Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kaspin is kool!

I'll keep this short and hopefully sweet! I went and picked up Kaspin today. I am guessing his name is going to be this! Since, my boyfriend and I already keep using it, LOL. I wanted something unusual. I don't know, if it is that unusual of a name, but it was better than Joe Joe. That is what the breeder was calling him. And he just didn't seem like a Joe Joe to me. Either way, I went and picked up Kaspin today. Everything went so smooth it was almost scary, LOL. I am soooooo used to Enzo making everything dramatic and me dealing with Enzo telling me the sky is falling all the time! Kaspin is a true LEFT BRAIN INTROVERT and pretty much doesn't go anywhere and loves his food entirely. Even after I got him to his new home for now. My boarding barn where Enzo is at. Kaspin was nervous at things, but didn't react by running around, snorting, or anything silly. Kaspin at first was nervous of the rock driveway we had to cross to get to barn area. Kaspin just looked at the rocks really hard and ever so cautiously at them! Then he started to walk on them and actually tip toed across. It was so cute!!!! Once he got to the barn isle way. Kaspin was now not so sure of the black stall mats lining the cement floor. After Kaspin looked at that for a while. Kaspin took a step like he was going to step into a trailer. Again, I smiled at that one! Then we eventually got to Kaspin's pasture for now and Kaspin walked out, barely put effort into a trot to go see the other 4 horses in the other paddocks next door. Enzo of course, was one of them!! Then they all sniffed and that was about all Kaspin would offer for now. Kaspin walked away from the other horses found some grass and started to eat. I never saw Kaspin's head up again. The boy loves food and simple as that, Kaspin was home!! Kaspin is going to have to go on a diet. He has to be like 100 pounds easily over weight. I'll do my best! Soo other than that, pretty boring story, but that is just fine with me!!! That is what I was looking for, a nice hopefully super quiet horse again to ride on trails. Not that I don't love Enzo silly ways! But sometime it's nice to just chill out and it will be a long time before Enzo will see trails, LOL. By the way, Enzo was super funny today! After Kaspin was all settled in, I went and got Enzo to play with. Enzo at one point had an itch in his right ear. I helped Enzo get his itch and while I was scratching Enzo's ear. Enzo turned himself into a pretzel and tried to help scratch with his right rear foot. It was like finding a super scratchy spot on a dog and then they kick their back leg while we humans scratch. I never laughed sooo hard and I have never seen a large horse do this. Enzo you are sooo silly and make me smile!! Well that is it for now and my blog today got longer than I thought. But I will keep you posted on my 2 lovely equines that will always make me smile! Of course, I forgot my camera today. But really, I didn't miss anything exciting, LOL. But I will try to get new pics of both boys soon!!!

Keep it natural!! Janine~Enzo~ and Kaspin!!!!


  1. i´m really looking forward to read about your journey with Kaspin! how cool that he is a lbi as well :)) - like Milva. i totally love lbi!

  2. Yeah, my prior horse before Enzo was all LBI and he was too cool!! I thought Enzo would be more introverted since, his parents are. But Enzo is more etroverted and loves to move-a lot, LOL. But it's ok! I will learn tons from Enzo!!!

  3. I'm glad it all went smoothly and I absolutely love the name Kaspin. :)

    I bet Enzo will calm down a lot as he matures. They can change a lot as they get older.

    I'm so excited that you have a horse you can ride. I'm really wishing I could buy one to ride right now too, but with my husband out of work (due to the back injury) I just can't swing it yet.

  4. Oh, I know Enzo will calm down eventually and he keeps me on my toes, LOL. But I definately need the 2nd horse for when I move to NC. Enzo would flip out without an Equine buddie!!

  5. I bet Kaspin will bring such comfort to Enzo during travels AND now!! :) How exciting!! Congrats on your new boy!