Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ohhhh so beautiful Parelli Saturday:)

I got to spend 3 and half hours with my lovely Kaspin today in the nice warm MI sun! I heard it was to get 55 today. Not sure if it did or not? But either way, I was going to make sure I spent as much of my time outdoors today!! I started my day off with grooming and grazing Kaspin for half an hour. Then it was off to the outdoor arena with Kaspin always leading the way. It makes Kaspin look at everything and get confidence on his own. I can lead him anywhere, but then Kaspin just hides behind me and never explores anything new. Along my route to the outdoor arena I played touch it along the way. I took this fun picture of our shadow in the lovely sun. 

 Kaspin leading the way.

 Kaspin still leading and paying attention to what is in front of him.

 Go away the last of you snow!!! 

 Kaspin on the 22 foot line playing with our trot and canter. 

 Kaspin is getting more confident in his canter on line. 

Took a hand walk down the road today. It was rather windy and Kaspin was feeling very good today. So I figured I would just hand walk the road today:) Kaspin checking out the garbage cans with touch it and looking at the neighbors dogs. 

 Kaspin checking the road out. 

 Kaspin heading back on the road. 

 A little sweat and miles on Kaspin today. Since I also took Kaspin out in the back 40 on the 22 ft line and played with traveling circle game, sideways, and yo yo. What fun for both of us!!

 How could I not also ride today!! I worked on my fore quarter turns, hind quarter turns, sideways, and a relaxed walk and trot. 

Love those ears:) Nothing better than being on the back of a horse!!!

And of course a super good roll after a fun play and a fun ride today! 

Gotta get the left side also. 

Kaspin over and about to get up, but what a funny picture! 

Kaspin and I wish everyone and happy and safe Easter!! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Birthday passed and where does the time go?

Well my Birthday was yesterday and of course, I won't post how old I am. But man it really makes you think where does the time go??? I so remember when I was a kid Christmas felt 10 yrs apart. Now they feel 10 weeks apart. I remember, I used to think Summer lasted forever. Now winter lasts forever and summers fly by in 4 weeks. And of course, Birthdays now count too fast as well and I wish they would now stop. I am really hoping to be one of those old ladies on the news one day. When the new anchor will say look.... this lady is 100 today!! I like life too much to leave too early. I will have to wait and see! 

Talking about time flying. In 20 days I get my left shoulder surgery done. I am excited to get it done, since my shoulder is getting worse daily.  But in the other hand(no pun intended). I am bummed I have 4 more months of healing time and that means less time Parelli playing with Kaspin. After I do heal though!! My plans are to get Kaspin out the trails for the 1st time ever with me!! I sooo cannot wait!

Before my surgery I am doing my best to stay busy with Kaspin. I had a Parelli lesson the other night with Steve Andrews my Parelli Professional. We touched on the following.

Getting Kaspin to canter on line on the 22 ft rope.
Confidently having Kaspin jump barrels. He won't always jump them. I want him to jump all of them with ease.
On riding, we worked on follow the rail at a walk.
And hind quarter yields on the wall and on the circle.

My next Parelli Lesson is with Meggie Andrews on April 4th. I plan to work on canter on line again and on trailer loading. I cannot wait!

Common Spring, Janine, Kaspin, and the late Enzo.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whew, what a long and fun Parelli Sunday!

It started all at 4:00 am. Yes, I woke up too early, but no point going back to sleep. I left my home at 5:30 am to be at my barn by 6:30 am. I needed to feed all the horses, so Kaspin would have enough time to finish his hay and Safe Choice pellets before we left. Kaspin's ride was going to show up at 7:30 am so we could be on the road by 8:00 am to arrive at 9:00 am for the clinic to start! My lovely friend Kim was taking us again, yeahhh Kim. Whew, we made it!! And the clinic started! The morning session was all about the Parelli 7 games on the ground, on line and adding fun to your 7 games and not turning them into the 7 tortures instead. There is no way I can write everything we did! The main thing I was happy about, was some help on my circle game. I am still trying to get Kaspin to canter on the circle game. Canter is very mentally challenging for Kaspin! He usually will offer about 4 strides going to his left and only a fast fast trot to the right mostly. I never really knew, when to ask for more or when to quit? To the right, I can reward the faster gait and then let Kaspin got back to a relaxing trot so his mind can settle and he can relax at the trot again. Once he is calm and relaxed at the trot, I can try the canter again. On the left side, I can ask for the canter and get  the 4 strides, but then ask again right away and try to get more from kaspin. And again after the canter try, I can let him then go back to a relaxed trot and mentally take a break. I cannot wait to try is again at home:) Kaspin did great at the clinic!!

The afternoon session was all riding and really getting the horse to understand his front end and being able to separate from his hind end. Front quarter turns(direct rein) and hind quarter(indirect rein) turns.  After we all learned this pretty well at a stand still. We all then went walking around the arena on the wall and did this at a walk, then a trot! We would walk down the wall and ask for a hindquarter turn and finish the turn with a front end turn and continue to walk off. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Then we all got to do this at a trot, which was a lot harder. We also practices weaving in and out of objects doing our best to use our focus mainly and try to use the reins as little as possible. Again really fun. All the horses were so well behaved!!!

My main thing I learned again! Was that Kaspin still needs LOTS of trailer work!! If I ever get Kaspin great with the trailer, I will be a super happy camper! Kaspin took a bit of creativity to load him in the am. I had to throw my 22 foot out the trailer window and call Kaspin in the trailer. While my girlfriend suggested lightly always from the outside he walk up in the trailer. Even that took us about 4 more tries and the last time Kaspin stayed on the trailer long enough for us to secure him in. When we left the clinic, it took us well over 30 mins to load Kaspin, agghh. My friends horse was already loaded on(he was coming home from training). Next Kaspin was to get on with his friend Shadow. But I guess, Kaspin figured it was ok to stay at the barn he was at! Kim and I gave many tries of loading Kaspin. Finally we had to get Meggie Andrews our Parelli professional to help us out again(she has helped us before too at another Parelli Playday event). Either way, I was happy to see Kaspin pull his same "don't want to load" tactics for Meggie as well. But this time I got to see someone deal with them the whole time. So I now will have to practice some more at home. I am having Meggie out for a private lesson on April 3rd. So I can review more of the trailer loading then if I don't have things better by then too.

I am sorry for no pictures. But it was just too busy all day and honestly the arena was super dark. I wouldn't have gotten anything worth wile anyway.

Keep it natural, Janine,trailer loading Kaspin, and the late and never forgotten Enzo!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Skunk update and this Sunday in Williamston MI

Update on my stinky skunk smelling Kaspin! I visited him last night and I did purchase Unique Skunk Odor remover and it seems to have helped a ton already! The freezing temps are not helping the application of product. I am to wet hair and keep wet for 20 mins, but the water/solution application ended up freezing on Kaspins forelock and mane. But that was ok and it said I can leave the product on till it dries(doesn't have to be washed off and all natural). So it has plenty of time to be on Kaspins hair. I will be seeing Kaspin the next 3 days in a row and will apply product more if I need to? Either way, I like this stuff a lot!! The barn already was smelling back to normal, just Kaspin's stall smelled a bit. I sprayed some of this stuff in there as well. It says you can use it on pretty much anything!!! 

This Sunday I plan tot take Kaspin to a Parelli workshop. With Meggie and Steve Andrews Parelli professionals  I sooooo cannot wait. 

Workshops will be from 9-12 and 1- 4 pm.

 The morning workshop will focus on "putting the fun in your fundamentals," and is

 open to all levels from beginner to level 4. Workshop will be online. 

The afternoon

 workshop will focus on "isolations: connecting your seat to your horses feet at all

gaits," and will be freestyle riding.

 I really wished the weather was better!! Still so cold and snowy:( But I still plan to have fun!!

Stay warm, Janine, better smelling Kaspin, and the late Enzo.

Common Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KASPIN that's not a black kitty with 2 white stripes!

I went to the barn last night and man did it stink like SKUNK through the whole barn really bad!!! I figured for sure it was the barn owners dog(sorry Bogie). Since he gets sprayed a few times a year easy. But I don't remember the actual barn smelling so bad. I then went and got kaspin and I almost fell over!!! WHAT!!! MY HORSE got sprayed by a SKUNK! No way! But silly me kept smelling Kaspin all over. Kaspin for sure got sprayed in the face. His forelock and mane on both side got it!! My gloves even stank later and once I got home I removed my gloves. My hands even smelled like skunk. I washed my hands and the smell was still there, agghhhh. I am just shocked my chicken horse even got close enough to check this skunk out!! I am sure Kaspin thought it had to be one of the barn cats and he might as well say HI. Kaspin likes the barn cats and the cats even run lengthwise between Kaspin legs! Being near Kaspin last night was hard, but I still loved my stinky guy!! Kaspin, no more playing with black cats with 2 white stripes please, LOL. The poor barn owner! Her barn won't smell normal for weeks yet!

Common Spring, Janine, Stinky Kaspin, and the late Enzo

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kaspin stock whip March 2013 video

Kaspin learning the stock whip last weekend and doing great at it! Kaspin is still a bit more nervous on his right side. I eventually want to ride with the stock whip and stand on Kaspin's back and crack the stock whip. This was only my 2nd session and I think Kaspin is taking to it pretty great! I ending up only using my right arm in this video, because I need surgery on my left shoulder April 17th for torn cartilage and a loose joint. Either way, I also plan to learn to crack the stock whip from both arms. It will be great therapy for my shoulder after my surgery!

Enjoy! Janine, brave Kaspin, and the late Enzo.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Woo hooo, I had a great day yesterday at the MSU horse Expo. Lots of friends to met, things to buy, and clinicians to see. Meggie and Steve Andrews my Parelli trainers were giving demos all 3 days and had a booth this year. They also had a few other Parelli clinicians with them also! They did super with their demos and it's always great to see them playing with their personal horses!  I also wanted to see Double Dan horsemanship again and they of course did super again also. Plus, I was really hoping to see one of their horses again named Amelia. I sooo love Amelia and wish I could stick her in my pocket and walk out the door with her. She is just so athletic and floats on the air. She is just dreamy to watch and makes everything look soooo effortless and easy. I also love that she has a lovely sassy fun attitude to go with her athletics. Just a super fun horse to watch!! 

Here is one of my best friends in her booth. She travels around MI and brings the scary stuff to your horse! Check out her site. She is out of MI. I plan to take Kaspin to one of her courses held at another barn on April 6th. I cannot wait!! 

Here is my ever so dream 2 horse trailer with side walk out ramp. Brand new it is 10,500 not too bad actually. Maybe some day I can find a used one:) Either way, I am just in love with it. It is by Eclipse trailers.

 Side ramp to walk horse back out, once you arrived somewhere. The front is for storage or even a third horse if you really needed too!!

Left side picture.

Picture from side door to back of trailer.

The round pen demo with Dan James and Dan Steers. The lighting was so hard in this place even with my flash. Just too far away. 

Dan James and I after the round pen session. Yes, I sooo hate my hair dark. I sooo need to get highlights back, LOL!! 

Dan James playing with his horse in round pen demo.

 Main arena the Parelli group having fun!! 

Again, pictures were too hard. I only brought my really cheap point and shoot so I didn't have to carry by big camera. It's too slow and I was too far away for any decent pictures. 

This is Zelda the zhorse. You can follow her page here on facebook She is fun! 

 This was John Barr Parelli Professional. I was to take a 3 Day Parelli Clinic with him May 3rd to the 5th with Kaspin, but I need surgery on my left shoulder and cannot go now. I am soooo bummed!! I might try to go audit though? Anyway, I had to take one picture with John. I soooo forgot to get a picture of the Parelli booth, oh well. 

Zelda again hanging out with her owner. Who is an awesome photographer also by the way. 

Here is another best friend of mine and her booth. This is Holly with her focus equine booth. Check out her site at If you notice the left corner of this picture, there is a photo of beautiful Kaspin displayed on her table:) 

Here is beautiful Kaspin. I love you Kaspin!! 

Dan Steers in main arena at the evening show. 

And here is Shy's mom from the blog Adventures with Shyloh!! Go check out her fun blog with her lovely fun Haflinger Shyloh!! I was thrilled we got to meet in person, but terribly bummed we didn't have more time together! I am a loser, and I was having soooo much fun running around all day seeing and buying things. That I totally forgot to text her sooner in the day and meet. So by the time we met is was the end of the day and time to leave. We literally said HI, gave a hug, took a picture and it was all over. I really hope to meet Shy's mom again soon and hopefully we can actually talk next time.  Thanks lady!!!  

Kaspin will soooo hate me today. I have a cheap stock whip now and I feel like I am dislocating my right arm every time I try to get it to crack!! Well I finally decided to put down the real money and buy a really good quality stock with from Double Dan horsemanship. Thank god that it comes with a free dvd to teach me how to use the crazy thing. I don't need to take my eye out or Kaspin's eye out, LOL. I'll keep you posted and let you know how  it goes and what Kaspin thought of my new crazy idea!!

Keep it fun, Janine, Kaspin, and the late Enzo.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have had it, LOL

Time for SPRING! I had to even update my blog to flowers!! I am done with the cold, wind, snow, and freezing hands! This weekend is the MSU horse Expo in MI!! I will go on Saturday and I cannot wait for this week to be over with. This show usually reminds me that Spring is around the corner. I will get to see some Parelli Professionals do their fun demos! Kathy and John Barr with be coming and so will Meggie and Steve Andrews. I will also get to see Double Dan horsemanship again and they always do a great job!! I wonder if they will bring Amelia? One of their cool horses who has a fun attitude:) Kaspin is otherwise doing great and of course he is looking forward to the spring grass. 

Common Spring, Janine, Kaspin, and thoughts in my head of Enzo:)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter photographer pictures:)

Most of you already follow me on Facebook, but I will still post my last photo session pictures here as well. For the few people who have not seen them as of yet. My photographer friend Holly is just amazing! I always love having her out and she always captures great memories for me! This time I wanted some winter pictures of Kaspin! I brought my little Cairn terrier Remi with me also that day. I wanted a few pics of Kaspin and Remi together. I also wanted some cool shots of Remi bouncing through the cool snow!! Remi has a birth defect so when Remi gets super excited and tries to run fast he usually wipes out. Holly captured this that day as well and I just love it! That is sooo Remi. Don't worry, Remi never gets hurt and he basically is used to it. Since he doesn't know any different. I love Remi!! And Kaspin too of course!! If you want to look at more fun pictures Holly takes? Go to her cool web page at Enjoy and laugh as I did.

Keep it fun, Janine, Kaspin, Remi, and the never forgotten Enzo.

The end:)