Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The boys are great!

Sorry, I have not posted much again lately. It's just so hard to find enough hours in a day! I work till 5pm then I head to the barn. Which is over an hour away in traffic!! And if anybody knows MI it is barrel/construction zone in the warmer months! Which also makes the commute even longer, agggh. I sooo cannot wait for the day that my boys will be in my own backyard and I can see them everyday!!! So usually I make it to the barn by 7pm then I have been playing with both boys which takes a lot of time. Then, I usually don't get back on the road till 10pm or so and that puts me home 11pm or later, Then, I still need to shower and get ready for bed. Just to do it all over the next day. So you can see where I have problems finding time to blog(unless I sneak it in a t work, which I am doing now, LOL). Either way, the boys are doing great! Kaspin is finally in with the heard of three other horses and Enzo of course is one of them. The other day Enzo started to get Kaspin into a sparing match, but Kaspin wanted nothing to do with it. Poor Enzo nobody wants to rough house with him. I have usually been playing with Enzo first when I get to the barn. Since he is always fist at the gate and jumping up and down saying "PICK ME, PICK ME" He is so silly. I have been working on Parelli sideways from zone 3 with Enzo. Change of direction in the Parelli circle game and driving Enzo from zone 5 with my 22 foot line. Enzo of course, is making me proud and doing great! Kaspin has been still learning the 7 Parelli games and is learning them fast!!! But Kaspin is still nervous of who I am am and where he is, so go slow and let him explore lots of things as well. Kaspin did get on the trailer for us to come to my barn. But I could tell he need some Parelli help with trailer loading. I could see Kaspin was not really confident about the trailer and Kaspin will not get on a trailer by himself. A person always needs to lead him up. I want Kaspin to be able to load himself. This again will prove Kaspin to be confident about the trailer. I started to touch on this a little the other day. I just played around the trailer getting Kaspin used to it. Then, I would offer the Kaspin the trailer door opening. Kaspin would walk up to the door and slam on the breaks with all 4 feet. Which is fine. Then I would Kaspin just to look into the trailer and if Kaspin did I gave him a cookie and let him take a break. I did this a few times that day and then ended that session on a good note. I will keep working on this slowly, but steady. Well that catches everybody up for now. I won't make it to the barn again till this Wednesday and I cannot wait to give my boys a HUG!!!

Keep it natural~Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!

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