Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well, we are still waiting for our 60 degrees!!! This spring thing sure is not happening. But I did play a lot of my Parelli games with Enzo this weekend and we both had a blast!!! Last night I worked on things I would like to do, when I tape my Level 2 on line test on paper. But we are 100% ready as of yet. But I want to get an idea in my head of things I would like to offer in my video. Plus, it made me go through all the things Enzo can confidently do and things we both need to work on still. So when I went out today, I decided I wanted to try a figure 8 at a trot today. We have never done this, and if it did happen by accident in the past, it did not look pretty. So this is the funny part!!! I went and set up two cones. Then I spent a lot of time on winning my porcupine game, stick to me, traveling circles and all kinds of fun things to warm up with and see what kind of mood Enzo was in, or what side of the stall he woke up on this AM? Enzo was in a very playful mood and seemed to offer a lot today! He had a mind set of ohhh I can do that mom!!! Watch this! So warm up went really smooth and flowed out of both of us. Of course, I wish I had my recorder!! But I am sure, I then would have been too nervous and things would have never flowed like it had today! Anyway, I made it over to the cones and I offer my hand towards the cones. Then, Enzo took off at a TROT on his own and did the figure 8 pretty much by himself. I was so excited, that I wanted more. BUT, I knew I had to say Parelli game over and give him lots of friendly game(which I did)!!! BUT, why did he pick up a TROT today????? We have never done a trot and I hadn't asked for a trot. Could he have actually felt my energy of me really wanting to try trot today????? I am not sure, but I sure was a happy girl!! I did ask for the figure 8 one more time and just as easy as the first time. Enzo popped into a nice trot and floated around the 2 cones! WOW, how cool is this and this is why horses are soooo much fun! Enzo hates to move. So for me to see him happily pick up a trot, keep it and look happy, was just so thrilling. Somewhere through my play time with Enzo we went onto the circling game. Just the past few weekends. I have been playing with Enzo to now pick up the canter. Enzo hates to canter and he is still baby uncoordinated. So even if he gets the correct lead and does canter. Enzo usually does not keep it long. Today Enzo offered to canter on his own 2 separate times!!!!! Ok, did my horse fall out of his stall this AM??? Again, I wanted to see more, but I did shut the canter down to a trot. One to blow Enzo's mind and 2nd to make sure that Enzo doesn't dominate the game. Since, Enzo picked up a canter when he wanted and not when I offered. Enzo loves to figure out the games and then do them by himself!!!!! But still, it was soooo cool to see that Enzo did offer it. Later I did ask Enzo to canter when I was ready and it was a piece of cake! Again, horses are soo much fun!!! I hope you all had as much fun this weekend!!

Keep it natural~Janine and Enzo!!!


  1. Sounds fantastic!! I've had days like that where I wish it was on video, but it would have ruined it because being on camera makes me tense lol. I'm glad you had such a fantastic day with Enzo. :) My guess on the trot is that he was reading your energy. We send off so many physical signals that we don't even notice that they pick up on easily. :)

    When you work on the circle game how long are you doing it? I'm just asking because circles are hard on growing horses joints if they're too small. I know you're probably doing big circles for short amounts of time, but wanted to ask just in case. I hope it isn't rude to ask . . .

    Anyway I hope you get your spring soon. It must be awful to still be cold. I don't think I could stand living up north. :)

  2. Hey, Yeah, they're large circles and a very short time. It's usually the crazy round pen work some people might do that hurt joints. Or lunging a horse for a long period of time. I don't even own a round pen either, LOL. Also, the "Circle Game" in Parelli world is not about LAPS. Jut FYI.

  3. Okay, cool. I was just making sure. I figured you probably knew all of that so I didn't want to come across as snotty or a know it all. :) I don't know much about Parelli so I didn't know what it involved. Thanks for the explanation.

  4. LOL, yeah, I am careful with him. Thanks!

  5. Oh yea for Enzo! It does sound like he was reading your mind doesn't it!!! :)
    He is really turning into a gem.
    Is this figure 8 at the trot at liberty or on lead? I'm assuming on lead...but maybe not?

  6. Hey Thanks! Yes, it's on line. Sorry, I guess, I forgot to mention that, oops, LOL:)