Monday, January 30, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I got the Liebster Blog Award from One Friesian Sporthorse,
One Percheron, and One Donkey.
Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!
Since it's my very first blog AWARD!!!! Yeahhhh!

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is
intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they
deserve. Here are the rules:

1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award
3. Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, 
and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they
have received the award.
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the
love and pass it on to five more blogs

I'm going to choose blogs about Parelli training that I've
been following for a while, so here they are:

1. My Parelli Natural horsemanship Journey! A wonderful blog about
 Milva a beautiful Trakehner and their Parelli journey in Sweden!
 Plus, I thank the blog world for us now being close
 friends half a world apart. XXOOXXO!

2.A Horsmanship Journey
My favorite young equine podiatrist! Besides that she does so
much more. Check her awesome blog out!

3.Priscilla's Odyssey
Young Pricilla has a Parelli Journey with her 2 lovely horses!
Oh, I wish I could be young again!!

4.Keri and Prince
This girl has an amazing Parelli connection with all her
horses and Prince her Haflinger is so awesome! Check
out their latest video with Prince!!

5. The Natural Horse 
You want to get deep into Parelli? Read this blog.
This young horse woman does a fantastic job blogging
her 2 horses life the Parelli way!
Gee, you cannot tell I follow a lot of Parelli blogs!!!
Thanks again for the AWARD!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parelli Montage video on 1/29/12

Sunday, I had Parelli fun with Kaspin my scared RBI. I put together a video of my day with the boys. Enzo did get the day off, but he makes a fast appearance. Otherwise Kaspin stole the show! You will also notice I go really slow with Kaspin. RBI are usually scared, timid, and non trusting. So I make sure I give Kaspin a big chance to understand what I am asking. And sometimes, like with the pedestal they need a little hand at first. It was the first time ever today that Kaspin was on a pedestal and jumped the barrels!!! I am so proud of you Kaspin!  
Hope you all had a super fun equine weekend! 
Janine~Enzo, and Kaspin~

Kaspin's first time ever meeting the alligator. I walk away always giving Kaspin confidence in the new scary object.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not enough hours in a day, lol

Well my plans from my blog post earlier changed today. But I still had a great day and learned  a lot. I love using my flip video. It really lets me see later what I am actually doing wrong. I posted a video below of nothing perfect, but I am posting it to show you what I learned today. The first video is Enzo and I learning the Parelli circle game starting at a trot going into a canter. This is only our second time for both of us. I don't work tons on circles, since Enzo is still young and I am keeping his joints safe as he matures. I only work on circles a few times a month. Enzo is a LBI (left Brain introvert). Meaning Enzo does not like to move at all. So I am also trying to keep Enzo exuberant in the Parelli circle game as well. I did manage to keep the exuberance for my LBI, and Enzo did blow out once during the circle game today, yeahhhhh Enzo!!! But my change of direction pretty much sucked! I didn't back up enough to get my draw from Enzo and then I just tried to save the turn by basically pulling on Enzo's face. Not very pretty and I will make a huge note in my brain! Hey, we all have to start somewhere and we all are not Pat Parelli who gets to be with, and ride his horses 6 to 8 hours a day. Man, the things I would know if I could work with horses 6 hours a day. So all I wanted to mention, was that I know this was not the best video, or prettiest video. But I am pleased Enzo was exuberant and that he did blow once during the game. Enzo was a perfect student, now just his teacher (me) has to polish up her act, LOL! I am sure Enzo would agree! I also need a new Parelli 45 foot line. If you noticed it's a jumbled mess in the video! We have calcium chloride in our arena to keep the dust down. But my Parelli cotton lines absorb all the calcium chloride and the ropes weigh about 50 pounds I swear, LOL. Unless, I wash my cotton ropes after every time I use them, but during winter that is too hard. But the 45 foot line does not absorb the calcium chloride, so I like using the 45 rope better. But this is the old line and as I do more and more circles the rope will ball up in a knot. The new 45 lines come with a swivel snap and will help prevent knots forming as your horse circles. It also doesn't help that I am using the line as a 20 foot line. Which also is not the correct way to use this rope. But again, I am only using it, because of the calcium chloride and the arena is also too small for a 45 foot line. Anyway, I mentioned I am really working on trying to get Enzo mentally relaxed and to blow out. Enzo did it 4 times on the way up to the barn today. I got Enzo to blow out 2 separate times in the indoor arena today, and Enzo blew out another 3 times going back down to the barn. So all and all I am soooo happy that I am getting Enzo to blow more than he has in his entire life so far. I will keep working on things. I also worked on Parelli on line sideways over barrels, figure 8, yo yo, and driving from zone 3 today. By the end of the session I think we were both pooped and looked forward to a good drink. As a good leader should. I went and got Enzo a bucket of water and he drank half. I also enjoyed my bottled water. I made lots of mental notes in my head today. I am working on my personal space. Enzo always wants to barge into my space, even if it's a slight nudge with his nose forward. But with Enzo being left brain this can get out of hand fast. So I need to keep him in balance more. I also am not a constant cookie dispenser anymore. My friend pointed out once it's ok to give treats, but being a regular basically for no reason treat dispenser is bad. I was so amazed at all the things Enzo could do and do with me, without getting cookies every single second. Very cool! This is no insult to my equine clicker training friends! I just need to find out what works for me in the Parelli program, when it comes to cookies. All and all I think we both left today licking and chewing our lips a lot and have a lot to sleep on tonight. Enzo will get the day off tomorrow and I will spend Sunday playing with Kaspin. Since there just was not enough hours in the day today to play with both my boys. 

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment! keep it natural~ Janine,Enzo, and Kaspin!

Mental relaxation with Enzo! He blew out!

YES!!!! I finally got the mental relaxation I was looking for in Enzo Wednesday evening inside the indoor arena!!!! Wooo hoooo! What that means...Enzo blew out 2 times. As I mentioned in my prior blog post. Enzo hardly ever does this and I have only now seen it 4 times in his life, that I have owned him the 1.5 years. 2 times now in the indoor arena and 2 times outside of the arena. This past Wednesday I was just working on liberty and on line Parelli games. I asked Enzo to do 2 spins on the ground at liberty going both ways. I drove Enzo from zone 3 on line. And played the Parelli squeeze game over a jump and the Parelli figure 8 at a trot on line. When I went back to the driving game from zone 3 on line that is when I got the 2 blows out from Enzo! I was sooooooooooooooo absolutely elated!!! I really hope I can get this more from Enzo in the future. I plan to go Parelli play with Enzo again today. I would like to work on  quality of laps on the Parelli circle game today and of course other odds and ends of Parelli games for variety.

With Kaspin I would like to start the GOC(Game of Contact) simulations on the ground. Once I am on Kaspin today. I would like to work on Parelli circle game while riding and see how that goes? Since this will be new for both of us. 

Have a super fun equine weekend and keep it natural, Janine 

Friday, January 27, 2012

This guy is amazing!

If I only knew a 1/3 of what this guy knows, wow!! Keep it natural~Janine

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first snow pics of the year.

Here are basically my first snow pictures of the year. We have had hardly any snow. Sorry, you snow people. But I have no complaints at all and the 40 degrees can come back now. These pics I just snapped fast with my cheap camera. So they are not the best, but it's something.

 I was also thrilled today! Enzo's butt was dry today. I was sooo happy to see this! We increased the hay pellets to a whole scoop, 2 times a day. I really hope this is all we will have to do. Since, Enzo will be eating me out of house and home, LOL. I also started Enzo on the probios today. That will probably help as well. 

Do your Parelli horses blow when you play with them??? Enzo and Kaspin are always quiet. I can get them to lick and chew. Shake their heads. Yawn, etc. But now blowing out. I was recently watching the new Parelli Game of Contact DVD. And I was amazed at how many times Linda's horses blew out and Linda would always mention how good it was! So my latest Parelli game is working on blowing out for relaxation! Today I played with Enzo for 2 hours. That is my norm for the weekends. We played all kinds of Parelli games on the ground. Then at the very end, I got on Enzo with halter with Parelli lead and my treeless sensation saddle and walked around a tiny. But I so had fun! I keep the rides very short, since Enzo is still young and growing. Anyway, after we left the arena Enzo blew out 4 times!! I was definitely thrilled, since I hardly ever hear this from Enzo( only 2 other times, before this one!). But at the same time disappointed. Enzo did it when we were leaving the arena!! Arggg, I want Enzo to be relaxed enough to do it in the arena. So more work from me to get him to blow out inside the arena.

 I then played with Kaspin for 1 hour. With Kaspin I am really working on his confidence. Since he is a chicken about everything. And I am working on him understanding my leadership. Kaspin does need a leader he can trust. Since again he himself is worried about all. I worked on Parelli Touch it today and Kaspin had fun doing that! He even chewed on a few things and that is great for Kaspin. Eventually, I rode Kaspin in a halter with lead and my treeless sensation saddle. Kaspin did great today. I could feel his confidence was going good after our ground preparations. Plus, it was good for me. Since I got the OK to ride after Jan 17th. Now I can get my hips and legs back into shape:) 

 I hope you all had a super equine weekend as well, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!
 Enzo coming to me.
 Enzo still coming and my camera was too slow, LOL
 Here comes Kaspin!
 Can I have a cookie??
 Hanging out.
 Kaspin coming back hoping for a cookie!
 Kaspin and his girlfriend Bally.
Is this not the cutest nose ever!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enzo's teeth issue:)

Well, I checked on Enzo a few times this week. The hay pellets are definitely helping Enzo! But his butt still is not 100%. It's now at a slow leak, LOL. Otherwise, Enzo's attitude did perk up after I started the pellets. The slow leak is much better. Before, Enzo's tail, butt cheeks, and hocks were a mess. But now Enzo just has a little irritation between his butt cheeks from the leak. But his poop is still formed and looks great! The barn owner had noticed his poops are not so heavy now with water either. So the pellets really are helping! But I still put a call into my equine dentist/vet today. I noticed that when Enzo eats the pellets. It sounds like he is eating a slurpie! That not right. Poor Enzo he really is having a hard time eating. Plus I am afraid Enzo will be super fat by spring? Enzo is now getting 1 scoop about 5 cups, two times a day of extra hay pellets. Plus his regular hay. But then again, he cannot eat his regular hay that fast. So maybe the other horses are finishing the hay Enzo cannot eat in time?? Either way, I don't want my Enzo fat. And these 40# hay pellet bags are $14.50 each and the vet wants him on it as long as his teeth are loosing caps. At least a month! So my dentist friend told me that it definitely looks like they have to get out there sooner than later! So I am glad and hope sooner come soon for poor Enzo. My Vet/dentist friend also thinks that Probios will help Enzo for now also. I picked some up tonight and will start Enzo on it tomorrow. 

Other than that, I didn't get to play with my kids today. I got my hair done(went back to my original hair color of brown) and it took a really long time. And by the time I got to the barn, it then was time for all the horses to get hay! I hate pulling my kids away from their hay. Especially, in the winter when they need their hay to stay warm. So I just checked on Enzo and Kaspin today and let them enjoy their hay:) I'll go out again tomorrow and I plan to play with both of them! I am looking forward to it!   
My Sarah Pahlin look alike picture, LOL
Keep it savvy and have a super weekend with your equine partners!! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enzo is teething, LOL

My baby Enzo is teething at 2.5 yrs of age. How do I know???? Well the last 10 days, or so. Enzo has been having a runny butt. But his poops are normal. He eats all his food fine. No temp. But is drinking a lot more. My barn owner and I have been trying to figure it out. I thought it was Enzo's new chia seeds. They can make horses drink more and then I thought it might give him the runny butt. I took him of of the chia seeds but that still didn't help. I called my first vet and he wasn't too concerned. So we watched some more. Last weekend and this weekend. I noticed Enzo was having even more of a hard time with larger horse cookies eating them. Enzo does have an under bite. So this is normal for him, but it seemed worse. I figured ok, Enzo probably needs his teeth done again. Since it's been past 6 months and Enzo gets them done every 6 months, due to his under bite needing corrections. I also noticed Enzo has his tongue out of his mouth a lot more lately. Enzo normally plays with his tongue, but again he was doing it more. So yesterday I put a call into my good friend and Enzo's horse dentist. To see if he had any input?? He used to be a horse vet also before he specialized into horse dentistry. Anyway, 1 minute after talking to him. He said, I know exactly what is wrong with Enzo!!! It was that he was loosing his caps on his back molars. Now his teeth in back are all messed up and Enzo is having a hard time grinding up his food. He said, Enzo is swallowing his hay in larger pieces and then the larger pieces do not absorb the water in his gut. Thus leaving Enzo with the runny butt, LOL. It all made sense now and explained all the funny faces Enzo has been making lately. My friend also told me to get Enzo hay pellets, or hay replacer for now. That will be easy for Enzo to take in and if he doesn't chew it? They are still small pieces of hay and that hay that will absorb more water and the runny butt should go away. And since I was on the phone with my horse dentist friend we already set up Enzo's next dentist appointment. Since Enzo is over due at least 3 months. But I feel so much better knowing what is going on. My poor Enzo, LOL!

Keep it natural, Janine and Enzo!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Another reason I love Parelli!

This lady and her horses are so amazing and I love watching her play with her horses!!!!
Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hida scan results

Ok I have this And yes, I also have acid reflux, Barret's esophagus, and hiatel hernia that all goes with the bile reflux. Doctor put me on the medication that they named in this article and I get to go see my gastric doctor Jan 20th. Medication is $87.00 dollars a MONTH, aggghhhh!!! Well from the knees down I am all good.

On a better note, the boys are great! Ok, I cheated! I took pony rides on the boys this past weekend! Shhhh, don't tell my doctor! But it was sooooooooooooooooo fun and the weather so perfect for MI! Drove today with windows cracked, sun glasses on, and open sunny clear roads. How refreshing for Jan 10th, 2012 in MI!!!

Keep it savvy! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!

Friday, January 6, 2012


So sorry Enzo, Kaspin and I have been so quiet lately. Not the horses fault at all. But their mom(me) hasn't been running around as much lately! I had my 2nd hip surgery on my right hip done Dec 17th. I need to stay quiet for 4 weeks after that. Then, I get to start physical therapy again to strengthen my hip joints. Since both my hips are bad from a congenital problem and both hips have arthritis in them. I had my left hip surgery in June, 2011 also. Both of these surgeries are to buy me time(since I am so young). Until the day I need hip replacements( I hope I get 10 more years out of these old joints). But so far I am doing great and I am happy with the new time! My surgeon even had to deal with torn cartilage, torn ligaments, bone spurs, and re-shaping the femur bones on both hips. But I thank my surgeon every day and he took great care of me at each surgery! It feels so great to no longer have lower back pain after 20 years! Nobody found my problem in all those years. Plus, I kind of gave up. Since nobody could help. Then in the last year. Both my hips started to always hurt. So I went a found an orthopedic surgeon and he said, it was my hips all along causing my lower back pain! Either way, I feel sooooo much better now:)

Then also Dec 13th, 2011. I started to have really bad gut pains. I have had this issue in the past with my gall bladder and you guessed it. My gall bladder is acting up again! So now I had to go and get a hida scan done (Jan 3rd 2012). You can always google hida scan, if your so inclined?? But it tells the doctors how well, or NOT so well my gall bladder is working? So who knows?? Now I might need gall bladder surgery! I have not gotten results yet?? But if it's not my gall bladder?? Then it has to be something? Since my billirubin and ALT, a liver enzyme are slightly elevated. So as you can see I have been a little bit of a medical mess lately. Thus the non-exciting horse blogging.

But don't worry, both boys are enjoying there vacation of playing all day and eating too much hay! I do plan to visit them tomorrow!! With a huge bag of carrots. I am sure they will be gone in NO time, yumm!!! Lots of love, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Enzo's Parelli scorecard Level 2 on line passed 2++

I am soooo proud of Enzo and I! I am looking forward to working on our Level 2 freestyle this year. For you non- Parelli people that is the riding portion of the test. But of course, Enzo is young and we will both take our time. Relationship and joints first, LOL!!!! Keep it natural!!!