Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday fun with obstacles!!!

Wow, what fun Saturday was with kim and her Mobile Confidence course!!! I took over 100 hundred pictures, but I tried to post the best ones to give you an idea of what we did for over 3 hours! It was with Kim and her horse Shadow. My barn owner Monica and her horse Fuego, and then me of course with Enzo! Monica and I thought for sure we were gonna die that day. Not only did we have the obstacles, but the MI wind was back again!! Unfortunately, you cannot tell as much in the pictures, but it was windy!!!! So it made for an extreme obstacle day! At first our horses were jumpy, but went curious pretty fast. The added lush grass also helped them all gain confidence in some of the items as well. The horse would eat their way to the item sometimes, LOL. Enzo was not thrilled at all with the flying goose and the stationary turkeys. We had to pass those up the first time around. Later Enzo gained enough confidence to go touch them. By the end, Enzo didn't even mind them! Enzo also wasn't that thrilled at first with the snakes and ducks. Enzo bucked and kicked when the snakes touched his legs! But later Enzo was also fine with them. After I had gone through all the obstacles a few times. I then went back and got more precise on what I wanted. I then asked Enzo to back through some things. I asked Enzo to stop and stand in the water crossing, or just stand on the mattress. I even got as fancy as to ask Enzo to side pass over the standing pool noodles and Enzo did great. I wish I had gotten that on video! But all in all we all had a super day!!! Kim has tons of different courses, this was just one of them! So things are always different! Thanks again kim for the great day!!!

Snakes and ducks!

TALKING/SINGING baby doll in stroller!

MOVING goose wings and stationary turkeys!

Kim and her horse Shadow!

Monica and her horse Fuego!

Kim letting Shadow check out the scary 4 wheeler.

Enzo standing in the water crossing.

Enzo checking out the water crossing.

Enzo learning the flags and man were they flapping hard in the wind that day! Too Cool!!

More flag work.

Us just hanging out.

Walking over the twin mattress!

Walking over upright pool noodles!

Pool noodle squeeze!

Monica and Fuego.

Enzo and doll!

Enzo and goose.

Keep it natural, Janine and Enzo!!!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun. :D What breed is Fuego? He's very pretty, although I think Enzo is the most gorgeous one lol. I do have a slight Friesian bias though hehehehe.

  2. He is an Andalusian. I am sure I am spelling that all wrong, LOL! Yes, he is pretty! She has a full white one named Marcus and he is REALLY pretty! Probably because he is all white already. Enzo looks like winter crap, LOL. Enzo looks like he has mange or something, LOL. Once his fur sheds out he will look much better again. Did you notice his mane has gotten longer though. Getting exciting! Thanks!!!

  3. I don't think Enzo looks like crap at all lol! And yes I noticed his mane and am soooooo envious!! Chrome's mane is crap and I have a feeling it will never be nice. I'll probably have to pull it short so he'll look like a dressage horse hehe. Better than long, ragged and uneven I guess. It seems all the things I really wanted appearance wise from a Friesian cross I didn't get (black, lots of hair, etc.), but his wonderful Friesian temperament totally makes up for it!!

    Oh and you spelled Andalusian right. :D

  4. Enzo could never look bad!! Fuego is GORG too. What a fun day, I want to join next time you do it! :)