Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worried Kaspin and jealous Enzo, LOL.

Kaspins double mane, too cool!

Kaspin just looking cute!

Kaspin still wondering what I am doing? Notice the Enzo head starring at us in the background!

Kaspin when he ran up to me.

Kaspin still running up to me.

Kaspin when he basically first saw me and came running. The pics are just out of sequence.

Kaspin has now realized that he is not in Kansas anymore, LOL! Actually, he is still calm and doing great, but he is now acting herd bound to one gelding named Fuego on the farm. When I got to the farm last night. I went to say HI to Kaspin(Fuego was being riden at the time) Kaspin was in the back pasture eating. I took my camera this time. I tried to be really quiet with the gate latch, but Kaspin heard me. Kaspin popped his head up and came running. I thought ohhh how cool! I thought he was running for me. But come to find out, Kaspin was wanting anybody, since his friend Fuego was out being ridden. But at least Kaspin came to me. I got a few pictures, but after that I couldn't get much more. Kaspin was in my pocket and stayed there. During this time, Enzo was in the pasture next door. Enzo saw me also and came running to the gate. I am sure Enzo was really confused of why I didn't come to say HI to him and why was I touching the new blond horse? I felt really bad as Enzo just starred at us! Then, I left Kaspin in the pasture and I went and got his halter and lead line. While I did this Kapsin whinnied! Kaspin has such a cute whinny! And how funny. Then all of a sudden I heard another few whinnies! It now was Enzo! Enzo does not whinny! How funny! I think Enzo was jealous, or just trying to copy Kaspin. Or I also guess, maybe talking back to Kaspin? But either way, it was cute. I started to walk Kaspin to the upper indoor arena and we had to walk through the barn isle first. Kaspin went slow and cautiously. We met up outside with Fuego, and barn owner. She informed me that Fuego is totally in love with Kaspin!!! This am the barn owner had put all 5 horses together out to graze. Fuego kept all the other horse constantly away! And Kaspin munched hay in the nice summer sun, like nothing was going on! Fuego is a boy mind you! So I am not sure why these 2 boys have started a love affair??? You should see them, they groom each other, they touch noses, and they eat about 3 feet apart from each other! Apparently, Enzo wanted every chance today to run Kaspin down. But Fuego didn't let him and Enzo was getting upset. I am sure this will go on for a while. But I sure hope they all figure it out. We are only letting all the horses be together for about 1 to 2 hours in the nice grassy pasture in the AM. This way, they do not rustle around too long. Most of the time is spent eating, since the grass is sooo enticing these days. Afterwards, the horses are all put back in their own pastures. Fuego and Kaspin in 1 pastures, so they can continue their love affair, LOL. Enzo and a female in one pasture and 1 gelding in another pasture by himself. Eventually, we would like Enzo, Kaspin, Bally(mare) and Fuego(geld) to all be together. I sure hope so! kaspin was to be Enzo's friend!!! LOL!! After Kaspin and I made it to the indoor arena Kaspin was not a happy camper. He kept yelling for Fuego and Fuego kept answering back. I wanted to asses Kaspin to get an idea of what he might know and what he does not know? Here is what I found out so far. Kaspin is going to be a super horse! Even as worried as he was last night. Kaspin was never too crazy for me to handle. If that is the most upset Kaspin will get?? Then Kaspin is a marshmallow compared to Enzo, LOL. But, nobody has taught Kaspin to be light. Kaspin is like moving a freight train and I am small, so that isn't going to happen. Kaspin has NO idea of Parelli porcupine game. Kaspin knows nothing about Parelli driving game. Kaspin apparently has been lounged to death. Because, when he got nervous he just started to lounge himself and I never asked. I would just ask Kaspin to come back in. Kaspin has never had anybody work with his right side. If I lead Kapsin from his left side he does great. If I try from right side, it takes me a few minutes for Kaspin to let me stand on that side! Then if I walk Kaspin wants to jump back to the other side. It's so funny. Kaspin has no idea how to back up with a human on the ground. Kaspin has no respect about his back end. He will turn and face his butt to a human with no problem. Kaspin never kicked, but I teach all my horses to never put their butt to me! So, I found out a pretty good list in the tiny bit of time of things to work on, LOL. But, Kaspin is a super fast learner!! I even after only about 10 times I got kaspin to back up one step with me in front of him. I got kaspin to yield his hind quarters very easily also! So this was very exciting for me to see. It just amazes me what people let their horses get away with. You can tell this horse had been asked to nothing in his life and has been spoiled by the breeders. But that is ok, we will work it together and slowly. I am also amazed the breeder was riding this horse before( I now know why the breeder got bucked off and would never ride him again, that is why he was for sale). I would not ride him the way he is now. Kaspin was soo heavy on his halter and everywhere! The breeder had mentioned Kaspin is heavy on the bit, etc. Well I know why nobody, has taught Kaspin to release to pressure? So I will set up a relationship and ground manners long before I ride Kaspin. I then went and put Kaspin away and went and got Enzo! Kaspin of course, was happy to return to his love Fuego! Enzo was a great and it was sooo cool to really feel the difference in a horse who is light and does move out of your way. And how floaty Enzo can be! So all and all I had a great evening with my 2 boys! Tonight they will have off, since I have other plans. I do plan to go back Wednesday night and play with both of them again!

Keep it natural~me and the boys!


  1. Kaspin is gorgeous Janine!!! I´m totally in love with him and can´t wait for your next update! When I bought Milva I still had my old Warmblood Saxon and the way you describe Enzo reminded me of Saxon.

  2. He is JUST stunning!!!!!! :) You have two beautiful boys! :)

  3. Agreed Kaspin is gorgeous! When you said he didn't release to pressure it didn't surprise me that he also wouldn't back and didn't like you on his right side. Typical lack of ground work. You'll have him going in no time. :D