Last night I saw my barn owner and she too said, did you notice Enzo is bigger?? I said to her not really, but then again last week I did think he seemed taller due to my flat shoes I was wearing and blamed it on that. I told her I would have to stick him. So I went in the barn and I grabbed the stick and to my surprise Enzo grew one whole inch!!!! Wholly crap! Enzo is now 16 hands at the withers and 15'3 at the butt and he just turned 3 yrs old in July. I told Enzo he could stop getting taller at 15'3 but I guess his body didn't listen to me, lol. I wonder where he will end up one day, since he will grow/fill out till 6yrs of age.

Here is a beautiful video from the Parelli Summit of Kally Krickeberg doing a flag tribute Sunday morning that Parelli posted. Just look at the beautiful daily view out of the riding arena. Talk about a dream place to ride and live!!!

Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo amd Kaspin!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Parelli Summit Day 3!! Sad to see it end:)

Wow, what another super day in Pagosa Springs, CO at the Parelli Summit!!! Here is my photo montage once again!! Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin! 

Hot air balloons we saw on the way to Parelli Land, LOL.
 Pat Parelli greeting fans!
 Parelli Fans!
 Kalley Krickeberg Flag Tribute.
 Ryan Rose Demo
 Kristi Smith Demo

 Linda Parelli riding Highland, Marion Oesch riding Allure.

 Marion Jumping Allure.

 Sheep used on the ranch!
 Me cuddling an Atwood yearling for sale.
Lillan Roquet and her white Arabian.
 Kalley Krickeberg riding Lauren.
 Caton Parelli cutting.
 Pat Parelli
 Linda Parelli and her parents.
 Linda Parelli and HAPPY me getting a photo in CO!
 Dancin Pete Rohda and me making funny faces!! 
 Lillan Roquet and me! 
 My signature pose in Pagosa!
 Hot springs in Pagosa, CO

 My savvy forum room mate who made it possible for me to afford this trip to the Parelli Summit by sharing a room and rental car! Thanks, Kathleen Ingerson!!!! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Parelli Summit Day 2!

Sorry, it's another late night, but super fun day again!!!! So for now, here is just pictures again:) Keep it natural!! Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!