Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Late Kaspin Christmas Gift is here and more:)

 Kaspin now has a stall sign!! I never purchased him one as of yet. Since I was trying to sell him before, when I had 2 horses to board out. For some reason Kaspin was not to sell at that time and stay mine. I am really glad! Since Kaspin is turning out to be the best little horse ever! I have really fallen in love with him and will never let him go. Maybe Enzo knew it was time for Kaspin to enjoy all the love. Ok, enough of that,  I am already crying, sniff, sniff. The sign is cute, but I probably should have used a running, or a totting picture instead. Since the sign is big and had plenty of room, oh well. I wish his hair was a bit longer and his muzzle was a bit lighter, because right now he just kind of looks like a Palomino horse. BUT the lovely Kaspin has a sign now and of course it works! It now looks like Kaspin actually lives there. Kaspin approved it by licking it already! 

 These pictures are to show how fit Kaspin is this winter!! No gut hanging out at all. I play with Kaspin 6 plus hours a week. We are working on canter on line, sideways on line, and lots of riding!! Kaspin here is licking the wall. Kaspin is a wall licker, LOL. 

 Now, I need to make sure he doesn't keep loosing more weight.

 Other side and licking the wall on other side, LOL.

 Nice round butt!!

Kaspin you're too cute!

Remi my Cairn Terrier after coming in from outside one snowy morning! 

Common Spring!! Janine, Kaspin, and the ever missed Enzo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


my friend Holly is absolutely amazing!!!!!! She is an equine photographer and this is her site if you want to look at it? She has such a great eye for lovely equine photo's. Here is a preview of one of the amazing shots she got of Kaspin this past weekend! I think it should be on the cover of  Horse Illustrated if you ask me!! I will for sure frame this one. Keep if fun, J9, beautiful Kaspin, and the lovely Enzo always on my mind.

Monday, February 11, 2013

AH HA! I finally got winter pictures of Kaspin:)

Do I need to say more? LOL. I caught a great weekend where the snow was coming down super heavy at times. Notice how the trees in the background looks so fuzzy.  Enjoy the snow, J9, Kaspin, and I am dreaming of you Enzo.

 You can see me standing in his eye, LOL. 

 Love those cute fuzzy teddy bear ears!

Friday, February 8, 2013

A little Clay fun!

I found this lady on Facebook under Catherine's Clay Creations! She pretty much makes anything you can think of!! Her prices are super, and she can do custom work as well, with your pets photo. If you get anything? Tell her Janine sent you! I won't get anything, it just will make her smile:) Here is my cute furry family!

Remi my black and grey Cairn Terrier 5 yrs old:)
 My Dilute Calico named Kisses.
 The whole gang. Kisses, Hugs (my other grey cat), Kaspin, and Remi!!
Keep it natural and stay warm!! Janine, Kaspin, and cloud surfing Enzo.