Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Kaspin!! I SOOO LOVE YOU!! XOXOO 9 YEARS OLD.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASPIN!!!! 9 YEARS OLD TODAY THE 23RD! Sorry I couldn't post earlier. I didn't see Kaspin till after work:)  Love my boy!! 

His cake before hand.

 Happily eating!! 

 All done!! 

Love us! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Parelli lesson, Equine Affaire, dixie midnight pad, and all days cannot be great with Kaspin and HAPPY EASTER!!!

April 8th I had a 1 hour lesson with Parelli Professional Coutrney Clarke with Kaspin. I will just highlight the areas we covered that day.
1. Keep Kaspin on line when I go into indoor arena. I used to let him loose and he would would get really disconnected from me and just run around. This way he stays connected to me from the start. 

2. Play with relaxed rein. Trying to get Kaspin to relax when I ride him in the indoor arena. So far no luck for either of us yet. I will keep trying. 

3. play with spiral circles on line to help with Kaspin to flex on the circle.

4. then spiral circles on line at the canter to again help with an inside bend.

5. Intense phase 1 before I go to 4.

6. Get life in my canter on line and only end when I get relaxation in Kaspn's canter.

Next lesson is May 6th, more fun!!! And I cannot wait.

Next was off to Equine Affaire with my lovely boyfriend!! Pictures explain the way...

We just go in Friday night and are ready to go see Fantasia!!
 Friday night at Fantasia. I forgot this ladies name right now but she was fun. She had this custom built trailer where her and her horse could go up on it!! Wild!! 

 Tomey Turvey one of my absolute favorites!! He is always great!! 

 My amazing boyfriend saying HELLO to one of the Friesians in the show. Gosh how I miss Enzo!!! 

Percheron's on a hitch performing.

 Me saying hello to one of the Percheron's and a Belgian at the end of the Fantasia show. 

Next morning getting breakfast at Waffle house then off to Equine Affaire!! 

Tom Pompey Parelli Professional.

Carol Coppenger Parelli Professional.

A beautiful GYPSIE!!! 

A CUTE baby Haflinger only hours old!! 

The baby's stall sign.

A baby mini, sooo cute! 

Haflinger demo!!! Couldn't miss the Haflingers. There sure were some beautiful ones!!!  I didn't take too many pics the area was too dark for my phone. 

Baby Haflinger out and about. 

I purchased some fun stuff. I got this for Kaspin's mane and tail! So far I love it and it helps with the tangles soooooooo much!! I got some new fly spray too. I will know more if it works or not once the fly's are out. But I am in no hurry to see the fly's just yet, LOL!! I also got a micro chip for Kaspin which will register under AVID and So very cool. And my boyfriend bought me an awesome purple T-shirt with a blingy horse on it!! 

Yesterday I tried out my NEW Dixie Midnight pad! It's a pad that goes under my original pad to keep sweat and dirt off of my original pad. So I don't have to wash my pad soooooooo much and ruin my pad with all the washing's!! Plus it even acts as a anti slip pad which I also love!! It looks large on my English pad because I had to cut it to my western trail saddle and pad. They come in square sheets and the customer then cuts it to the size they need!

 Another picture of pad after I rode and yes my pad was clean and dry when I was done!! 

I did ride Saturday but Kaspin was a flaming NUT!!! Not all days can go perfect, LOL.  Someone around the area was driving their 4 wheeler. Kaspin got scared really bad last fall by a 4 wheeler and now seems to have a fear of them. Kaspin heard it in the distance while I was tacking him up. I don't tie Kaspin in the isle way and Kaspin tried to leave 3 times. I knew he was not happy about the 4 wheeler out. The tree service has been out at the barn cleaning up trees.  Here is a picture of 1 pile. Anyway there are 2 piles out and about and Kaspin hates change and notices anything. So Kaspin was already worried about the 4 wheeler in the distance and then he was worried about the 2 piles of tress he could see from the outside arena.  

Once in the outdoor arena( I had Kaspin on a 22 foot line) Kaspin took off like he heard a race horse bell and he ran, ran, ran, ran, and ohh ran some more!!! Kaspin's little mind had lost it, LOL. I just kept playing on line trying to get Kaspin to think, and think about me. Eventually he calmed down enough for me to feel I could ride him and he blew out 4 times. Once I got on  for riding Kaspin still was antsy. We have been working on canter while riding and now Kaspin was getting jigging expecting me to canter any second. Kaspin kept it up and I was getting annoyed( I just wanted to walk or trot). I eventually let Kaspin canter just to get if of his mind. After that Kaspin was better but I don't want to canter every time I go out. So I have to find away to get him to calm down with out canter on his mind. Maybe next lesson from Courtney!!! I did end my ride with walking calmly and Kaspin being as relaxed as he could be that day. Either way this is my sweat picture below after Kaspin ran, also on too much anxiety, and nerves. 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FINALLY weather is breaking in MI and I am getting back to KASPIN!!!

This past winter was the longest and the WORST in MI. About 92 inches of snow!!! It's finally breaking and I and FINALLY getting back to playing with Kaspin. Lost about 3 months with my boy, but nothing I can do about OLD MAN WINTER. I am happy to see him LEAVE!!!! Here are a few videos I got at the end of march. Then, yesterday I had my first Parelli lesson again with Courtney Clarke!! I plan to take monthly lessons now to get me back into the swing of things! 

This 1st video I am very proud of Kaspin. It's hard to see, but I am NOT touching Kaspin and I am asking kaspin to invite me for a ride. I tried on the right side first(Kaspin offers both sides to me). But kaspin was a bit too close to the mounting block yet. So then I asked Kaspin to turn around and try again. Which he did just fine. So proud of my boy!!!

 Playing around with jumping barrels! Again very thrilled how easy he offered to jump them. Kaspin was scared of barrels last year.

Checking out the mail boxes and being very curious!! Again I am very proud to see my boy getting braver as I own him and be curious of things!!

Nice relaxed walk from Kaspin out in the scary world, LOVE it!!!!

Keep it savvy! Kaspin and J9