Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learns too quick....grass escape artist!

Enzo my smarty pants is learning too fast sometimes. Not only can he learn the "GOOD" things fast. Which of course, I just LOVE! But Enzo can learn the "BAD" things just as fast! Let me give you 2 examples. First example is that, I decided to teach Enzo how to shake his head from side to side. Which in turn, is him learning how to say "NO". Enzo of course, picked it up SUPER fast on the first lesson!! Enzo also tried to shake his head at other times of the day, just to see if he could teach me to hand out treats when he wanted? Well that wasn't going to happen, LOL. But it was pretty darn cute! I even had to warn the barn owner of what I had taught Enzo that day! Otherwise, she probably would have thought Enzo had an ear problem, or something, LOL. I did ask the barn owner the next day if Enzo tried to say "NO" and get treats out of her? But to my amazement she told me Enzo did not try! Yeah! Anyway, after I taught Enzo how to say "NO". I went out to the outside arena to work on all of our Parelli 7 games. As mentioned before, I have been sooo happy with Enzo's progress. But today would go different and this is example number 2, LOL. Enzo's pasture grass is finally getting all eaten down. The outdoor arena I work in is ALL grass. Plus nice longer grass! Enzo would prefer to only eat, when we go out to the outdoor arena instead of play with me. I on the other hand have other plans and have not been letting Enzo get into the habit of grazing. While in the outdoor arena. I started to play with Enzo. After a while, Enzo took off like a bat out of hell, on the 22 foot line!! And he ran to other end of the very large arena and began to eat grass. Of course, I just laughed and new what I was in store for. I went and got Enzo, with moving his hind end away and had him turn towards me. I then played friendly game and moved on. In a spilt second, Enzo again took his 800 hundred plus pounds in the opposite direction, like a bat out of hell!!!! Back to the other side of the arena and continued to eat grass. I thought ohhh boy. How do I fix this??? I went and got him the same way and Enzo walked straight up to me this time on his own. What a good boy and I played more friendly game and decided I better call it a night. I came again the next night. I didn't really have the night before on my mind. I went out to the outdoor arena and started to play with Enzo. He was soft and fun and then all of a sudden gone! Enzo again used all his weight and power against me. This happened about 4 more times, agghhh. Yes, I am to use the power stance, and yes, I am too help Enzo, before what happens, happens. But, Enzo is soo fast, turns in opposite direction and runs straight. I have NO leverage and Enzo knows it! Plus I am only 5'1 and 120 pounds. Enzo is not doing this out of fear either. He is doing it to just eat grass. Enzo is SUPER food motivated! Grass was just enough for him to start this game on me! Plus, when he leaves, he is not scared. He runs fine. Meaning, no bucking, no trying to jump fence to leave, not continuing to run around arena in fear, and he wouldn't throw his head down so fast to eat! I know Enzo and any other horse. When they are really scared they don't eat. Enzo definitely is using this against me to go eat. Hmmmmm, something new to work on. That is why sometimes Enzo learning sooo fast is sometimes not good, LOL. Have your horses learned something bad so fast??? I'll keep you posted on the great grass escape artists!!!

Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo!!!


  1. Ha! Yes, I thought giving Laz treats while riding one day was a good idea. I put the carrot nib on my shoe while I was on his back, he would reach around and grab it. Then after EVERY completed task..he would stop, turn and nudge my foot! LOL! I had to stop that quickly

  2. Oh my goodness I am soooo happy to have found someone with a young Friesian who has a blog!! I found you on Sweet Horse's Breath. I was reading back through her posts about Laz and his battle with laminitis. My Friesian cross broke into my feed barn a little while ago and I've been obsessed with learning as much as I can about barefoot trimming and also about preventing laminitis. Anyway I'm so happy you started a blog and can't wait to start reading it!! I want to finish Laz's story first.

  3. Ohhh, well sooo nice to meet you!!!! How old is your Friesian cross? My horse before this was a cross. He was Percheron/Friesian cross and the best ever!!

  4. He is a Friesian/Arabian and he is 17 months old. :) I post about him on my blog at I can't wait to see more pictures of Enzo. He's cute!