Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Savvy Sunday from the Parelli's was super....

Well I am home after my fun Parelli trip in Columbus OH! Savvy day for members on Sunday was filled with information. I was really thrilled, because Linda Parelli had a 19 yr old student come out with her TB/paint cross which had a horsenality of a LBE(Left Brain Extrovert)! Sooo, I was pretty excited to see an LBE in action(since my horse is also LBE)! This girls name was Fran and for 19 yrs old she was doing great with her horse! I figured if she can handle her LBE at 19yrs old. Than I can handle my baby friesian also. I posted more pictures below and you can see the nice relationship Fran and her horse had.
Pat Parelli of course looking great!
Pat Parelli working with his Savvy day student.

Pat Parelli
Pat spinning his horse easily!

Students playing.

Linda watching Fran.

Linda working a short time with Fran's horse.
Fran working on her canter. This horse had a huge stride!!!
Fran taking a breather!! It was super hot that day!! We all lost weight, LOL.

Fran petting her horse.

It was really nice seeing all the students live and seeing Pat and Linda give their wisdom to them while we all watched. I played with Enzo last night and had a great time! I realized Enzo was smart enough for me to start talking to him in sentences now. Before I was just teaching him the words!! But, now it was time to step it up a notch and start talking sentences. Enzo handled it really well! I even worked on my figure 8 like they showed us on Sunday and Enzo did it without a hitch. Showing me he could handle what I was saying. Someday we will move up to a paragraph! Just exciting.
Create great moments~Janine and Enzo


  1. ok, second attempt to leave a comment!

    It sounds like this was just what you needed to get you and Enzo back on track! It's much better to read about what fun you are having with him rather than considering 'other' options.

    Also, do you have any recent pictures of the (not so) little guy? They grow up so fast!

  2. The playing sounds so fun and it sounds like Enzo is really beginning to understand you! I can't wait to meet the little (BIG) man soon!!!! :) xo

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, I do have to get some NEW pictures! I'll try to get some up before this weekend. Thanks!