Friday, September 16, 2016



Kaspin moved the weekend of Labor Day to his own property!!! Soooo great to never worry about boarding ever again!!! We own 17.5 acres in Carthage NC. We don't have our home built there yet. But I live 12 minutes away. Plus I have super neighbors super close by that keep an eye out!! Kaspin also has a sister now! We rescued a 36 inch tall mini mare last November!!!' Yes! Time flies!! She looks like a tiny mini Friesian and I just LOVE her to death! Her name is Enza a tribute to my passed lovely Enzo. Here are some pics of the NEW barn we built ourselves. We did hire out the metal roof and metal walls. We had no idea how to do that!! 
And a few pics of Enza! 
36 by 48 barn. Two 16 foot overhangs for horses and my car and trailer. 4 stalls, 1 tack/feed room, 1 wash stall, probably 1 mini stall later, and extra room for hay, tools, barn stuff. 
Kaspin in his SWEET ITCH suit! He is allergic to the midge bug bite! 

Till next time!! Kaspin, Enza and me!!