Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time off

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Well I had some time off the past 10 days(went to NC) and with that, Enzo got some time off also. My first night to see Enzo was last night. I thought for sure Enzo would be a a little pistol for me. I thought he was going to be really mouthy and pushy. Since he was bored for 10 days. But actually Enzo was super awesome. He seemed to be even lighter than when I left him. Maybe the time off was good for him as well? Plus I have to admit. Maybe my mind set was just much calmer and relaxed from my time off and he just followed that soft feel as well! Either way, I was just thrilled with the way Enzo behaved last night. I took him up in the arena and decided to just play at liberty and just see what Enzo would offer? He did circles perfect and all the 7 games games with lots of play! It was so much fun to see. Those are the evenings I sooo wish I had taped. If I try to go out and repeat it with a Flip video. I then get all nervous and it all falls apart. I need a fly on the wall to record it for me and not tell me, LOL. Anyway, I hope everybody had a safe and fun Halloween! Here are a few more pictures from the fall photo shoot!
Create great moments~ Janine and Enzo


  1. Oh how great!!! Good boy Enzo! and..obsessed with those amazing photos!!

  2. Hey thanks! Yeah, the 2 lower pictures in this post and all the pics of Enzo moving in the lower post I had taken. I love photography and cannot get enough of it!!

  3. First off, you always have such great pictures! you two are beautiful together!

    Second I do believe time off is good for everyone, and what Parelli has created is a way to build communication and relationship so that after those breaks you can pick up where you left off.

    You make everything sound so great i wish i could see you and Enzo's partnership in person!
    keep it up :)


  4. He is so positively gorgeous! The pictures are fantastic!

    I think breaks are great for young horses especially. It give them time to absorb what they've learned and just spend time being horses. :) Glad you had such a great day with him.