Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am sooo excited for this Saturday!!! My friend(Kim) is the owner of Mobile Confidence Course, or MCC for short!!! She brings the scary to you and your horse, LOL. Really, here is what her courses are all about....

Clinics are specifically designed for you & your horse to build confidence & safety through simulation. These Clinics slowly introduce various obstacles that you & your horse could encounter while riding. Both you & your horse are then trained to deal with situations by using various techniques that prove to your horse that you are a confident and trusting leader.

Kim will go to any barn, or location around MI! Anyway, Kim is coming to my barn this Saturday! I of course will not ride, but doing her obstacles on the ground, on line, will be so much fun! Also, it's a super experience for Enzo to gain more confidence in me being a leader! Here is her web page go check it out! I'll have more updates and pics after Saturday!!

Keep it natural!!! Janine and Enzo!!!


  1. Oh how fun!!! I would love to do this next time you set this up! xo

  2. Really cool! I can't wait to hear how it goes!