Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pics from last weekend of Enzo and Kaspin!

Enzo is starting to look older and more like his father Mintse 384! But notice all the black spots in Enzo's coat! Kaspin made those with his teeth! And as the hair grows back, it grows in nice and black again. Enzo and Kaspin are horse-ing around all the time! I am glad they love each other, but Enzo's coat looks really goofy! Kaspin has won all the wars they have. Kaspin is higher up in the herd than Enzo now. But that makes sense, since Kaspin is older and has that tough pony mentality.

People asked how I got shots of Enzo like this? I just have to call him and he comes running! It's so fun! Kaspin comes as well, but at a stroll!

I was trying to get shots of the 2 boys together. But this was the only shot I got before Kaspin ran Enzo off. Kaspin was saying... I want all the cookies!!!

Poor Enzo pouting in the background!

Enzo sniffing out the air for more cookies away from Kaspin, LOL!

I am looking forward to another great weekend with my boys this weekend! Keep it natural! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friesian Keuring Ionia MI 2011

You cannot tell I love horses in this picture! I got to go with my friend last minute to a Friesian Keuring in Ionia MI today. She has this beautiful Filly that needed to go and her other friend had to cancel at the last minute. So I guess, it was meant for me to go today, yeahh. Her filly MOXIE, got 1st Premie and Reserve Champion!!! I was so excited and I had a super fun day! This friend is the same friend that bred and sold me Enzo by Mintse 384! Mintse babies did great at the keuring today! 1 colt Champion, 1 colt Reserve Champion and 1 filly Champion all by Mintse!!! That is awesome!!! P.S. This filly will be HUGE. She is 4 months old in this picture!!!!! And is already 13 hands and looks like a yearling, NUTS!!!!!!
Isabella Mare and Moxie 1st Premie and Reserve Champion!!!!

The little blonde filly by Mintse 384 that received Filly Champion and beat my friends filly. I had to show you how blonde this baby was! I thought Enzo bleached out! I won't complain again, LOL!!

Still very cute!

She won Champion, because she really picked up her legs and threw them out! Making it a super stride that they look for in the Friesian breed.

Moxie sooo cute!!!

Isabella and Moxie!

Moxie! You cannot tell I love photography!!!

Both looking great!!!

Wearing the ohhhh sooooo pretty Reserve Champ ribbon!!!!

What a super day! I will sleep great tonight!!! Janine

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How time flies! Memory pics of Enzo as a baby.

The day I left a deposit on Enzo and agreed to buy the little "monster", LOL He looks huge, but I am short and angle of shot.
Enzo all innocent enjoying the morning sun.

Enzo at his 3rd barn already(where he lives now), LOL He probably was a yearling in this picture.

About 8 months old at the 2nd barn in our first winter together!

About a month old. Love the mane. At barn he was born at.

Enzo about 6 months old out for a walk at 2nd barn.

Enzo 5 months old hanging out together.(2nd barn)

Also 5 months old at 2nd barn.

Hard to believe it's been 1.5 yrs already of me and Enzo together! We have come a long way! From a baby who had no respect for anything, including his mother! To a more mature boy who respects me and had his first few rides already! I am so looking forward to our continued partnership together. Keep it savvy, Janine and Enzo!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Food rewards article:)

Very interesting article from Carolyn Resnick. I like her thoughts on this, that I just had to post. There is a part 1 and part 2. Enjoy! Janine

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My NEW Haflingers 2nd ever Parelli ride!

Ok, here is my 2nd video from this past Sunday of me riding Kaspin. Please look at past post for the video of me riding Enzo Sunday(and other post, since I have been busy taping)! I cannot figure out how to load more than one video on a post at a time and it not take 3 hours to load? Please leave me pointers if you have any? Currently, I load my videos to you tube and then share them to blogger from there. It's the only way that it goes fast for me. Anyway, Kaspin in 6 yrs old, and he is 15'2 hands and that is large for a Haflinger. The haflinger breeder never started him till he was 4yrs old. To let his bones and joints mature slowly. Plus, they taught Kaspin some bad manners. Like being super heavy, won't halt without dragging(they even used a twisted wire bit before!), bucks when cantered, hangs on the halter even for leading, etc. So basically, I am going to re-start Kaspin the Parelli way! Meaning, even though Kaspin is 6yrs old, he is as green as Enzo basically. So this video is also very slow, since I am just going through the basics with Kaspin at a walk. Kaspin doesn't even understand the mounting block(don't forget, I mount from both sides of my horses). It took me 20 minutes to get Kaspin close to the mounting block and for me to even get on Kaspin. Don't worry, I took that long part off of the video, LOL. I spent lots of time bending Kaspin's neck to continue teaching the Parelli porcupine game while riding and to hopefully end up with an emergency stop later. Just like Enzo, Kapsin likes to use his mouth also on my shoes, laces, pants, etc! But again, I don't make a big deal of it and it will go away over time. Enjoy! Janine Kaspin, and Enzo!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Enzo's 5th Parelli ride in his life:)

Hello!! So after my last surgery re-check appointment Sept 8th. I got the all OK to go ride again. So I rode both boys today! Kaspin video will be posted another time. Ok, for you non-Parelli people out there this riding might look a little bit different. You exaggerate to teach! That is why you see my legs move around so much and I point my arms in the direction I would like to go. But hey, I don't like to toot my own horn! But this is my second baby I made partners with and not once did either of my horses buck, when they were introduced to a bareback pad, treeless saddle, or me!!! I think that is pretty outstanding and I am pretty proud of Enzo also!!! This video is a bit slow, since we of course are taking our time and making it another great experience about me being on his back. I also teach my horses to be mounted from both sides(In case you were wondering).Enzo also uses his teeth to play with my shoes, laces, pants, and anything else he can get into his mouth. So you will see me pointing my leg forward just so Enzo cannot reach it that well. Other than that, I don't make a big deal about it! It will go away over time. But lots of practice on bending the neck! You can also see Enzo has no idea about moving forward with me on him! I take my time and I am teaching him to move forward with my butt checks. If that doesn't work I close my thighs. If that doesn't work? I close my calf's. Then I cause commotion behind me by taping myself first. So far that is as far I seem to need to go with my phases. I would like him to walk though, when I engage my butt checks. Enzo will get it soon enough one day. I only start my horses in a halter and lead line and bareback pad. If I go to an outdoor arena someday, then I might use my saddle just to have a little more stability, since young horses can move fast. But I stay in the rope halter. I need my horses to really understand the Parelli porcupine game and to release from the pressure on their face. If I cannot get them to turn or bend on a halter. Then I won't get them to bend or turn on a bit later in life. Try to watch the video till the 6/7 minute mark. I move the camera while I am riding Enzo and then we do a fun thing! Either way, I rode both boys yesterday and I had fantastic Sunday!!! I hope you enjoy the video!!!!! Keep it natural~Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photonic Red Light Torch (Enzo)

I got a used phononic red light torch to help with any aliments on my horses. Currently I want to use it on all their feet and Kaspin seems to have issues with his stifles? Probably from his feet! I found out Kaspin has really flat feet/soles, because he has an impossible time crossing over any rocks. I currently switched to a natural equine podiatrist to do their feet. Which she is doing an awesome job and Kaspin already walks MUCH better! She learns from this school, if you want to check it out . I just ordered their book and DVD set! I am sooooooooooooo tired of knowing nothing about horse feet! So far the book is amazing! Also, Kaspin is on a major diet now!!!! He is at least 100 hundred pounds over weight and this will help his feet and stifles also!!! Anyway, I try to stay as natural as I can when it comes to treating my horses(homeopathic meds, natural fly sprays, natural ointments, shoo tags, etc). That is why I purchased a torch. You can check out this site of how a photonic red light torch works, if you like It can also be used on small pets and humans as well! So I am giving it a try as well! Since I have genetic hip issues and I have already had a left hip surgery this year. I'll keep you posted!
Keep it natural~Janine,Enzo and Kaspin!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enzo loading on the trailer!

Here is my video with Enzo getting on the trailer. This is how I would load him if I were to go somewhere. I then go to the horse window and take the lead off. I don't tie Enzo, since he stands fine and the stall is so small. Plus Enzo has no where to go anyway. If I were to tie him, which I did when he was younger. I use a Clinton Anderson tie ring and a break away halter. You can never be too safe. This way the tie ring can give, if your horse were to fall down, or if something happened?? Plus, you would have the break away halter, in case the tie ring for some reason didn't give? Once I get to my destination. I go to the horse window first. I replace the lead line on Enzo's halter. Then, I go to the back door and slightly pull on Enzo's tail hairs to have him back out. Once he backs out, I catch the lead line then. Keep it natural~Janine and Enzo