Saturday, January 31, 2015

56 trail miles and counting!

Kaspin and I have turned into trail riding fools!! I rode another 5 miles yesterday! Kaspin is even getting used to 4 wheelers now. He used to despise them but we see or hear them pretty much everyday at this barn. So finally Kaspin is getting used to them. I also had a massage lady come out and help Kaspin after all his laminitis and favoring his front left leg so long. That was the worst hoof from the laminitis. She did the Masterson method and Kaspin already moves much better after just one visit! I will have her out again in March. Kaspin's hooves are getting so nice and strong from all the riding! The lovely sand on the trails also helps his hooves daily. Happy trails!! Kaspin and me lol. 


  1. Wow 56 miles already! Awesome! I'm glad the trail riding and massages have helped him out so much. You are so good to him. :D

    1. Thanks! Yes very proud of my boy of how he is doing on the trails!