Friday, June 24, 2011

Enzo fun 6/23/11 video

Here is a small version of things Enzo and I Parelli played with last night! You will notice Parelli sideways, Parelli yo yo, Parelli circle, Parelli 24 foor feather lines, etc!!!! I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!! Kaspin got to play Parelli trailer loading last night, but I had no place to set my camera up for that! Keep it natural!!


  1. You've got good control of those lines. I like the part where you're getting Enzo to stand by the mounting block. I often times have to keep a riding crop at the horse's butt and hold the reins to prevent movement in either direction when mounting. Every spring every horse has to go through the wiggle wart phase and I have to retrain them to stand for the mount. It doesn't take much though, and eventually they just stand without reminders.

  2. I actually had Enzo standing still on other pplay sessions. But unfortunately, I had cookies with me that day and Enzo kept backing up again to get closer to the cookies! That is why I was laughing at the end. But oh well!

  3. Good job Enzo! I also like the mounting block part. :D