Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, I have been super lucky lately! I won a contest to name a race horse from WinStar Farms this week! Here is a picture of the horse in '09 above 1st picture. He is an '09 colt by Bluegrass Cat out of Unbridled Con. I named him BLUEDACIOUSE!!! How much fun was this!!!! They think he will turn gray, or blue roan later? Look how big he is already in '09 and those legs! I hope I get to see him race someday and get to follow his race career!

Then I also won a Magazine on Zenyatta! Picture also above 2nd picture. All of this happened on FaceBook last week. I love FB!!

I also won a beautiful hand made leather halter with all brass buckles and brass name plate! Worth 45 dollars for Enzo and in the same contest I won 100 dollars in horse vitamins for Enzo. How sweet is the Internet!!!!!!!!!! This also happened a few months ago on FB.

Now I am in the process of winning a salt block off of FB for Enzo this week! Wish me luck! Merry Christmas everybody and many horse slobbers from Enzo!!!! Yeah, Enzo won the salt block as well!
And Enzo just won a 10 dollar gift certificate to Still loving the Internet!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The power of neutral!

I am really starting to understand the Circle Game and so is Enzo(over the past few weeks)! Yeah! I found out I never really was neutral. There were many times that I thought I was helping Enzo by me moving, or me doing too much(trying to help Enzo). Now I send Enzo and LEAVE Enzo alone. What a concept! If Enzo stops out on the circle. I run backwards and draw Enzo to me and then send him out to a NEW direction and go straight back to neutral. Then Enzo will stop again after a few steps. Then I run backwards and change the direction again. I keep doing this as much as we need to. At first I figured, Enzo would never get it. But long and behold Enzo stayed on the circle longer and longer without me having to change direction. Soon I was able to get walk, trot and even canter! All so easily with just a suggestion. How fun and easy this was. We both figured out that all is good when I am in the middle being neutral. Enzo learned, how to keep his mom quiet in the center of the circle. What a cool feeling it has been and how fun that I don't need to do soo much any more(nagging on the circle). Instead of letting Enzo think his way around the circle. In the meantime though, we have broken our change of direction. But that is ok. Sometime you have to break something else before you fix another thing. Now when Enzo wants to stop out on the circle I will run back to change direction. But before I can get Enzo to change direction Enzo realizes that he needs to continue his circle game and takes off in the same direction he was going. So in his mind he is saying. Instead of me changing directions, I understand you want me to stay at the trot. So I will just continue at the trot without changing directions. So for now, I don't make it a big deal that Enzo is blowing off my change of direction, I am taking the fact that Enzo is at least offering to continue on the circle. So from here on out. I will work on getting Enzo calmer out on the circles also. I have noticed that Enzo is not calm while trotting nor cantering on the circle. When Enzo trots it can be a running trot sometimes and the canter is cross firing and kind of crazy. At this point, I have been soo excited that Enzo is staying out on the circle and that he is going multiple laps now. Before I could hardly get Enzo to move nor get him to even stay out! Enzo kept coming into me before. Once, I can get a calm walk, trot, and canter. Then I might experiment with getting the change of direction back. We will see what happens? I am not getting as much time these days to play with Enzo. The weather has turned bad, I live an hour from the barn, and the holidays are taking time as well. But Enzo just turned 17 months old. So time off here and there, while he is so young will be just fine. Keep it natural and create great moments~ Janine and Enzo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love garbage picking, LOL

Soo this week I was soo thrilled. I garbage picked a twin mattress for Enzo! This way he can learn how to walk across it! This is my 3rd item I have garbage picked. The first was an old lady bug play sand box. I put a fake moving weasel inside it to roll around. It can really worry a horse and it's fun to work with. But Enzo only took 2 days to get used to it. I then got him a large wooden spool and reinforced it a ton and turned it into a pedestal! Now I got the mattress, yeah!! What creative fun! Here is a picture of the child's sandbox and my weasel. I don't have photo's of my spool or my mattress as of yet. What have you garbage picked? Create Great moments~ Janine and Enzo!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Updates for me, Enzo, Remmer and Denali! XXOXX

Enzo and I have just been taking it easy lately. Thus the not to often posts. I continue to play the Parelli 7 games with Enzo and I try to keep his mind busy, since Enzo is such a fast learner. Just last week I was working on Enzo coming sideways to me and it worked so fast. I was soo thrilled!!! I am still working on finding the correct balance for Enzo on our circle game. Just enough to keep Enzo engaged to play with me. Yet not too strong to push Enzo away from me and way out of the circle.

As for Linda Parelli's horse Remmer! He is doing much better and I am just thrilled to hear that! I pray and hope they both continue their wonderful work in their Parelli fun! 2nd picture is Remmer with back legs wrapped.

And I am so thrilled to find out that Denali is doing so much better as well. I really pray for Denali and her mom togetherness again very soon. Love all you guys!!!

Create great moments!! Janine and Enzo!!!