Friday, November 12, 2010

Circle game help and random!

So my question this week is how do you keep your LBI interested in playing the circle game??? Enzo dislikes this game. He wants to pull to the outside of the circle some of the time and much worse at a canter. My 20 foot circle will eventually turn into 40 feet, then 100 feet, then gone! And I cannot hold Enzo. Enzo doesn't always do it. But still enough, that it is showing me I am missing something? Even when Enzo does stay with me for the circle game. Enzo doesn't put any effort into it. He might circle me once, then stop and turn in. Or, he might stop and come into me. I do my best to keep the circle game exciting and different also. I ask for different gaits. I do changes of direction. I put obstacles in the way. I also found out Enzo of course doesn't like anything that has to have more effort into it. I am also trying to get Enzo to canter on the circle. Well, Enzo really dislikes this. This is usually when Enzo will leave the circle for sure. He leaves the circle left brain, not right brain. Enzo is perfectly fine with traveling circles and does not leave me? So maybe the fun Parelli world out there can give me some fun circle pointers. Especially at the canter with a LBI.
LOVE this painting and wondering if I should spend 58.00 dollars to get one? It just seems soooo dreamy!!!
My thoughts and prayers go to Remmer and Linda Parelli and I am hoping for a great recovery for both! Love you Remmer! XXOOXXX
Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo


  1. Whoa what happened to Remmer? That looks like a cast but I guess it's probably a wrap?

    I don't know anything about the games so I'm no help but I wish you luck. :)

  2. Unfortunately, he severed his superficial flexor tendon and about 80% of his deep digital flexor tendon on a ride where he tripped, but didn't fall. They have no idea what cut him, since nothing was around? I wonder if it was his front hoof? Just a freak accident. But they know that leg will never be 100%. So Remmer might be limited in what riding he can do later? I am still hoping he has a 100% recovery!!!!

  3. Awww poor Remmer! You never can tell what will happen. My trainers Prix St. George dressage horse hurt his back playing in the pasture and had to be retired. She had him for a long time before he fell again and had to be euthanized. Poor guy.

    And yes Chrome has one of the small Jolly Balls. He absolutely loves it! Unfortunately he keep playing with it too close to the pond and once it falls in the water he won't try to get it. I need to move it to the other side of the pasture or hang it in a tree again. :)

  4. Oh how funny! I forgot you have a pond!

  5. The halter I used in my photo shoot for Chrome is actually like a Christmas garland rope thing that goes on a Christmas tree or over a window. I made a little loop in the end, put it over his neck and pulled it through the small loop to go over his nose. This site has instructions on how to do it

    Glad you liked the pictures. I had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot even though Chrome got a little bored hehe.