Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, I have been super lucky lately! I won a contest to name a race horse from WinStar Farms this week! Here is a picture of the horse in '09 above 1st picture. He is an '09 colt by Bluegrass Cat out of Unbridled Con. I named him BLUEDACIOUSE!!! How much fun was this!!!! They think he will turn gray, or blue roan later? Look how big he is already in '09 and those legs! I hope I get to see him race someday and get to follow his race career!

Then I also won a Magazine on Zenyatta! Picture also above 2nd picture. All of this happened on FaceBook last week. I love FB!!

I also won a beautiful hand made leather halter with all brass buckles and brass name plate! Worth 45 dollars for Enzo and in the same contest I won 100 dollars in horse vitamins for Enzo. How sweet is the Internet!!!!!!!!!! This also happened a few months ago on FB.

Now I am in the process of winning a salt block off of FB for Enzo this week! Wish me luck! Merry Christmas everybody and many horse slobbers from Enzo!!!! Yeah, Enzo won the salt block as well!
And Enzo just won a 10 dollar gift certificate to Still loving the Internet!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you hit a lucky streak. Enzo looks so cute with the snow on his muzzle...

  2. Wow Enzo is cleaning up in the Christmas presents department. :D I need to start doing contests lol. Merry Christmas!!!