Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am thinking Kaspin is also missing Enzo a lot! Why? Because I won't leave poor Kaspin alone now and the things I am doing to him, lol. As you know I said, I am just keeping my mind busy. About 5 days ago I heard about a horsey Halloween costume contest at one of the local parks put on by the Proud Lake Trail Riders. My heart isn't in to fun things right now, but I kept thinking that Kaspin could probably handle this! But what kind of costume would I do? Kaspin isn't fond of the trailer at all. So I did think it would be another good opportunity to get Kaspin out again. But what should we dress up as???? By Thursday night I had an idea of a costume but should I go? I went and bought some paint anyway just in case I was going to do this? Friday showed lots of rain. Uggh, I cannot paint a horse after work if Kaspin is all wet. I wanted to paint him a day early, since I knew it would take me 2 hours and I wouldn't have time the day of party. So I told myself if rain leaves in time for Kaspin to dry on Friday, then I will go to the contest. Well long and behold the rain left! I went to the barn after work Friday. I came up with the idea of me being Pooh(I had a Pooh costume for years now) and Kaspin being Tigger! It took me 2 hours to braid hair, make hooves black, and paint Kaspin. Kaspin was such a good boy through the whole process!! I need to use spray paint which of course is noisy. I used masking tape to make out my lines. Kaspin never threw a fuss as long as I kept handing the horse cookies over:) And you can see I hung him a hay bag, but Kaspin was more interested in the cookies. I never had the intentions of winning the contest. I was just thrilled to trailer Kaspin again and for me to keep my mind busy. The 1st place prize was 100 hundred dollars cash! Can you believe it!! There were 50 entrants with some amazing ideas and actually Kaspin and I took home the 1st prize! It turned out to be an emotional day for me. I came home so drained. Unfortunately, a few people didn't know of Enzo's passing  and asked where he was? I thought I could handle this, but as soon as the 1st person asked I just lost it sobbing away. I was so embarrassed, but lots of people told me, horsey people will totally understand. The rest of the day I did my best to avoid answering the question. People asked.... don't you have 2 horses? I sad no. Then they would say really? I said, yes. But never explaining anything, since I would loose it again. When I won the prize I lost it again. People probably thought I was absolutely crazy and what is wrong with this girl, LOL. I think the rumor eventually made it around. I think I was thrilled with good and the bad. Happy that Kaspin was soooooooooooooooooooooo good and how absolutely proud I was of him, but at the same time realizing how I will never get the chance to ever do this with Enzo. Ok, enough. I will loose it again. Here are my pics of my fabulous emotional day. Missing my other boy, Janine and Tigger, or aka Kaspin:) 

The painting begins Friday Night!

 Took 2 hours to paint.

 Ohhh 1st Place!!!

 My 100 hundred dollars in PAW!
 100 hundred dollars!
 Cool tail up close.
 Cool braid up close.
 Back at the barn all washed and clean and back to Kaspin!
 Back with his retired girlfriend for lunch hay:)
 The end:)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Parelli Play Day Durand, MI with Kaspin.

I have been making my self do something everyday, so I won't sit home in depression. Yesterday, I took Kaspin out for the first time I have owned him. There was a Parelli Play Day in Durand, MI by Pareill Professional Meggie Andrews and her husband Steve Andrews! Kaspin isn't so found of the trailer, since Kaspin is claustrophobic. He loads well, but prefers to not stay on long. So another good reason to get Kaspin out. Kaspin is also a bit spooky, and it was cool for him to see so much yesterday. We ended up tying  Kaspin to the trailer for lunch. I wasn't thrilled about it, since I wasn't sure what he would do? But they wanted us to all eat together. Later we came out to find Kaspin off eating by himself! Yup, he spooked, broke my snap, and left. Oh well at least Kaspin was ok. Here are a few I-phone pictures from my lovely friend Kim who trailered us to the event and took these pictures.

Kaspin jumping barrels and shadow pic of kim's horse SHADOW, lol.

 Kaspin checking out pedestal. Kaspin did get up on it, yeah!
 Kaspin checking the barrels out.

 Backing Kaspin.

Missing my other boy, Janine and Kaspin.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


A piece of my heart is gone and will never be back. On 10/10/12 between 6pm and 7pm, my beloved 3 yr old Enzo dropped dead in his pasture doing his favorite thing....eating grass and hanging with his equine buddies. Enzo had a Friesian genetic aortic rupture and died instantly with no pain or anything. I am beyond devastated as you can imagine. Of the only good thing I can look at right now, is at least he didn't suffer and it was quick and I am sure Enzo didn't even know. I have no children, my 4 legged furry ones are my children. As you can imagine, I am absolutely devastated, hurt, sad, lost, and the list gone on. It will take a while, before I am back to myself again. Please friends, don't make a phone call. If you want to show your love, or sympathy? I just cannot handle that right now as my emotions are overwhelmed and I have cried so much already the past days, but please feel free to leave a post.

Dear Enzo, words can never say how much I love you, always will, and I will miss you so much in every part of my day. I am glad my routine after every visit I saw you was.....a hug, a kiss, and me saying I love you! Oh and of course, most of the time before I got in my car since you would still be standing by the gate.....I would say down the barn hallway and please stay out of trouble Enzo, please.  This is some of the last pictures I took of Enzo last Sunday afternoon. Enzo will be forever missed, Janine & Kaspin

Friday, October 12, 2012