Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update on Fran from Parelli OH tour!

I found this on Linda Parelli's blog and thought a lot of you might enjoy! I know I enjoyed it, especially after seeing Fran in OH at the Parelli tour and seeing the great relationship they had and Fran is only 19 years old! Here it is below.

Just wanted to shoot you a Crest update that I think you’ll really, really, REALLY like
I got inspired to ride for real today (first time I’ve ridden him for over 15 minutes since the lesson). Main reason I haven’t been is because I haven’t had a rail to follow, but right now we’ve got a section of pasture about the size of Arena Grande fenced off because it’s been grazed down, so I can use that.
Anyway, I warmed him up pretty strong On Line–he’s always got few hops and bucks in him–usually these days it’s playful, but I always get them out anyway–better playful On Line than with me on him! I went ahead and got on, and pretty much went through the same things as in the lesson–walked him until he was in a good learning frame of mind, then started playing with walk-trot transitions with partial disengagement. It took him a while to settle into transitioning downward–the first few minutes it was taking at least a side of the “arena”. This went on for about 45 minutes, getting gradually better.
Then, just like in my lesson, he started to lose impulsion, but unlike the lesson (hindsight is a handy concept!) I didn’t ask him to keep going when he slowed down. I actually asked him to stop in the corner where he started to slow down, and I let him sit. He took a deep breath and licked his lips. We went through a couple minutes of one. step. at. a. time, but it didn’t seem full out right-brain so much as just hesitant, and then he seemed to snap himself out of it, he let out a big sigh and turned and looked at me like “…why were we doing this, again?” and walked off down the rail on his own. This repeated a couple of times at the same spot on the rail (nearest the gate), but it got gradually less dramatic, to the point where I felt like I could resume asking him to do things.
His movement took on a really different feel after that–much more through in his back, he started to actually stretch into the trot (By far the NICEST trot I’ve ever ridden out of him). As I came around a corner enjoying this awesome trot, I thought to myself “I wonder what would happen if I asked him to…” and without hesitation (or being asked!), he jumped into the most balanced, calm, centered canter I have EVER ridden on him in my life. I think I let him go for 8-10 strides before realizing I’d better stop him while it was going well
After that, I of course, got off and ended the ride. And yes, I did burst into tears The best part was that he was totally calm afterward. He had a leg cocked, and his breathing was normal as I untacked him, and he followed me like a puppy to put my saddle up.
Needless to say, I’m elated. After last week being so on-and-off with him, it was wonderful to have such a great ride, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually can’t wait to ride him again! Woohoo!
Just had to share!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for everything you’ve shared with me to help us get here!!
Hope you’re doing well! Fran

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo

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