Friday, November 19, 2010

Parelli friends

Well, I investigated and did more reading on my horsey partner Enzo running away from me at the circle game. He mostly does this when I ask far a canter. Enzo is a LBI, but if he cannot emotionally handle something he goes LBE. First I am going back to the indoor arena only( I don't have a round pen, that would be best)! If I cannot handle Enzo in the inside arena, then I cannot handle Enzo in the outside arena as of yet. I am going to work on my energy levels, while asking for anything in the circle. I am going to be slower when Enzo is slower. And I am going to be faster when Enzo leaves me(faster). Meaning, when Enzo is doing well at the circle game I will stay calm and relaxed( I think I get nervous and reeve him up by accident). Then when he is calm I am going to ask him to come in and play more friendly game. I think I forget to do that at times? When Enzo feels the need to take off, even if I caused it(hopefully not)? Then, I will take my 45 foot line and toss it at Enzo's back end once and while, as he continues to move around the arena(turn it into the catching game instead). When Enzo starts to ask questions to come back in? Then I will let him come in and give him lots of time and more friendly game and probably a few treats! He loves cookies and will do anything for cookies!!! I also said that my headline was Parelli friends. It is sooo nice to have horse friends that also do Parelli and can help you, or give advice. My one Parelli friend is coming over to the barn tonight to also help us both and give us any extra pointers she might have? I am very excited about this! Since outside on lookers always see something different than I would all by myself!! Here is another fall shot!

Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo


  1. I love that picture! And your header picture too. They are both fantastic!

    I don't know anything about Parelli so I can't give you any feedback there, but I hope your friend can help you out and you guys get it figured out. :) Don't forget to have fun! Sometimes we get so focused on what's going wrong we forget to have fun and we forget to focus on what we DO want. Good luck!

  2. I can't wait to hear what your friend's advice was and follow up after the 28th with your trainer! :) Enzo must be picking up on something...he's a very smart boy which can be hard too! You are doing so great with him!