Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mattress fun video with Enzo!!!

Here is Enzo and I working with a mattress. I am sure people think that is odd? But it helps horses with step up issues like trailers! Helps with trail riding and other feet related issues. Enzo is not confident with his rear legs. Enzo usually bucks when objects touch his back legs. This day I was planning to have Enzo put all 4 feet on the mattress as I was working with Enzo. I notice how Enzo was really having problems with his rear legs on the mattress. So I changed my plan. I decided to just get the back feet on the mattress and work on all 4 feet on the mattress another day. You can see how Enzo is still bothered by his back feet, even though Enzo does get up there. I had taped a lot from that day, but of course way too long to show it all. But remember to use your objects in many ways than one way! Meaning earlier, I was working on Parelli yo yo with this mattress. I did Parelli Circle with this mattress. Parelli Sideways with this mattress and many other fun games! So it's amazing what you can do with 1 item!!! It's not just about walking over the mattress. Tell me what fun things you do, or what you think?? Keep it natural~Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin!!!

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