Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play sessions and my horsenality report came!!!!!!

Well, I have been having fun playing my 7 Parelli games with Enzo. I am slowly getting further away from the barn into the scary world outside. Enzo and I play the falling leaf a lot(getting him more confident). I am also super happy in how both of us have gotten more confident with each other lately!!! Like yesterday, Enzo heard a scary bird in the trees and Enzo wanted to come out of his skin and run back to the barn! Now, Enzo did make me jump, but I didn't panic this time. Usually, that would also have me heading straight back to the barn right with Enzo!!! Since, I wouldn't know how to deal with Enzo and he would scare me! This time, I realized what was going on and played with Enzo through it, and guess what? We both lived!! What a cool feeling! I think Enzo was even surprised. I was also feeling pretty confident yesterday that I even played with Enzo on my 22 foot lead outside! Usually, I hadn't done this as of yet. Since, Enzo would run around so much I would get Enzo and I both stuck in the 22 foot lead, not pretty! But, I felt more confident that my brain could handle more than one thing at a time. Like Enzo running, me dealing with the 22 foot rope, and watching my feet! That's a lot to do and I did it and it felt really good! I am very thrilled with our progress, love you Enzo!

On another note!! Before I went to barn last night, I checked my mail. And SURPRISE!!!! My Parelli horsenality report was there!!! Yeah!!! I immediately opened the box and started to read some of the 60 pages!!!! No surprise to me, but yes, Enzo is and EXTREME Left Brain Extrovert!! Go figure!!! But, the whole report gives all the ins and outs of his brain and how I should handle his situations!!! Talk about MORE savvy arrows for me!!! I am really thrilled with the extra information!! The Parelli journey continues!!!!!


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  1. Oh SO cool!!!! Glad u and Enzo are enjoying the time outside and are able to work thru those scary moments!! :)