Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!! Savvy on!

A friend took this picture one year. I think Enzo was about 6 months old here. 
Merry Christmas, Janine, Kaspin, and Enzo who will always be with me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Remembering Enzo in a special way, jewelry.

I purchased these from Tail Spins Bracelets, I wanted to use Enzo's tail hairs in a special way. So a beautiful necklace was just perfect for me. I also decided to do a bracelet with Kaspin and Enzo together. Since they were best friends and played non stop! I also liked the idea of my love of 2 horses weaved together and my new journey with Kaspin after Enzo's journey. I really thank my barn who had to handle this all alone(I couldn't bear seeing Enzo gone, so I never saw him after he passed). She was sweet enough to go in the pasture and get me some of Enzo's tail. Without her doing this sweet act(I know it was beyond hard for her as well) I would have never had the opportunity to have this lovely jewelry.  Thanks

Enzo....My life will never be the same without you. I carry you in my heart and memories daily. I miss you so much, but am thankful for the time I did have with you! Kaspin and I will always love you. Merry Christmas and tell Palidor the same. I hope you 2 are running the heavenly clouds together! xoxooxxo

Enzo and Kaspin.
Enzo and Kaspin always playing.
 Enzo black necklace. Enzo and Kaspin bracelet black and white hairs.
 Everything sterling silver, love the horseshoe end caps, and heart clasp.
 Both engraved with their lovely names.

 Emotional me, Kaspin, and in my heart Enzo

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Early horse Christmas! Merry Christmas Kaspin!

Ok, I am bad!!! Kaspin already basically got his Christmas goodies from me! 

Here is his nice new sheet for only the really cold, rainy, windy, rough days! 

Kaspin normally ground ties, but he was too curious in my camera!!! Thus the moving pics!

Kaspin got Stud muffins and he loves them. Kaspin is really picky what he eats!!

He got this cool salt block hanging on a rope!  I had tried others and this one Kaspin does use!! Yeah!!
There are 2 more things I heard Santa is bringing For Kaspin yet. We will post later! I hope your equines get some cool things as well!! I am sure they will and please share with me!!! 

Keep it natural, Happy Kaspin, and at piece Enzo

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gotta love Christmas pictures!!

Ok, I never ever meant to have this many Christmas pictures! There is actually 250 of them! I called my awesome photographer friend Holly with if she could take MY camera and just snap 1 picture for me as a Christmas card? Well of course, it turned into a photo shoot with her camera instead, LOL!!! Wow, do I have some awesome memories to keep!! I hope you enjoy and I hope you all have a Super Fun Equine Christmas! What are some of your plans with your Equines? Or What is on your Equines Christmas List? I will share Kaspin's Christmas list soon! 

Keep it natural, Janine, Kaspin, and the late Enzo


 Love the lips on Kaspin on this lower pic, LOL. 
 The extrovert in my needed to move, LOL.

 This one below is my Christmas card! Love it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Parelli Fun Day at my barn 12/2/12 Video:)

Kim and her horse Shadow came to my barn again the following weekend so we could play Parelli games together! I hope you enjoy! How is Kaspin looking to you? 

Love, Janine, Kaspin, and us missing energy of Enzo

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kaspin goes to Columbus MI

for a fun Parelli workshop last weekend in Columbus MI!! I was taught by Jake Beirbaum Parelli Professional. But there basically was a team all day of 4 Parelli professionals all from MI. There was also Meggie and Steve Andrews, and Courtney Trares along with Jake all helping. How cool to have 4 Parelli instructors all in one place at our disposal all day!!!! I also am so grateful to my friend Kim who once again used her truck and trailer to pick Kaspin and I up again and take us to the event that day. Kaspin still hates the trailer, so we were really hoping that having her horse Shadow on the trailer would help Kaspin out. It helped, but again it took us about 20 mins to load that AM. Argg, we will keep playing with this!!! Once at the event Kaspin's nerves showed once again, but Kaspin's nerves are nothing too crazy ever to handle. Kaspin usually screams out to any horse that will answer him back. Pretty funny actually and Kaspin usually cannot keep his feet still. Kaspin will usually pace/walk circles around me. Which is ok with me. The day was mainly about the Parelli 7 games in depth. Very cool for me and super cool for Kaspin. It's been so fun taking Kaspin all over to different places and to experience different things. I think we both walked away doing lots of licking and chewing! Afterwards, I got a free lesson from Coutney Trares for 1 hour. We worked on Kaspin's trot on line on the circle and a little bit of canter on line on the circle. Kaspin really braces when he thinks canter is coming up. So Courtney showed me how to help Kaspin relax and remove the brace before asking for the canter again. It really helped. I love Courtney's opinions or should I say savvy arrows, since she too owns a RBI horse and has some great arrows to hand out. I also had a few more in depth talks with Meggie and Steve Andrews. Ok, final answer.....Kaspin is a RBI and when he is confident he is a confident RBI. Some people including me would think it was LBI. Kaspin still might show a tiny LBI, but innately Kaspin no matter what, is an RBI. I think I just wanted an LBI so bad, I was really hoping. But my cute little chicken is my cute wall flower and really is truly RBI. I will figure it out and embrace my RBI. Here are a few pictures from our fun adventure. I am am really looking forward to spring already. Since I know I will be able to get Kaspin out even more! Stay warm and embrace the cold for now. Janine, Kaspin, and us missing Enzo

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for......

As you would suspect I am still really missing Enzo! Perfect picture is my thumb below. Why am I going to miss my ugly bruised thumb? Well of course, it was one of the last times Enzo bit me by accident  I will never have a thumb like this from Enzo again. I almost wish it wouldn't grow out:(

 This is the perfect picture below to show you what Enzo did with his mouth all the time. As a Left Brain Extrovert they like to feel everything by mouth and Enzo always did this. He ate and tried to eat anything! Including rocks off the driveway, if I stood to long to talk to someone. One day I took my glove off to do something and placed it on the barn floor in front of Enzo. Yeah I know stupid me. I turned around and there is Enzo chewing on my glove like it was chewing gum! I jammed my arm down his throat trying to retrieve it, but as you guessed it Enzo hurried and swallowed it. Lucky for me it was a cheap dollar store glove, so it was really small. I knew Enzo would pass it, but after that day I knew not to leave my gloves laying around. I will miss that funny investigating mouth of his!
But I am still thankful for the awesome life I have, the family, friends, love, job, home, everything, and of course I am very thankful for my lovely Haflinger Kaspin. Without Kaspin I am sure I would be even more a wreck! Kaspin has that horse warmth to hold and hug. And of course, Kaspin has that awesome horse smell! He too makes me smile and just spending grooming time with him is calming and feels good to both of us. I look forward to our journey together. We both hope all of you have thankful thoughts on Thanksgiving and that it is safe and Happy!

Janine, Kaspin, and never forgotten Enzo!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interesting Parelli lesson the other night!

I got the chance to take a lesson with Parelli Professional Steve Andrews Monday night for 1 hour. I am sure Kaspin was thrilled once again, LOL. My main thing was picking Steve's brain whether Kaspin is an RBI or and LBI???? Steve thinks 100% that Kaspin is an LBI. WOW, in many ways. I am thrilled, because when I was trying out Kaspin from the Haflinger breeder I thought then, that Kaspin was LBI. I wanted an LBI. Since my last horse Palidor was an LBI and I like that horsenality a lot. But then Kaspin came to my barn and Kaspin has never lived anywhere else but at the breeders and once he was at my barn I had Kaspin the RBI horse. Kaspin was worried and scared of everything. Would even take me half an hour to walk Kaspin into the barn isle when I first got him. Oh boy I thought, but Kaspin was mine and I better figure it out. So over time Kaspin now is very familiar with his new barn, new equine buddies and me. So lately, I have been seeing a different horse. A horse who only wants to eat grass, snakes his neck at me sometimes, lay his ears back(but not mean, just being dominant) sometimes, pushes me with his shoulders sometimes, pushes me his nose sometimes, jumps around and give me attitude sometimes, and flicks his nose at me from afar sometimes. All basically dominant behaviors that come from a left brain horse. I still think Kaspin innately is a LBI, but since Kaspin hasn't experienced life that much. Kaspin of course, still can go RBI in very new situations, or environments  Like when, I take Kaspin to the parelli play days, costume contest, etc. But I think the more I take Kaspin out to places he will realize it also is no big deal and the LBI in him will come back out. I am taking Kaspin out again on Nov 18th to a Parelli workshop. I am really looking forward to it and seeing how Kaspin handles his 3 outing in his life with me. Either way, I will have more savvy arrows to play with my LBI/RBI Hafllinger Kaspin. The journey continues so stay tuned. Missing my other boy horribly, but enjoying I have the buterball to hug and kiss to help the sorrow, Janine, and Kaspin

A favorite picture of Kaspin and I from last fall, so I had to post again:) Gosh, 15'2 hands seems so small when all my life I have had horses 16'2 hands to 17'2 hands tall. Well less height to fall from, right?? LOL. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am thinking Kaspin is also missing Enzo a lot! Why? Because I won't leave poor Kaspin alone now and the things I am doing to him, lol. As you know I said, I am just keeping my mind busy. About 5 days ago I heard about a horsey Halloween costume contest at one of the local parks put on by the Proud Lake Trail Riders. My heart isn't in to fun things right now, but I kept thinking that Kaspin could probably handle this! But what kind of costume would I do? Kaspin isn't fond of the trailer at all. So I did think it would be another good opportunity to get Kaspin out again. But what should we dress up as???? By Thursday night I had an idea of a costume but should I go? I went and bought some paint anyway just in case I was going to do this? Friday showed lots of rain. Uggh, I cannot paint a horse after work if Kaspin is all wet. I wanted to paint him a day early, since I knew it would take me 2 hours and I wouldn't have time the day of party. So I told myself if rain leaves in time for Kaspin to dry on Friday, then I will go to the contest. Well long and behold the rain left! I went to the barn after work Friday. I came up with the idea of me being Pooh(I had a Pooh costume for years now) and Kaspin being Tigger! It took me 2 hours to braid hair, make hooves black, and paint Kaspin. Kaspin was such a good boy through the whole process!! I need to use spray paint which of course is noisy. I used masking tape to make out my lines. Kaspin never threw a fuss as long as I kept handing the horse cookies over:) And you can see I hung him a hay bag, but Kaspin was more interested in the cookies. I never had the intentions of winning the contest. I was just thrilled to trailer Kaspin again and for me to keep my mind busy. The 1st place prize was 100 hundred dollars cash! Can you believe it!! There were 50 entrants with some amazing ideas and actually Kaspin and I took home the 1st prize! It turned out to be an emotional day for me. I came home so drained. Unfortunately, a few people didn't know of Enzo's passing  and asked where he was? I thought I could handle this, but as soon as the 1st person asked I just lost it sobbing away. I was so embarrassed, but lots of people told me, horsey people will totally understand. The rest of the day I did my best to avoid answering the question. People asked.... don't you have 2 horses? I sad no. Then they would say really? I said, yes. But never explaining anything, since I would loose it again. When I won the prize I lost it again. People probably thought I was absolutely crazy and what is wrong with this girl, LOL. I think the rumor eventually made it around. I think I was thrilled with good and the bad. Happy that Kaspin was soooooooooooooooooooooo good and how absolutely proud I was of him, but at the same time realizing how I will never get the chance to ever do this with Enzo. Ok, enough. I will loose it again. Here are my pics of my fabulous emotional day. Missing my other boy, Janine and Tigger, or aka Kaspin:) 

The painting begins Friday Night!

 Took 2 hours to paint.

 Ohhh 1st Place!!!

 My 100 hundred dollars in PAW!
 100 hundred dollars!
 Cool tail up close.
 Cool braid up close.
 Back at the barn all washed and clean and back to Kaspin!
 Back with his retired girlfriend for lunch hay:)
 The end:)