Monday, March 9, 2015

Ok back on trails again!

Vet came out last Tuesday and the Amyloid A test finally went to normal!!! We will never know where or what this infection was?? But let's hope Kaspin body just had to fight it on his own! My vet wants me to put Kaspin back to work and see if the swollen legs come back??? So far Kaspin has been back to work for 3 days and so far all good. Let's pray it stays that way!!! I spent a 1000 dollars on all the vet visits again!! Last time it came back after 1.5 weeks. So I will feel good if I can go 2 weeks and more and not see the swollen legs. This picture was from our 2.2 mile trail ride at a walk only yesterday!! Common trails!! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Aghhh Kaspin sick again!

All 4 legs swelled up again!! Called the vet and we are watching his Amyloid A test. Which is saying an infection somewhere. This test can only pick up infection but cannot tell us where. First was swelling in back legs only about a month ago. His Amyloid A test was 1250 beyond super high!! Vet never seen one so high! Swelling went away and we put him back to work. Then swelling showed up about a month later again in all 4 legs! Each time no other symptoms! This time Amyloid A was 365. Still high, normal is zero. Then we checked Amyloid A one week later after pasture rest only. It was at 45. So again we will check Amyloid A this coming Tuesday to see if it ever goes to zero? If it does go to zero? We will once again put him to work and see what happens?? If swelling comes back and or Amyloid A test goes higher again? Then I will be taking Kaspin to NC state for further testing to see if we can find out where this infection is? Or what kind is it? Bacterial, fungal, viral, autoimmune?? NC state already gave me a quote of 800 to 1000 just for testing. I pray if we have to find anything?? It is treatable and affordable? So I am not sure what will happen yet, ekkkk. I think we would both be happy being back on the trails. Kaspin is getting bored with his 2 weeks of pasture rest! Yes vet has checked high and low for other injestion problems, poison, suppleness, vasculitis, you name it! And yes all other blood work is normal too! Send healing thoughts for the boy. Taking Kaspin on a walk in pic. Love us! 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

56 trail miles and counting!

Kaspin and I have turned into trail riding fools!! I rode another 5 miles yesterday! Kaspin is even getting used to 4 wheelers now. He used to despise them but we see or hear them pretty much everyday at this barn. So finally Kaspin is getting used to them. I also had a massage lady come out and help Kaspin after all his laminitis and favoring his front left leg so long. That was the worst hoof from the laminitis. She did the Masterson method and Kaspin already moves much better after just one visit! I will have her out again in March. Kaspin's hooves are getting so nice and strong from all the riding! The lovely sand on the trails also helps his hooves daily. Happy trails!! Kaspin and me lol. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kaspin back outside

and hopefully recovering for the mysterious aliment! Legs were not swollen today after I removed standing wraps. I hope the swelling stays away too!! Time will tell! Vet thinks maybe Kaspin had a little virus??? Who knows but blood work all came back normal and swelling is going away. So beside him being a bit wet from the rain today! Let's hope we are both back on the trails soon!! Thanks for the well wishes!! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sick again, sighhh

Kaspin has something wrong. I went out yesterday to check on him like always. Plus natural hoof trimmer was coming out also. Kaspin's back legs are super swollen!! I called the vet out immediately! Something is not right! She took blood and did a test right at the barn but silly me forgot the name of test!!! Anyway it came back super high!! She never seen a test so high. Her thoughts were it might be viral or bacterial??? We sent out a full blood panel but today(Friday) I still have no results! Not happy. In the meantime hand walks, standing wraps, and love. My vet had me put him in a stall so he could stay away from the other horses outside. In case he is contagious. I hope not and hope Kaspin can go back out soon!! Good thing Kaspin is great about stalls!! Love my boy and hope he gets better fast!! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Trail riding and trail riding!!!

I am just loving the weather in NC! I get lots of chances to ride all winter. Unlike MI where many times I couldn't even make the snowy or icy roads to get to the barn. Plus, Kaspin is now 15 mins from me! In MI I was an hour to an hour and a half away from Kaspin. Also with Kaspin so close! I get to see him everyday now! Before I couldn't afford the gas! This barn I board at doesn't have any arena's though. So I have pretty much no choice to only trail ride. They do have miles and hours worth of trails!!! So as soon as I got the ok from vet and hoof trimmer to ride. We did!! Kaspin was soooooo nervouse the first weeks. I never thought I would get Kaspin to relax! My hands were hurting from trying to hold him back. I worked hard on Kaspin listening to me and not the other horses. I practiced circles when he couldn't stand still at all. I practiced backing, stopping, trotting when other horses were walking, walking when other horses were trotting, side passing on trail, being end horse etc. I did all these things so Kaspin would pay attention to me only on the ride. Finally after a month Kaspin blew out 4 times on the trail yesterday!!!!! Meaning he got relaxed enough to blow out! Yes Kaspin has trail riden before! But he was off work for at least 8 months from his laminitis and insulin resistance and I took him trail riding cold with no arena work. Just a little bit of round pen work each day before the rides. Either way Kaspin has learned lots in the last month. We pretty much trail ride 4 miles each day. Kaspin still gets nervouse being end horse. He likes to lead. Kaspin gets really nervouse with things far behind him and noises he can't see. I am hoping over time he will get used to all these experiences and I keep working with him trusting my leadership! He needs to trust me. Here are some of my pics! Keep it natural!! Thanks Kaspin! I love you!