Friday, June 3, 2011

My orange saddlebred, LOL and Enzo updates!

Well, I have been super busy lately! So I have had hardly any good posts lately. But some friends wanted to see some new pics of Enzo! Unfortunately, I don't think he will be having that super spring coat this year! Enzo will turn 23 months old on June 12th and this spring, and Enzo had strongyles that I had to treat. I am thinking that is why it is taking him soo long to shed out this year! Why he has the dull coat and the early orange coat. But that's ok! Baby's sometimes have a hard time building their own immunity to the worms and can get into trouble. All the other horses on the farm(a total of 3 other horses) were all negative and we rotate worm them every 8 to 12 weeks, and it's a closed farm. Meaning, horse don't come and go. So the vet definitely said, it was an Enzo thing and happens to young horses a lot and it won't be a problem. Enzo is already all clean(no worms) and I can tell his coat was starting to finally shed out better. I also had the yearly dentist visit. I love my dentist and I HAD to work that day. I really wish I could have been there and gotten you pictures!!! Enzo is perfect to me! But again unfortunately Enzo does not have good teeth at all. But if that is Enzo's only bad problem, I will take it with NO problem. Enzo has an under bite. Which can cause all kind of problems in a horse(you can google equine underbite on line to learn more). I probably will now have to have Enzo's teeth done every 6 months, instead of once a year to keep things aligned and make sure no teeth are poking his pallate by getting too long. Other that that, Enzo has his vaccines, coggins, sheath cleaned, teeth done and all wormed. I guess, Ezno is all good for now!!! Yeahh!! So again, friends have wanted to see pictures of Enzo. This was by far not my great photo shoot at all! It was high noon!! Horrible lighting! Too hot(90+), and the horses didn't do anything for the camera, and I braided Enzo's mane to let some air get into his neck, since it was soo hot. So Enzo looks a bit silly in braids, but ohh well. I hope everybody is so far enjoying their summer start!! Enzo is!!!!

Enzo and Fuego rough housing around!!

Enzo looking like a saddlebred, LOL

Enzo wondering why I keep following him around and what all the clicking is??

More of Enzo strolling around. He looks darker here because he had a bath and was still wet!

Enzo still wondering what I am doing??

I took this picture just to show Enzo is getting to be more horse size about 15'2 withers and 15'1 at the butt.

Enzo still wondering what I am doing?

Here Enzo was making me seizure as he used a tree as a scratching post!!! I was wondering why his mane had gotten shorter, aggh, LOL!!!!

The end! Keep it natural...Janine and Enzo!!


  1. Cutie pie Enzo!! Under bite? It just doesn't look that way at all with his sweet Roman nose, but I'm sure your dentist knows his trade!!!

  2. Hehe I know you were kidding. :D I've been so unmotivated to post because work has me wore out, but your comment motivated me to at least post something. I know people were probably wondering how Chrome's cut was healing. That's not really a good time to drop off the radar hehe. He's doing great though. :)

    Enzo is so cute!! Chrome does the exact same thing with his mane. At first I thought it was going to be like my Appy mare who had sweet itch (allergy to gnats), but upon closer inspection I realized it was ticks. They are hard to find down in the mane so I've started using my fly/tick spray on his mane too.

    I really need to get Chrome's teeth done. I think he has some hooks. I'm just scared of someone messing him up with power tools and there isn't anyone around here who does it the old way. I'll keep looking around. I don't want to let it go so long that he starts having problems. Thanks for the reminder.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing Enzo. He's so gorgeous. :D

  3. Ohh, I am glad you still like my burnt orange guy, LOL. Well if they had great dentist schooling? Don't be afraid of the power tools. It makes the job faster and they can see everything going on in the mouth. My dentist uses the tools. If your horse has great teeth? Then just do it the old fashion way later to save money. The guys with tools are more money, due to IV drugs, etc. But old fashion is still better than nothing, like you said!!! And I am sure Chrome will be fine with that! But I was just letting you know you don't have to be scared of tools if Chrome ever needed to? Have fun!!

  4. Since I have no choice I'll just use someone who uses the power tools. That's one reason I like the old way is because it doesn't require sedation, but I'll do what is necessary. He needs his teeth done no matter which route I go. I just have to ask people I trust and find someone who is good. I need to get him gelded too. I really wish my husband would find a job soon. This whole injured back/no job thing really sucks lol.

    And yes I still love your burnt orange guy hehe. :D