Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love garbage picking, LOL

Soo this week I was soo thrilled. I garbage picked a twin mattress for Enzo! This way he can learn how to walk across it! This is my 3rd item I have garbage picked. The first was an old lady bug play sand box. I put a fake moving weasel inside it to roll around. It can really worry a horse and it's fun to work with. But Enzo only took 2 days to get used to it. I then got him a large wooden spool and reinforced it a ton and turned it into a pedestal! Now I got the mattress, yeah!! What creative fun! Here is a picture of the child's sandbox and my weasel. I don't have photo's of my spool or my mattress as of yet. What have you garbage picked? Create Great moments~ Janine and Enzo!!!


  1. I've never garbage's never occured to me to do so. I think I may start looking now...I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for discarded saddles, step stools and wool coolers...think I'll have any luck? lol ;) probably not. Regardless - you got some pretty good finds...I'm excited to see pictures of Enzo and his mattress.

  2. My friend even found 5 fake geese decoys and a goose that flaps it's wings at a garage sale all for 20 dollars(original these were all really expensive)! She also uses them for her horses as training aides. I am now looking for those as well!

  3. What a GREAT idea!!!! I've garbage picked my adorable dresser that I re-painted but never anything horse related but you just inspired me! I HAVE to get that weasel thingy..I forgot about it.
    Also, no I have not yet bought my winter riding pants...still trying to decide if I need to spend that much or can get away w/ just jeans and thermals. :)

  4. Ooh great finds! I need to start garbage picking lol!