Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a good weekend....

I got to spend sooo much more time with Enzo and enjoyed every minute of it! I posted some pictures below. They're not in perfect order, but I am sure you can get the idea. But I worked on all the Parelli games. I tried to be more conscience of how I ask Enzo for things and how long I ask. I am trying not to be annoying to him, I don't want that. I also brought my flip video and taped most of my evening. This is the second time I have done this and I love this idea. It's really nice to see the progress again at home and it's also nice to see what I need to do different!!!! I realized I need my Yo Yo game better. I am letting it not be effective and Enzo is started to learn to kind of ignore it, oppps. That's ok. Without my video, I would have not noticed this and I appreciate the learning! Friday night was the second time that Enzo has seen my weasel ball that moves! Enzo was not thrilled with it the first time he saw it!! I made sure I made the game, NOT about the weasel. As mentioned before, Enzo is a super fast learner. By Friday night, when we passed by the weasel Enzo wanted to check it out. As you can see in the photo Enzo handled the weasel ball just great! And it flopped around in the old child's sandbox I garbage picked, so the ball doesn't roll away. I also have been practicing with Enzo to come sideways to a fence, or sideways to a mounting block. Once, Enzo comes to the mounting block. I practiced my arms over him, my body over him, then my legs over him. He loves to smell my shoes. He is only 13 months old. So, no I do not put all my weight on him and this is all for practice only for later in life. As you can see Enzo is doing great! I hope everbody is having a great Labor Day with their horsey partners as well!

Practicing On and off, On and Off!

Enzo smelling my right foot, he he.

Enzo coming sideways!

Enzo starting to come sideways.

Enzo learning to tie to a wall with tie ring.

Enzo jumping barrels.

Enzo standing on only small pedestal I could get him. Better than nothing.

Enzo walking over a jump.

Working around the street cones.

And Enzo checking on the moving weasel ball!!!!

I love you Enzo! Create great moments~Janine and Enzo


  1. Hi Janine!

    OMG he is getting so big and horsey looking! I can't believe he's only 13 mo old! I love the pic of him learning to tie!

    Was he hesitant when learning to jump the barrel? Looks like he's enjoying it now!


  2. Thanks!!! Yeah, Enzo is starting to look more and more horsey everyday. Man, it does go fast!

    Yes, Enzo was hesitant for a long time. Enzo loves to use his head and feet a lot. He spent many days moving the barrels with his nose! Using his feet to kick them out of the way, then walk through. And of course, use his feet just to hit on the barrels for fun. Enzo had never jumped them. Maybe once and a while kind of by accident. He prefered to just play with them mostly. My Parelli instructor finally showed me that I could ask for more and that's when Enzo finally learned to actually go over the barrels when I pointed him that way. As you see, I still have the barrels on the wall. Next I have to work on jumps away from the wall. Enzo otherwise prefers to run around them instead. Probably still a lack of confidence without the wall.

    Have fun and thanks again!

  3. Oh yea!!! Looks like a lot of positive growth for you guys and Enzo is just a giant!! Holy cow he is tooo handsome too. And can I say, I'm jealous of your indoor! How nice for winter!! And for wind. And for rain. LOL!

  4. Yeah, Enzo grew a lot again! He is really bleached out right now. But I have seen his winter coat growing in and it's nice and black again. Yeah, the indoor is fun. Thanks again!